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Coming soon to GladRags.com: adorable strawberry print pads! Help us name it and you could win a GladRags cloth pad in this print. Comment below with your name idea by Valentine’s Day to enter!

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  • tziporah

    strawberry fields forever!

  • Fresa Fresh!

    Fresa Fresh!

    • Teresa Chase

      Nice one!

  • Phyllis Ida Concordia

    Berry Sweet

  • Beatrice U-S

    Strawberry Shortcake!

  • mar

    strawberry sweetness

  • jen

    Strawberry jam

  • Erin

    Berry Glad!

  • Frey Nestor

    Jam Session

  • Kathleen

    Berry good!

  • Tia Danae Schuldt

    very berry

  • qd

    Strawberry fields forever
    Strawberries and Cream
    Berry Pretty
    I’m Berry Glad for you

  • Consuela4

    Berry blast

  • Chelsea Paulson

    Strawberry Patch

  • Kitty

    Strawberry medly.

  • Saskia Lytle-Vieira

    berry boop, berry jubilee, joyful berry, berry glad,

  • lace1

    farmers market
    That’s my Jam
    berry love

  • Maryann D

    Happy Berries!
    From: twinkle at optonline dot net

  • Teresa Chase

    Berry Essentials

  • LT

    Berry Bonanza

  • Monique Eckert

    Berry nice

  • Carolyn Howk

    So Berry Glad

  • Brenda

    Berry Sweet, Berrytastic, Bloomin’ Berries, Sassy Berry

  • J

    Very Berry Print

  • Berry’d in luv/love

  • Chelsea Hallenbeck

    Strawberry Fields Good,
    Les fraises fabuleux

  • Sierra

    Strawberry Surprise
    Strawberry Glam
    Berry Sweet
    Fine Fresas
    Fresa Folly

  • Sabrina Hildebrand

    Summer Sweet berries

    I’m tired of winter

  • nina mackrain




  • nina mackrain

    Berry’licious, very berry, strawberry glad

  • Carrie Thomas

    Strawberry delight, A field of strawberries, Strawberry Surprise, Strawberry dream, Berry Glad.

  • JGa

    Berry chic

  • jackie

    strawberry blossom!!

  • BJS22

    The name I would give this new design is “Berry Sweet”

  • supercatgirl


  • Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski

    Wild berry, feeling fruity, Garden berry, Farm fresh

  • BJS22

    Sorry, I did not realize that BERRY SWEET had been named already. I would like to name the new design, BERRY NICE.

  • Celeste flores

    luscious berries

  • JGa

    In a jam
    Berry White
    Berry Manilow

  • Rachel


  • Mackenzie-Michelle Keese


  • Roberta Saper

    “Berry Happy” should be the name of this print. I love it!

  • Amber Clark

    We be jammin (jam’n)

  • Teresa Tobat

    Strawberry Sweet cake

  • Amber Clark

    Ripe berries

  • Monique Eckert

    Berry cozy

  • everything bagel

    Strawberry shields

  • Sherry

    Strawberry Sensation !

  • Jennifer

    Strawberry Shields

  • expecting mommy

    Strawberry Crush

  • Jim

    Strawberry Feels Forever ;D

  • Andy

    Berry Busy

  • Cyndi Phillips

    Strawberry Sass, Berry Sassy, Berry Glad

  • Jazz

    Strawberry Bliss

  • Abigail

    Berry Breeze/Berry Breezes.

  • Blissful berries

    Blissful Berries

  • Anne

    Berry Berry Awesome / Berry Berry Good Good

  • Avery

    Strawberry Sweetness, Summertime Strawberries

  • blackwidow63


  • nicole hino

    strawberries and dreams berry glad

  • Jess

    I Love You Berry Much!

  • 1oldi

    Berry Sweet

  • FoggyBottomGal

    Strawberry Blush

  • Carissa123

    Jammin’ Berries!

  • chrisesgirly

    Strawberry Shortcake, Very Berry, Berry Bliss

  • chrisesgirly

    Berry Bright

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Berry Bright, Pinklicious berries, Berry Sweet, Berry’d alive

  • Kristen H. W.

