{CONTEST CLOSED} Name our new print & win a Day Pad!


Love our latest print? Help us name it and you could win a GladRags Day Pad in this color! To enter, comment on this blog post with your suggestions (as many as you’d like!) by Friday, October 24th.

We’ll pick our favorite name on the 24th AND add the print to the site–so even if you don’t win, you can still nab a fun floral PantylinerDay Pad, or Night Pad on GladRags.com!

Please note: when commenting, you must log in or enter your email address when prompted — if you leave a comment as a ‘guest’ we won’t be able to contact you if you’ve won!

  • Ann Price

    Sunflower Surprise

  • lace1


  • Marcell B

    Oopsie Daisy!!

  • Melissa

    Spring Fling!

  • Sarah Campbell

    Flower Fest! Flower Forest! Forever Floral!

  • Sarah Campbell

    Color Me Floral

  • Ayn C

    Flow-er Power

    • Dani Bridges

      AHHHHH…you beat me!!!! Lol…Great minds think alike 🙂

    • Natalie Caballero

      Dang it…great minds! E

  • Zola

    Flora’s Funky Garden 😀

  • Flower-up

  • Spring

  • Kiss

  • Angela

    Spring confetti
    Floral kaleidoscope

  • Clancy0

    Summer Breeze

  • Jenni Lamb

    Feeling Groovy

  • Jennifer Fox

    Crazy Daisy

  • Janelle

    Summer Melody

  • Lilith Presson

    Happy Explosion!

  • Lilith Presson

    Burst of Happiness!

  • Lilith Presson

    Ideas in Bloom

  • jennifer57


  • Jessica B


  • Alyse Heikkinen

    daisy duke

  • Amber S

    Blooming Blossoms

  • Faith

    Flower power!

  • Roberta Saper

    Full de Fleurs

  • Barb Dawson

    Flora Fauna

  • Yvette Mitjans

    Let It Flow

  • Patti

    Summer of Love

  • JGa

    Late bloomer

  • c k

    Happy Daze

  • Burban

    Floral spice

  • Susan Ramdorsingh

    Katy Perry’s Orgasm

  • Dawn H.

    Spring Circus

  • Blooming Beauties/Beauty or Floral Fancies/Fancy or Floral Fantasy

  • Joan

    CrAzY Daisy

  • Pam Mccammon

    Floral Explosion

  • Jennifer Brown

    Springing Beauty/// Flora Fauna Maryweather

  • Monica

    The Wallflower

  • Ahva S.

    Fabulously Floral! 😀

  • Rachel Griebenow

    Hello Dahlia, or Crocus Pocus

  • DonnaB

    Secret Garden;
    Fresh as a Daisy;
    Glad Garden;

  • Elisa M

    Aunt Flora

  • Elisa M

    Fleur d’amour

  • Stephanie Mobley

    Bloom in’ Bloomers

  • Elisa M

    Amor flor

  • Deb

    Daisy Daze

  • Elisa M

    fiore amore

  • Elisa M

    bunga cinta

  • Elisa M

    pushtet lule, dashuria lule

  • Aly

    Floral Paradise

  • Tara Knott

    Funky Flowers 🙂

  • Heather

    Dazzling Daisies, Flowers for Flo, Crimson & Clover

  • shterna

    Flower power

  • Rachel

    Summer bouquet

  • Kristen Leasins

    FlowHer Power!

  • sarah

    Psychedelic Daisy

  • Beth F

    Spring Fling

  • klynn

    Vibrant…like every woman. ; >

  • A Kirkman

    Oh Happy Day!

  • Syrathe

    Eve’s Garden, Whoops-a-Daisy

  • Magdalena Gorczynska

    Spring Burst

  • Yehieli Ocasio

    Life Garden
    Garden of Colors
    Garden of Life
    Happy Flow-ers
    Happy Garden
    Garden Gladness
    Glad Garden
    Aunt Flo’s Garden

  • Natalie Caballero

    FLOWer power!!

  • Lindsey Ann Richmond

    Spring Explosion

  • Carissa

    Righteous Retro

  • katy

    Flower Blitz

  • Ellen

    Dazzling Dahlia

  • Ish

    Morning glory. Color Chaos. Bountiful Bonanza. Cheeky Cheer. Riotous Rhythm.

  • Stacie Yates

    Daisy Chain

  • jessica

    Batonical Bliss 🙂

  • erickajen

    Spring bouquet

  • erickajen

    Floral mums

  • Krystle Willmore

    Flowers in your hair

  • Jessica D

    Nosy rosey

  • Tracy

    Floral Rain

  • Rivkybg

    Flower Child

  • E

    Fresh N’ Floral

  • Sarah

    Freckled Flowers

  • Stephanie Bird


  • E

    Wild at Heart

  • Morgan

    Fit for a Frolick 🙂

  • E


  • E

    Mum’s the word

  • Janelle

    Summer Melody

  • Tonya

    Spring in your step

  • June M

    Happy Go Flowers!

  • Ashley Gowen


  • Megan A

    Wild Spring

  • Megan A

    It’s a Jungle Down There!

