{CONTEST CLOSED} Wild Blue Yonder is our newest print!


Coming soon to a cloth pad near you: this cheerful cloud print! We’re so excited to bring you this new print, but we need your help coming up with a name. Comment with your suggestion below, and our favorite will win a GladRags Day Pad in this print! Contest closes on 11/13.

  • Lan

    On cloud 9

  • Christina G

    Cloud Nine

  • Teresa McCurry Stillwell

    Blue Skies

  • K. Horn


  • C B Robinson

    Fluffy Little Clouds..?

  • Ann Price


  • Emily Huffman

    Happy Clouds

  • Amanda

    Happy Day πŸ™‚

  • smith

    Amelia ( for amelia earhart )!

  • Kate Cassidy Hilts

    Goodbye Blue Sky

  • DevonTheFoodie

    Clear Skies Ahead

  • DevonTheFoodie


  • DevonTheFoodie


  • Laurinda

    Sunny Days Ahead

  • DevonTheFoodie


  • DevonTheFoodie

    Come Fly With Me

  • DevonTheFoodie

    Big Sky

  • ML

    Cloud to Butt (it’s the name of a Firefox extension…look it up!)

  • Nadia Castonguay

    Head in the clouds

  • Fairy Flo

    Fluffy days

  • Chris

    Cotton Cloudies

  • Fairy Flo

    Floating high

  • Roberta Saper

    Pajama Comfy

  • Stephanie Stocklas

    Friend in Me. It reminds me of Toy Story.

    • Cheyenne Wolfe

      I second this.

  • noah

    Heaven Sent

  • Morgan

    Bleedin On Cloud 9! ☺️

  • emmy243

    Silver Linings

  • Cabel93

    Cloudy with a Chance of Blood

  • Lesh

    Dreamy Days

  • Noreen

    Fluffy clouds

  • Katie M

    Nothing but blue skies, Blue, Cloudy, clear skies

  • Noreen

    A touch of clouds

  • Carissa123

    Day Dreamin’

  • Sheena

    Woody. It looks like Toy Story. And Woody is hilarious!

  • christine

    over the clouds

  • Katie M

    Calm sky

  • Amanda Alvarado

    Care Bear Land

  • Mom of 8


  • Katie M

    Out of the blue

  • Amanda


  • judi

    Happy clouds.

  • Katie M

    True blue

  • Mindy Smith

    Minding my own Bliss.

  • Katie M

    Cloud watching, cotton clouds

  • Laura Cruz

    plentiful clouds

  • latanya t

    Fluffy blue

  • Clear Skies

  • Laura Cruz

    Dreamy skies

  • Laura Cruz

    soft as a cloud

  • Karissa Moden

    Happy clouds, Raining ovaries.

  • Laura Cruz

    pretty pad on a cloudy day

  • Laura Cruz


  • disqus_s2GbIneYw0

    Calm Before The Storm

  • Cindy Martinez Villalobos

    Clouderific , Marshmallow madness

  • Michelle LaRock

    Blustery Day

  • Lora

    Calming Clouds

  • Catherine

    Bright skies. πŸ™‚

  • Jessica

    Cloud 9

  • Elizabeth Chen

    Sunshine on a cloudy day. (You shouldn’t have to feel blue on your period!)

  • Katie M

    Breath of air, fresh air, air

  • Jessica

    Sky high

  • Sara Matsuzaki


  • Jessica

    Fly high

  • Cassidy Davidson

    Cloud 9, Not So Rainy Day, Sunshine Heading Your Way

  • Amy Bailey

    Sky’s the Limit!

  • Sarah Sobocinski

    Up in the clouds

  • Cassidy Davidson

    Happy Little Clouds

  • Jessica

    Beautiful day

  • Mariel Fluhr

    Blue skies

  • jennifer57

    puffy skies

  • Jessica

    fresh air

  • Stephanie Bramel

    Cloudy with a Chance

  • teresa scarborough

    Wishing on a cloud

  • Pamela Roser King


  • Eizoop

    Happy Daze!

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Cotton Skies, Cotton Clouds, Flyin’ Sky High, Cotton Fluff

  • Jane Lynch

    marshmallow skies

  • I Can See Clearly Now…the rain is gone.

  • Jessica

    Above the clouds/beyond the clouds

  • Jessica

    Up up and away

  • Pamela

    Blue skies are coming

  • Ginger

    So cute! Clouds of Cotton. πŸ™‚

  • Jessica

    Free spirit

  • Jenna

    Slightly cloudy, chance of showers.
    Mixed with a chance of precipitation

  • AllisonWonderland

    Cloud 9

  • Jeanette Peterson

    reaches above

  • Jessica

    Take flight

  • Jasmine Deem

    Head in the clouds

  • vsonics


  • Jessica

    Rise above

  • Adrienne

    Kumo (means “cloud” in Japanese)

  • Jasmine Deem

    High in the sky

  • Jessica

    Reach for the sky

  • Jeanette Peterson

    Looking good, looking up

  • Jeanette Peterson

    fluffy and delightful

  • Sabrina Hildebrand


  • Lauren Voght

    Namaste Nimbus

  • elizabethinseattle


  • Angie Kreuser

    Worry Free Days!

