The Moon Cup: It’s Worth It!


I looked into the Moon Cup as a solution for my monthly needs because I started having problems using pads and tampons. They were causing irritation and some really nasty itching. So I got the Moon Cup after a bit of research and some debating on if I should spend the money.

It has been 2 months since I purchased the product, and I can’t believe the difference. I love it! And honestly, the cost is worth not having to pay for products that leave you feeling nasty in the first place.

I actually tried the cup a few days before my first cycle in order to get used to how to remove and insert it. I’d recommend doing that for anyone who is new to the product. There is a slight learning curve on how is going to be best for you to work with it.

I’ve had no leakage at all, so no extra laundry, no stained underwear or outer clothes… I think I saved money just off laundry soap and bleach!

If you’re sitting the fence on this one, just take the jump. You won’t regret it.

– A Moon Cup fan in Albuquerque, New Mexico