  • Cassandra Welch

    Dolores the florist

  • Paula

    Spring Flower Burst!

  • Hannah LeVitre Naylor


  • Amy

    Fertile Garden
    Spring Zing

  • Hannah LeVitre Naylor

    Sunny Daze

  • Hannah LeVitre Naylor

    Flower Child

  • Gabrielle Dennison

    Aunt FLOwer

  • Missy Horstmann

    sparkling Meadows

  • m.anderson

    Pocket Full o’ Posies, Gladys’ Garden, Fresh Picked, Retro Rad

  • Amy

    Floral Parade

  • Kristi

    Morning Glory
    Bouquet Happy
    Fresh Fields
    Petal crazy!

  • Jennifer Bunde

    Groovy Bloomy

  • Teresa Chase

    Ruby’s Bouquet

  • Alexandrea Bouska

    Spring forward

  • Amber Schumann

    Spring meadows

  • Christy

    Petals of a flower

  • Ashley pagala

    Butterfly paradise

  • Heather

    Floral Fireworks

  • Christy


  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    The Secret Garden or Your Secret Garden

  • Megan

    Lazy daisy

  • Laurie

    Full bloom

  • Amanda B

    Flower Power

  • Amanda B

    Daisy crazy or Crazy Daisy

  • Amanda B

    Botanical Bliss

  • Laura H.

    Groovy Girl

  • Amanda B

    Flower fields or Field of flowers

  • Win-Sie

    Whirl of Whimsy

  • Amanda B

    Flower petal

  • litylphoenix


  • Amanda B

    Petal pad

  • Amanda B


  • Michelle Becker

    Mariposa Jardin

    (Loosely translated to Butterfly Garden, in French.)

  • Olivia S


  • Jennifer Foster

    Flower party

  • Christelle

    floral kaleidoscope

  • Tianna

    Fabulous Floral

  • Lindsey Persinger

    Summer bliss

  • Vulcan XCI

    Spring Joy

  • Vulcan XCI

    Floral delight

  • Brenda L.

    Groovy Blooms, Floral Party, Petal Power, Floral Brights, Pop-tastic Florals, Blooms In The Air, Magical Garden, Colorful Blooms

  • Tara Schill


  • Jia Hui L

    Flowery Fernery

  • Aimee Place

    Bliss, frolicking flower, floral dance, flower parade, efflorescence, floral potpourri, garden gazing, mod flower, fresh picked, wild flower bouquet, flower kaleidoscope (flo-eidoscope)

  • Chelsea Hallam


  • JoAnna Colon-Tellefsen


  • Funky Flowers

  • Emilie

    Flower Medley

  • twinkletoestheberserker

    Frenetically Floral

  • Sharon Lynn Jared

    Daisy Parade 🙂

  • emily

    Floral Flow 😉

  • Pixiesunshine

    That 70’s Show

  • Pixiesunshine

    That 70’s Pad

  • Kat Burke

    Summer Daze or Summer Daisy…

  • Kyra Michelle Mesich

    Happy Daisies

  • Floral Pop

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Floral Flavor – White (main name + background color which I’m sure can vary for further variety using same pattern)

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Pansy Pants

  • Raychel Glenetski

    Garden GladNess!

    • Catlin

      That’s brilliant !

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Daisy daze

    • shayes323@gmail.com

      Sorry for the repeat 🙁

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Perfect Petals

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Petal Push(er(s))

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Amaze Daisy

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Awesome Blossom

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    FLOating Petals

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Meadow Melody

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Petal Play / Playful Petals

  • shayes323@gmail.com

    Fancy Flowers

  • shayes323@gmail.com


  • Genevieve Townsend Oliver

    Illuminated blossoms or simply illuminated

  • Jill Elizabeth Powers

    Bodacious bouquet

  • Alexis Davis

    I hope this hasn’t been suggested yet…

    Awesome Blossom

  • KB

    Sassy Garden or Secret Garden

  • Jennie

    Spring day, or Summer magic

  • PattyM

    Happy Hippie

  • Alex

    Floral Frenzy

  • Veronica Bohan

    Flowing floral

  • Alaina

    Bloomin’ Lovely

  • Autumn Bowman

    Some great suggestions! I suggest “Sunshine Day,” because that song immediately came to mind when I saw the new print.

  • BrigP

    Autumn Whimsy

  • Catlin


  • G Wilkins

    Empowered Flowers

  • Trisha B

    Garden Party
    Fresh Flow-er(s)

  • Lee Ann


  • Janet L.

    Groovy Flower Power Fall

  • Howlingatmoon

    Flower flow!

  • disqus_sFX9ZWKisY


  • Kristin Troska

    Patchouli Patch

  • Claire

    Flower child

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Petal power
    Whimsical flow-er

  • Maggie

    “bit o’ whimsy”

  • Teresa McCurry Stillwell


  • Diana Z

    Bloomin Bottom

  • Tonya D

    Floral Fusion…

  • Diana Z

    Glad Garden

  • amanda jordan


  • Angela Bowden

    Floral Geometry

  • Tonya D

    Petal Perfect…

  • Jill F.

