Menstrual Cup Folds: A Video Tutorial

Did you know there’s a crazy variety of ways you can fold your menstrual cup? If you’re having trouble inserting your cup, try switching up your folding technique to one of these:

  • The C Fold: fold your cup in half, then fold it in half again so the rim looks like the letter C.
  • The Punch Down Fold: Use one finger to push part of the rim into the base of the cup, then pinch the sides together for a slimmer way to insert your menstrual cup.
  • The 7 Fold: Fold your cup in half, then fold one corner down to touch the base of the cup.

Need a visual? Check out Meagan’s video tutorial, which includes an “expert-level” folding technique!

Which fold is your go-to? Have you invented your own tried and true technique? Comment and let us know!