7 Natural PMS Remedies


For some people, that time of the month can mean cramps, headaches, and mood swings. But medications aren’t the only solutions to your shark week woes! Here are our favorite natural PMS remedies.

1. Drink herbal tea. There are even some companies that make teas specifically for that time of the month! Otherwise, just a relaxing nighttime tea should work well too.

2. Exercise. Sounds counterintuitive, but staying active will lessen cramps– cardio especially! The endorphins released after a workout will also help counteract any bad mood swings.

3. Use reusables. Women often report having a less bothersome period when using cloth pads or a cup, both because they’re more comfortable, and because some women find that they have shorter period when using a cup.

4. Practice Hatha yoga. Not only will doing some Hatha flows soothe you, but the stretches can relax your abdominal muscles, and make you feel more tranquil in the midst of a mood swing.

5. Eat balanced meals. Not getting all the nutritional elements you need could exacerbate headaches and mood swings. So, while you should always make sure that you’re getting your vitamins and minerals, it’s especially important when you’re on your period.

6. Try some Ayurvedic methods. Ayurvedic medicine combines ancient nutrition principles and holistic wellness to address medical issues in a natural way using ancient methods. Many people find PMS relief after seeing an Ayurvedic specialist. Learn more about Ayurvedic medicine in A New Cycle.

7. Use a hot water bottle. A simple cramp remedy! Placing an old-fashioned hot water bottle on your tummy not only relaxes your abdomen, but relaxes you, too.

These are a few of the things we do to manage that time of the month– how about you? What are your natural PMS remedies? Share in the comments!

kateAbout the author of this post:
Kate is a summer intern at GladRags, and a feminist with a passion for period positivity. She starts her senior year at Reed College this fall, where she’ll write her thesis on climate change policy.