  • Jessica

    The silver lining

  • Karli

    No more cloudy days

  • Elizabeth

    Weather the storm. Don’t Rain on my Parade!

  • Nina Ylisa

    Celestial Beings

  • Kiva Celeste

    Day Dream

  • Jaitee Pitts

    Clear skies or Fair weather

  • Beth F

    Feeling Fluffy

  • Rachel Mando

    Skipping Through The Sky

  • Lori Just-Breathe

    Happy Day

  • Kiva

    Day Dream

  • Cindy Gebo

    vector breeze

  • hope

    silver linings

  • Mom2Two

    On Cloud Mine
    Hallow Sky
    Strato Goddess

  • katie

    wooly mammoth

  • Liz G.

    Nothing But Blue Skies

  • katie

    cloudy with a chance of crimson

  • Stephanie

    Easy Like Sunday Morning..I totally sang that out loud when I saw this πŸ™‚

  • Rachel D

    Head in the clouds

  • Epona

    up in the air

  • Jennie Lynn Peters

    Floating along; breezy blue;

  • Diana Amira

    Blue skies don’t mean a blue day. πŸ™‚
    Chances behind clouds.
    Calming clouds.
    Dream on.

  • Alex Sortino

    Silver linings

  • Sariswati

    Something About the Clouds and Her Mixed

  • Saleena

    Light As A Cloud

  • Stephanie Sangatanan


  • Elisa M

    Cloud 9

  • Elisa M


  • Elisa M

    Every cloud has a silver lining

  • Elisa M

    a cloud on the horizon

  • Elisa M

    daydream believer

  • Darla Gallegos

    Walking on cloud 9 ☁

  • Barbara Garcia

    Cirrocumulus Gladisragis
    Cumulus flo

  • Rachel Pettis

    Cramping on cloud nine

  • Lncmax

    Blissful Skies

  • Gina Germane Gallagher

    Heavenly Skies

  • Josephine


  • Victoria Baldwin

    The Daydreamer

  • Stacy Henderson Ackerman

    Flit and Float

  • Josephine


  • Amber Lynn Probert

    Lazy day

  • Amanda May

    Cloudy with a chance of sunshine

  • Kimberly Butler

    Blue Whimsy, Cerulean Sky, or Azure Dream

  • Andie Andrometta H-P

    1) Clear Sailing
    2) Flying High
    3) Cloud Nine
    4) Blue Skies and Crimson Tide
    5) Happy Place
    6) Blue Skies
    7) Summer Afternoon
    8) Dreamscape
    9) Lucy in the Sky (with Diamonds)
    10) Happy Day

  • Blue dream

  • Rachel Finch

    Her head’s in the clouds
    Cloud watching

  • Grace

    Cotton clouds <3

  • Alina

    On the clouds

  • AngieB

    Comfy Clouds

  • Victoria Pierce

    The Calm Before the Storm

  • Kari Frank Barone

    Cloudy Blues

  • LaurenS

    On Cloud Mine

  • Candace Hermann


  • samantha

    head in the clouds

  • Jodi Brooke


  • Nicole Thompson


  • beth c

    cotton candy skies

  • Lesley

    cloud catcher

  • Jia Hui L

    Period of clouds

  • Megan Lane

    Cloud City

  • monigarr

    Cloud Sitter

  • monigarr

    Calm before the storm

  • Katie

    Cuddly clouds

  • monigarr

    Bloody Nice Day

  • Eva Bryce

    Cloud Catcher

  • Jess

    Clotty Day.

  • Ashley Parks

    Cloud comfort! πŸ™‚

  • LaurenS

    Little Fluffy Clouds

  • LaurenS

    Castle on a Cloud

  • LaurenS

    Sunny Disposition

  • LaurenS

    Just Add Rainbow

  • Amy

    Sky’s the limit!

  • LaurenS

    Sky’s Imagination

  • LaurenS

    Passing Clouds

  • LaurenS

    Cloudacious Beauty

  • LaurenS


  • Beautiful Day

  • kostia

    Clear Sailing

  • Kate

    Silver lining

  • Cait

    Cloudy with a chance of pain

  • Amy

    Sky days
    Blue sky thinking
    Out of the blue
    Northern sky
    Southern sky
    Blueprint sky
    Greater skies
    Under the same sky
    Fly to the sky
    Cloud rider
    Get off my cloud
    Cloud nine
    Cloud connection

  • Ivy Mars

    Up in the air

  • darlann1

    Floatin in the Clouds

  • darlann1

    Cloudy Dreams

  • expecting mommy

    Up in the clouds

  • expecting mommy

    Cloudy Show (as opposed to Bloody Show)

