Be a Monthly Friend and Win a Pad Sampler Kit! – Submissions CLOSED!

8/10/09 – WOW! We have received an amazing number of responses in just three days!  Thanks to everyone who submitted their questionnaire and shared their stories with us.  We'll contact our picks for Monthly Friends within the next few days.  Make sure to look for them on the blog in the coming months and thanks again to everyone who participated!

Hi GladRaggers!

Here at GladRags we love hearing from our customers and friends about their experience with alternative menstrual products. In the past we've introduced you to some of our fabulous GladRags users in our Monthly Friends feature (like the awesome Michelle and Rose) and now we want to get to know you!


 To be featured, just send an email to with your answers to the Monthly Friend Questionnaire (below) and attach a photo of yourself.  We'll be picking nine GladRaggers to appear on the blog and receive a free regular cotton color pad sampler kit!

Name: Hometown: Current location: Age: Occupation: Interests: Dreams: How long have you used reusable menstrual products?: Reason for making the switch to reusables: Funny anecdotes, deep thoughts, or anything else you'd like to share: