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Hi!  My name is Shauna and I’m the GladRags Community Manager at  My daughter Kalyani is seven months old and I’m still getting used to being a mother.  Once upon a time B.K. (that would be “before Kalyani”), I worked in a lab researching bacteria and spent my free time doing lots of crafts and reading trashy mysteries to relax.  Now I’m a stay-at-home mom and I sure don’t have much free time, but I can still dream about the little sweaters I’d like to knit!  (I do sometimes manage a pair of baby socks.  How do babies manage to lose their socks so fast?!)

My job is to answer any questions users might have about GladRags, but when I’m not answering questions, I get to participate in any forum I like.  So far I’ve been hanging out mostly in the Natural Family Living forum, because I love the cloth diapers we use and I love getting other people started with cloth diapers too!  There’s also a home organization support thread that’s keeping me motivated to get my closets organized and cut down on junk.

I’ve also spent a fair bit of time in the Parenting forum, both in the Life With A Babe subforum and the Multicultural Families subforum.  My husband is Indian and we’ve wrestled a lot with how to raise Kalyani to appreciate both of our cultures and languages, and also how to deal with the prejudices that exist in both cultures.  A recent thread in the Multicultural Families forum dealt with part of this problem, and I’m hoping that there will be lots more discussions in the future!

Check out the GladRags showcase page on and leave reviews for your favorite products, and join me on the forums!

Five random questions:

1.  What does your daughter’s name mean?
“Kalyani” means “bringer of good fortune.”  Her middle name (given after her great-grandmother) means “fish,” but as my husband says, “It means ‘fish’ very poetically!”

2.  What motivates your daughter to crawl?
I thought she would want to chase the cat, because she loooooves the cat.  Alas, no.  She is motivated to crawl to the TV remote (she isn’t allowed to watch TV, she just wants to eat it because it has all those intriguing buttons) and to large bowls of salad.  I’m not quite sure what the attraction of lettuce is, but she really wants it.

3.  How did you meet your husband?
We met when we were students and both danced Argentine Tango.  (Ha!  That makes us sound so suave and passionate.  Actually the first time we danced he was kind of terrified of me, because I danced “close embrace” style.  We’re both pretty shy people so it’s amazing that that didn’t doom us as a couple!)

4.  What was your first reaction to your sister’s Glad Rags pitch?
“Ew.”  Which is odd because I always intended to use cloth diapers.  It was more of a gut reaction than anything reasoned.  As soon as I tried the cloth pads, I knew I could never go back to ‘sposies or make a baby wear nasty ‘sposie diapers all the time.

5.  What has motherhood made you reconsider?
I’m kind of a dork when it comes to clothes–I almost always choose “comfortable and functional” over “hip and beautiful”.  But Kalyani loves sparkly things, bright colors, and fun textures (she adored the saris in India!).  I’m sorely tempted to renovate my wardrobe so that it has a lot more bling, for the sole purpose of entertaining the baby!