4 Reasons I’m Grateful for my Period


I originally titled this post “4 Reasons I Like my Period” but then realized that “like” is not exactly the right word in this situation. Do I really like the feeling of the mild cramps signaling my upcoming period? Do I like the deeper, more raw emotions I’ll inevitably experience each month? Not really, but I’m grateful for my period and all it brings. Here’s why.

1. My period makes me listen to my body.

When I treat my body poorly throughout the month, PMS symptoms worsen. Ate a bunch of sugar all month long? Hello, awful cramps. Didn’t get enough exercise? Here’s some bloating, enjoy. My body uses my period as a way to communicate with me–I just have to listen.

2. My period forces me to slow down.

I have a tendency to overbook myself, to bite off more than I can chew, to not say “no” to something even when I really need a break. My period reminds me that I need to practice self-care, especially during this time of the month. For tips on self-care during your menstrual cycle, read this post about reflection and ritual to honor your cycle.

3. My period makes me listen to my heart.

If something’s bothering me during the month, my menstrual emotions will force me to deal with it. Crying at the drop of a hat? There’s something deeper going on that can no longer be ignored. And that’s a good thing.

4. My period connects me with the cyclical nature of life.

What do the phases of the moon, the changing of the seasons, and menstruation have in common? They’re all cycles of rebirth and death, fallow and fertility, activity and introspection. How cool is it that our bodies follow the same natural rhythms? And: have you ever considered syncing your menstrual cycle to the moon?

How about you? Why are you grateful (or not) for your period?


About the author of this post:

tracypuhl is the owner of GladRags and is passionate about period positivity and empowering women everywhere. When she’s not in the office, you might find her attempting to run a faster 10k, traveling, practicing yoga, or pointing out how cute her cats are being right now.


  • Kasha

    So many reasons to be grateful for menstruation…

    …showing I’m healthy and fertile, I get greatly increased senses such as higher levels of taste and touch, sex is FAR better, my sexuality ties-in with my menstrual cycle so it gives me a better understanding of my sexuality, menstruation is part of my menstrual cycle as a whole, my neurological conditions settle down during menstruation, it’s interesting, my skin glows…

    …I absolutely love my period

    • Yes!! Those are all beautiful reasons 🙂

  • Bill Chaffee

    Because of gender dysphoria I have spent quite a bit of time reading about the menstrual cycle. Reason number 4 is one reason that I’m envious of the healthy female body. I have some knowledge of hormonal effects from my use of exogenous horomones. Because of cerebral palsy (CP) I have never experienced life as a physically normal male. I don’t know if it is a coincidence that I have both CP and gender dysphoria but I doubt it. I would like to have a study conducted to see if there is a correlation between CP and gender dysphoria.

    Based on what I have read, some women love their periods and some hate their periods with most falling inbetween. In most ways women are biologically superior to men. The main downside to being female is that women tend to be more conformist than men.