    Crazy Daisy

  • Jill F.

    Or Crazy Days-ie

  • Gabrielle

    Daisy WOman

  • Ally C

    Dancing Daisies

  • Jaime Lee Currier

    Sparkle Flower!

  • Jessica Eberst

    Color me Paisley

  • Janice Eberhart

    Blooming beautiful.

  • JoNouvel

    California Dreamin’

  • Natalie Steele

    Hippie Trippy

  • Kristina

    Bountiful Blooms!

  • Ashlyn B.

    Celestial gardens

  • Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski

    Butterfly garden

  • tminkler

    Flow-rida-scope, floridascope, Flur-idascope, flueridascope…

  • claireabunga

    doña quijote de la mancha

  • Brandi Stogsdill

    Floral Fantasy

  • Chelsea Boppre

    Oops a daisy

  • Chelsea Boppre

    Spring fields

  • Heather Logan

    Floral frenzy

  • Jenn


  • Amy

    Daisy whimsy

  • Amy

    Dizzy daisy

  • Amy

    Posh posy

  • CaiLeigh Carney

    Sunny Dais, Spring Dais

  • Amy

    Bouncy blossoms
    Bubbly blossoms
    Blissful blossoms
    Happy day
    Spring frolic
    Cheeky tahiti

  • Saskia Lytle-Vieira

    floral jubilee, flower frolic, flower friend, spring splash, flower dance, flower crush, floral fancy, flower fancy, Pick me up

  • Amy

    Garden of life

  • Amy

    Bloom where you are

  • Alicia

    Heavenly Flowers

  • Alicia

    Retro Garden

  • Carmel

    Bachelorette’s Button

  • Gabriela


  • amber Clark

    Fertile garden

  • Michelle Muhlbach

    Spring fresh. flower girl, fresh as a daisy.

  • Kristi Stenlund

    Flower Fiesta
    Petal Power
    Rockin’ Retro

  • irishrust

    Hippie Spring.

  • Amanda

    Bright Blossom

  • Amanda

    Bold Blossom

  • Dawn Barron

    Color Springs Eternal

  • A

    spring serenade

  • Lucy


  • Amber Ruszler

    Butterfly Blossoms

  • Amy Hall Settlemyer

    Spanish Romance

  • Dawn Kelly

    Petals in a Paddy

  • Karen

    Bud’s Bloomin’

  • Sabrina Hildebrand

    Far out!

  • Evangeline Mandeville

    Fancy Flowers, Flower Garden

  • Wyrt Wicce

    Ostara 🙂

  • drae

    Bloomer Buffer

  • Michelle


  • Lynn Becker


  • Dorothy Nelson

    Bright Enchantment

  • Rachel

    Crazy Daisy

  • LaurenS


  • LaurenS

    “In Her Flowers”

  • Christiana Tawzer Brown

    Alice’s Adventure (like Alive in Wonderland)

  • LaurenS

    “Touched By The Goddess”

  • LaurenS

    “I’ve Got My Flowers”

  • LaurenS

    “Party Favors”

  • LaurenS

    “Mother Nature”

  • Crista

    Flower Shop

  • Heaven Celestica Thunder

    Free Spirit Flow-liage <3

  • Amanda

    Morning glory, spring fling, daisy mash, flower mash, flower disco, disco daisy

  • Abby

    Daisied and sun-fused.

  • Erin Mitchell

    Happy Days

  • Arika

    Cheery Petals; Bright Botanical; Petal Power; Petal Garden

  • disqus_PLHB5SQXa0

    Butterflies and Blooms!

  • Madge Brosh

    Hippy Flower Love

  • Rachel McCallum

    Floral explosion

  • Jenifer

    Blooming Days 🙂

  • Jen R.

    Retro Spring

  • Cynthia Young

    Garden of Eden

  • Chrissy B

    Disco Daisies

  • Birdie Reynolds


  • Birdie Reynolds

    Flower Gal
    Flower Galaxy
    Flower Flow
    Flower Girl
    Maiden’s Voyage
    Maiden’s Playground

  • Lilitou

    Spring Fever
    Fresh as A Daisy

  • Ish

    Kaleidoscope. Fractal Flowers. Sunshine Serenade.

  • E

    Spring Festival

  • Melinda LaFave

    Smile A While;Blooming Groovy; Sunday Morning

  • Birdie Reynolds

    Burst of blooms
    Flow of Flowers
    Flora French Kiss
    Fabulous Floral Frenzy

  • Stephanie Kyle

    blossoms a bounty

  • S.Vie

    Sunny Secret

    Sunrise Surprise

  • Whitney


  • LaurenS

    “My Celebration”

  • LaurenS

    “Monthly Celebration”

  • LaurenS

    “It’s A Celebration”

  • Shanna Elliott

    Funfetti, LSD trip, Planets of the Shayla Universe

  • plum

    Posy plush

  • Tammy Walrath A

    Crazy Daisy!

  • Linnea Burr

    Kaleidoscope garden

  • Elizabeth King

    Butterfly Garden

  • Andie Andrometta H-P

    Retro Garden
    Good Morning
    Awakened Blooms