Cleaning Your GladRags: 2 Ways to Wash Cloth Pads

2 ways to wash cloth

When people first start using GladRags, they’re often worried about cleaning them. Do I have to do anything special? Is cleaning them hard? We’re here to put all those concerns to rest! Cleaning your cloth pads is super easy, and there’s more than one right way to do it. While stains might happen, there are easy ways to prevent them. But rest assured, even if there’s light staining, once laundered your cloth pads are indeed clean and sanitary! Here are two cleaning methods we like:

The Relaxed Method:

Use a washing machine and dryer, and wash your cloth pads with all of your other dirty laundry, like usual. Cold water is best for combatting stains (and better for the environment!), and a low heat on the dryer will keep your pads from shrinking and wearing out prematurely.


You can even wash ’em at a laundromat! (Though we can’t guarantee the guy next to you won’t be a little weirded out.) Pro-tip to Portlanders: visit our friends at Spin Laundry, an eco-friendly laundromat with its own attached cafe.



The Hands-On Method:

You can hand-wash your cloth pads in your sink, with some gentle soap. You can also pre-soak with Bac-Out or Buncha Farmers to keep odors and stains away.IMG_1169

You can even air-dry them on a clothesline! The sun will naturally bleach any stains, and it’s more energy-efficient than machine-drying.


Either way, they’ll end up snug and dry in your underwear drawer until your next cycle! Easy as that.


Be sure to check out our posts on how to use reusables in a public restroom, or our tips for making your cloth pads last longer!


kateAbout the author of this post:
Kate is a summer intern at GladRags, and a feminist with a passion for period positivity. She starts her senior year at Reed College this fall, where she’ll write her thesis on climate change policy.

  • yardwolf

    I wash my pads first by hand, soaking in the lidded bucket in case of difficult stains, and then I put them through the washer and dryer. The only product I use to wash these is Dr. Bronner’s liquid Castile soap! It’s a delicious sweet almond scent, this time, but may be different depending on what’s on sale next time. I find this excellent soap lets me swiftly and painlessly scrub out even the worst stains. Sometimes I layer my pads inside the bucket with baking soda in the rare event that I’ve left them soaking too long and they’ve taken on an odor. Works perfectly.