    Berry Delight

  • Christinaclucks

    Berry Beautiful πŸ™‚

  • Jennie

    Berry patch, berry blast

  • Berry bliss

  • Mom2Two

    Shortcake delight

  • Chelsea Boppre

    Berry happy

  • Jem

    Berry Bliss, Strawberry surprise, Berry Plentiful, Beautiful Berry,

  • Heather

    I’ll Second the name: Strawberry Fields Forever

  • Courtney girlie

    bunch o’berries

  • Kristen

    We Be Strawberry Jammin’

  • Erin

    Strawberry Moon

  • cora

    Spring Sweets

  • Judy Blaker

    Strawberry Wine
    Strawberry Basket
    Wild Berries
    Wild Strawberries

  • Nicki

    Berry Cute, Berry Lovely, Love You Berry Much, Strawberry Jam Session

  • Julie

    Berry. Period.

  • Tasha Lollar

    Fresh Picked, Berry Bliss

  • Rrhonda Byrd

    Strawberry Sensations
    Strawberry Fields
    Strawberry Flush
    Berry blush
    Sassy strawberries
    Booty Berries

  • Natalie Steele

    Strawberry Fields Forever!

  • twinkletoestheberserker

    Strawberry Heaven
    Strawberries and cream
    Strawberries wild

  • Natalie Steele

    Strawberry Patch Delight

  • Lacey

    Strawberry shortcake, obviously!! πŸ™‚

  • moonhonu

    berry patch pad, berry babes

  • Berry Madness

    Berry madness!

  • Trisha Avery


  • Alina LaTouche

    strawberry sunrise

  • Sonja Dudley

    Jammin’ or Shortcakes or Strawberry Jam or Razzamatazz Berry

  • Francine Pinheiro


  • Courtney girlie

    berry nice

  • Kaylee

    Berry Moody

  • Haley Alvarado

    Bloody Sweet Strawberry
    Farm Fresh Reds
    Reddy Baby
    Strawberry Jam
    Red Delight

  • Samantha Milanko

    Bashful Berry

  • Meg M

    That’s My Strawberry Jam!

  • ImmaKittyKat

    Superb(erry), Strawberry Colored Love, Loveberry(ies), Berries for Days, Pretty in Pink, Fields of Red and White, Strawberry Parfait, Oodles of Goodles, Mmmberry, Berries for Your Sassy Pants, Pretty Please with a Strawberry on Top!

  • Ashley p

    Strawberry shortcake!

  • Renee


  • Lindsay Adams

    Strawberry Pop

  • equusrevelrous

    Berry Bliss
    Bittie Berries
    Cutie Fruity
    Luck Berry
    Sweet Little Strawberry
    Berry B Good
    Strawberry Lovecake

    Barefruit Babe


  • jamiek

    berry a stain n site, crimson fields; berry delight, berry blooms, berry sweet

  • Loura

    Strawberry cheesecake.

  • Loura

    Merry Berry!

  • Jia Hui

    Strawberry nice to meet you!

  • Meghan Barnett

    Berries and Cream
    Berry Beautiful
    Lovely Berries
    Red, White, and Berry
    Strawberry Surprise

  • Kristina Maynard

    Berry Lovely!!

    • Kristina Maynard


  • Erika Bernier

    Fragaria Fiesta

  • Alicia


  • the Ambler

    Strawberry Fields
    Strawberry Shortcake
    My Little Strawberry
    Berry Berry This, Berry Berry That

  • Marcya

    Sweet Summertime
    Berry Abundance

  • Bel

    Berry nice
    Strawberry Fields

  • Cecilia

    Help! A Strawberry!
    Jam Session
    In a Jam
    Berry Lovely

  • Brianna

    Strawberry love

  • Loura

    strawberry moon

  • Nikki Raynor

    So cute! My first thought was “Strawberry Fields Forever”, but that would kind of be stealing a name that’s already taken. So I think something like “Queen of the Patch” or “The Fruitful Goddess” would be nice. Or something like “Dreaming of Strawberries” or “Strawberry Dream”. Maybe even “Strawberry Delight” if you’re looking for something a little more simple.
    Happy choosing, and thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Sondra hamilton

    Fresas fiesta

  • Mich

    Plucky Patch
    Posi Patch
    Strawberry Drawers

  • kristinaziegler

    Berry berry bonanza!!!

