{CONTEST CLOSED} Name our New Print & Enter to Win!

Congrats to our winner, who suggested the winning name Tsuki no Usagi!


Can somebunny think of a name for our newest print? These limited edition pads will hop on to our shelves on September 25th, but they won’t last furever so make sure to grabbit while you can! Comment below with your idea for a name, and we’ll pick our favorite to win a GladRags Day Pad in this adorable print. Terrible puns not required for entry.

  • amanda jordan

    Bunny love.

  • Valerie M

    As soon as I saw this I thought of the Little Bunny Foo Foo rhyme from childhood. I often feel “bopped on the head” during my cycle! So, how about Foo Foo?


  • Geneveigh Sewell


  • Kristi

    La Luna
    Moon Rabbit

  • Mom2Two

    Leapin’ Lepus (Latin for rabbit-fyi)

  • Amber Delorme

    Baxter Bunny, Shades of White & Grey, Thumper Grey, Rummey Grey,
    Bouncer Bunny, Jitter Rabbit, Hop Along Cassidy, Sir Hop Alot, Unique
    Rabbit/Bunny, Fluffy Flowy Rabbit/Bunny, Harlequin Bunny, Woodstock
    Grey, Bashful Bunny/Rabbit..

  • Little Bunny Flo Flo (because little bunny foo foo and periods are nicknamed Aunt Flo…get it?)

  • Sarah Rumbaugh

    Down the rabbit hole
    Cuddle Bunny
    Follow the White Rabbit
    Magician’s Assistant

  • Kristin Troska

    Beatrix Potter
    Watership Down
    Rabbit Proof Pad

  • Diandra Kalish

    Feelin’ Hoppy

  • Susan Lynn Fleck

    Flow Bunny

  • Deborah Hart

    Bunny Power

  • Celeste

    Jump into grey

  • Deborah Hart

    Sleeping Bunnies

  • Jacqueline Romo

    Fuzzy bunny

  • Julliana Hernandez

    Cottontail teaparty

  • Carissa123

    Hoppin’ Cotton!

  • Rachel Finch

    Happy Cottontail

  • jojo

    Bunny Arcade, Bunny Hop, Hip Hop,

  • LittleLadyBug

    Playful Bunnies, Bunny Parade

  • Barbara

    To The Moon & Back
    Rabbit’s Moon
    Lune de Lapin

  • Millicent Perry

    Hop on the Bunny train
    Shake your cottontail
    Keep calm and hop on
    Honey bunny
    My little cottontail
    Snow bunny

  • Rosemary Andruska Oestreich

    Bunny hopping

  • Poison Ivy

    Bunny march

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Bunny Lineup
    Hop on Pop
    Keep on Hoppin’
    Bunny Wishes
    Rabbit Conga Line
    The Bunny Marching Band

  • Nic

    Bunny ears
    Lucky rabbit
    Hop to it
    White Rabbit

    Welsh Rabbit

  • Kimberly

    Peace Love Hoppiness
    Hop Dot Buns
    Retro Rabbit
    Rabbit Romp
    Be My Bunny Bunch

  • Nadia Najeeba

    Alice in Wonderpants
    Bloody Bunnies
    Tickle my Bunnies/Rabbits/Hare
    Regal Rabbits
    Rabbity Rags
    Panty Bunny/Bunnies
    The Rabbit in Red
    Hares In My Pants
    Hares to You
    The Down There Hare

  • Angelica A

    Tsuki no Usagi
    I like how this rabbit print is related to the moon cycle. It’s quite Japanese!

  • mari


  • Katie M

    Dots and bunnies, rabbit tale, fluffy

  • Katie M

    white hare, lucky rabbit, hallo, rabbit! March hare

  • Katie M

    Rabbit of Caerbannog!

  • Brandi


    Hip Hop Hurray
    Hopping happy
    Funny Bunnies

  • Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski

    Hop, Happy hare, Arctic Hare

  • Aimee Place

    Happy Hare

  • Aimee Place

    snow bunny, white to crimson bunny

  • sofia karlsson

    Bouncing love

  • Kristin Troska

    Bunny Approved

  • Kristin Troska

    the March Hare went on

  • Kristin Troska

    mad as a March hare

  • Kristin Troska

    A Wild Hare

  • Kristin Troska


  • jodi armstrong

    Bunny hop

  • jodi armstrong

    The bunny.trail

  • jodi armstrong

    Hop time

  • jodi armstrong

    Multiplying like rabbits

  • Sarah E

    Scarlet O’hare-a
    Hare Flaire
    Fur cure
    Nobunny in the oven
    Hare prayer

  • Kaitlyn Vicente

    Lady Lop
    The Tales of Lady Grey

  • Jennifer Schiermeyer

    Don’t stop hopping or
    A hoppy time of month

  • jen


  • lisa

    Friend time with my bunny