  • rachel guidry

    dazzle berry

  • Kristin Troska

    Red Berry Dreams

  • Kristin Troska


  • Kristin Troska

    I wish I had some strawberries.

  • Brandy Huvler Robenault

    Sweet Strawberry pinks

  • Kendra Steinke

    Fresh and Fruity, strawberry shortcake

  • Jacks

    Secret Shortcake

  • Amie

    Fruit of a Bloom
    Freckle my patch

  • Mary Mewshaw Singleton

    Fraises des Bois

  • AJ

    Strawberry Meadows

  • Gabrielle Dennison

    Strawberry mark

  • dianna1

    Soooo Berry berry nice

  • lisa gonzalez

    Strawberry Festival

  • Elisa M

    Jam Rags

  • Elisa M

    Berry Smoothie, Fruit cocktail. Berry Good.We be Jammin’,

  • Elisa M

    Berry white, Be berry, The more the berrier

  • Denise Elliott

    Berry cool, my berry patch, strawberry standard, sexy srtrawberrys, Razzelberry, berry pie, ripe n ready, rip and ready, strawbeey dreams, blissfull berries, juicy, simply strawberry,

  • Marni

    Strawberry yum yum

  • Angelica A

    Strawberry Blush
    Bashful Berries
    Freshly Picked
    Sweet Dots
    Shades of Red
    Tickle Me Pink

  • HThomas

    berry patch

  • Kristi

    Juicy fields
    Succulent seeds

    Delish dots
    red berry swish

  • Emily Krause

    Berry Lovely

  • valerie


  • Valerie D.

    My vote for this adorable new print is “Fresa Fresca” — translated from Spanish to English, this phrase means “Fresh Strawberry.” I love the way the English words strawberry and fresh look and sound so similar in Spanish. πŸ™‚

  • Veronica Bohan

    Strawberry jammer

  • Strawberry Fields was my first choice, but I see someone’s beaten me to it. πŸ˜€

    My second thought was the line from Samwise in The Lord of the Rings when he asked Frodo if he remembered the Shire and fresh strawberries with cream. So I hereby submit the name “Shire Blossom”. πŸ™‚

    • Barring that, then use “chuck” as a verb. And Chuck Berries. :-p hahahaha

  • AC

    A berry good day!

  • Dawn K

    Merry Berry

  • Eve H


  • LaurenS

    Little Miss Strawberry

  • Kelly

    No blush berry
    No mess berry

  • LaurenS

    Strawberry Swing

  • LaurenS

    Wild Strawberries

  • LaurenS

    Cloudy With A Chance of Strawberries

  • Rehpinej

    So Berry Glad

  • LaurenS

    The Final Strawberry

  • LaurenS

    In the Key of Strawberry

  • Jason Bohan

    Strawberry pie

  • Alice

    Strawberry Fields Forever! or Strawberry Feels Forever.

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Berry Fruitful

  • irishrust

    Jam Session; Jam Packed; Berry Bliss; Berry Breeze

  • T. B.

    Wild Strawberry Jam Session

  • Lene

    Strawberry Fluff
    Berry With The Flow
    Dancing Strawberries

  • Jennifer Sherman

    Bountiful Berries

  • lpartch

    Berry Beautiful

  • ahappysoul

    Strawberry Daze

  • abby

    berry love:)

  • sarah marie

    berry good strawberries!!!

  • sarah sprague

    summer harvest

  • LaurenS

    Berried Treasure

  • LaurenS

    Cloudy With A Chance of Berries

  • Stephanie Mobley

    Berry Sanitary

  • Marie


  • starrholcombe

    Wild berry

  • Jenny

    Let’s Berries Along; Berries All Over; Raining Strawberries

  • daniruss

    Strawberry fields forever! Or Strawberry Jam

  • Sarah

    Fruitful and Multiplying

  • Alrk

    Strawberry Shields Forever.

  • Breanne Leach

    Berry Bottom, Berry Baby Bum

  • Amanda

    Berry Blossom

  • Amanda

    Bountiful Berries

  • Amanda

    Berry Bloom

  • Amanda

    Berry Beautiful

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    Berry Sweet

  • Wildcraft garden

    Strawberry pads forever

  • Kimberly Empfield

    Berry bonanza

  • girlscoutnocookie

    wild and fraise

  • rita kasha


  • rita kasha

    Sweet Straw Barry

  • rita kasha


  • rita kasha

    Strawberries in My Pants!?

  • rita kasha

    Strawberries Gone Wild

  • Annie Herring

    Strawberry *Shields * Forever!

  • chris

    Fresh Berry

  • Crystal Abel

    Strawberry blush

  • Teresa McCurry Stillwell

    Strawberry paddy cake

  • rita kasha

    Rebellious Strawberries

  • rita kasha

    Be Mine, Strawberry — Kiss Me, Strawberry — XOXO, Strawberry — Hug me, Strawberry — Yours Truly, Strawberry

    Ps. I love candy hearts πŸ˜‰

  • Taylor Jones

    Jam Band
    That’s My Jam
    Jam Session

  • Alaura

    Berry smart

  • Brandi

    Strawberry Pie, My Strawberry, Berry Glad, Strawberries N Cream,

  • kdewall

    I really like this print, just in time for spring. Here are my ideas; Berry Best, Be Berry Happy, Berry Happy, Be Berry Blessed, Berry Blessed and also Rich Berry.

  • maggie

    Ripe for the picking. Or berry fierce.

  • Nicole

    Very Berry

  • Merrill R.

    Berry Bliss

  • Susan Y

    The only one I can think of is “Strawberry Fields Forever” and now I see several other people also thought of it. Great minds think alike I guess. πŸ™‚

  • TJ

    Berry blitz!

  • Jennifer Brown


  • Lila Pilbro

    Strawberry SoirΓ©e

  • TJ

    berry burst!

  • TJ

    Berry blitz

  • Rocklicker

    Un-Berriable time.
    Berry time of the month.

  • Kathryn

    Berry comfortable

  • Kathryn

    Berry Moon Time

  • Chris

    strawberry patch. Berry pad.

  • Emily B.

    “Little Miss Strawberry” it’s literally a euphemism for periods in Japan. Or “Red Berry Ragtime”

  • Kay

    Red Berry Blast
    Berry Red
    PMS- (Pretty Mouthwatering Strawberries)

  • laura

    strawberries and cream, berries and cream, ain’t that the berries, isn’t this the berries, berrific! signs of spring, strawberry medley, berry picking, fresh,

  • Sarah L

    strawberry shortcake; Strawberry Shake It Up; strawberries n’ dream

  • Sara A.

    Strawberry Swing

  • Pat White

    Strawberry Fields Forever

  • Laughwithme23

    My pick is Brilliant In Berries … Thanks so much for the giveaway!!! πŸ˜€

  • palomao

    Berry Upbeat

  • Laura

    cream of the crop, berry daylish, secret delight, sweet and fresh, freshly dressed, berry divine, strawberry divine, fresh from the vine, berry secure, strawberry fields so clever, strawberry field endeavor, freshly picked, pick of the day

  • Pamela Ruth Pescevic

    sweet treat.

  • Nury C.

    Berry Sweet, & Glad
    Berry Seasoned
    Berry Picking Of The Month
    Berry Glad To See You

  • Nury C.

    Berry Sweet & Glad
    Berry Seasoned
    Berry Picky
    Berry Picking Month
    Berry Glad To See You
    Berry Charming

  • Linnea Burr

    Berry sweet!

  • Jamaica Noel Edge

    Strawberries and Cream

  • Ellie

    ‘Strawberry Sensation’ or ‘Strawberry Dream’ πŸ™‚

  • Christina Moore

    Berry Patch!