  • expecting mommy

    Cloudy Mary (as opposed to Bloody Mary)

  • Kristin

    Soft Puffy Clouds

  • JustineLS

    New Day

  • Chelsea Boppre

    Cotton clouds

  • Kimberlie Tiegen

    Cloudy day

  • hellxia

    Organic Cotton Clouds

  • hellxia

    No Surprise Cloudy Skies

  • hellxia

    Caught On Cotton Clouds

  • hellxia

    Fluff for your Puff

  • Bailey barnhart

    Flying on cloud nine
    Cirrus circus
    Thunder pants

  • Marcya

    Wild Blue Yonder

  • Heather L. Morigeau

    “So this mornin…”

  • Amber Delorme

    “Fluffy Creation” -or- “Sky Bliss”

  • Barbara Page

    Pillow blue


  • Kim Bergshoeff

    On cloud nine

  • Ángela GraΓ±a Varela

    Cloud Peace / Cloud Paradise / Cloud Dreams

  • edita

    Chasing Clouds

  • Rkhhstone


  • Kaylyn Chan

    Summer daydream

  • Elizabeth

    Soft Soothing Comfort

  • Shelley C

    It’s a breeze

  • Kaitlin K.


  • Chrystal Swenson

    Fluff It

  • CaiLeigh Carney

    Andy’s room. Or just Andy.

  • Vita

    Clear as Day! Or Waking on Clouds!

  • Trey

    Blue Sky
    Powder Puff
    Powder Blue
    Happy Day

  • Kaelie Mckop


  • Tami Bates

    bonny blue

  • JW

    1. Frozen crystals
    2. Liquid droplets
    3. Stratus

  • Kristie Schweller

    Happy little clouds (like Bob Ross lol)

  • Beth F

    Free Floating
    Feeling Fluffy

  • GinelleNT

    sittin’ on cloud 9.

  • Carmela P

    Blue Skies!

  • Kristin Troska

    Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Rain
    Overcast Blue Skies
    Clash of the Clouds
    Return of the Clouds
    The Sacred Cycle

  • Brittany

    Looking Up

  • Jessica Berry

    Cloudy days, Blue Skies, No clouds over head, A beautiful morning.

  • Lisa

    Summer Dreams

  • Stephanie

    Clear Skies

  • Theresa

    Lucy in the Sky

  • Julia Uptagrafft

    Clouds of Wonder

  • Katie

    Soothing Skies, Soaring Soul/spirit

  • Light as a cloud

  • April


  • Consuela4

    Cloud nine

  • Consuela4


  • Consuela4

    Powder puff

  • Consuela4

    The sky’s the limit

  • Consuela4

    Goodbye blue skies

  • Consuela4


  • Consuela4


  • Consuela4

    Out of the blue

  • Consuela4

    Tangled up in blue

  • Charlene Murphy Weaver

    Send In The Clouds

  • Kristina Acord

    Cheerful Day

  • Sandy


  • Karen Maine

    Fluffy Pillows
    Fluff N Stuff
    Period Fluff
    Pillow Talk
    Menstrual Cloud
    Luna Cycle
    Cycle Clouds

  • Chris Ours

    Imagination. That should be the name.

  • abirgen

    Daydream believer

  • Ana


  • Meg Wilk

    Floating on a cloud
    Cloud 9
    Blue skies
    Drifting clouds

  • Brandy

    Cozy Clouds.

    Up, up and away!
    Red, white, and blue skies.
    Daydream bleedin’.

  • Katy Baird

    Partly Cloudy
    Clear Skies
    Floating On A Cloud

  • Melissa

    Up up and away.

  • cristina gaspar

    Blissful stream

  • Deborah

    Fluffy Clouds

  • Julianne


  • Jan Murray Tidwell

    soft and fluffy

  • Lisa Marie

    Unsui. It comes from a Chinese poem “to drift like clouds and flow like water”.

  • Kelly

    Cloud Dancing (Dr. Quinn character)
    High Flyer
    Cerulean Sky
    Drift Away
    Clouds Connected

    Azure Ray
    Puff Mamma

  • Mica

    The name has to be “No More Rain”

  • Jacqueline Romo

    Sky so blue

  • nina mackrain

    Flying High and my Son’s choice Sky Fly πŸ™‚

  • Sarah Sobocinski

    P-cloud. (Like i-cloud)

  • Christine


  • Kristina Kitchen

    Jet Set

  • Candice

    Nephele (cloud nymph in Greek mythology), Cloud Gazing, Cloud Gazer, Aeromancy (study of clouds), Aeromancer

  • Aimee Place

    cloud 9

  • Josephine


  • Josephine

    Sky Fits Heaven

  • Josephine

    Cloud Haven

  • Josephine

    Cloud Puffs

  • Josephine

    Cloudy with a Chance to Be Stained

  • Maria ‘Aurora’ Gotay

    Lucy In The Sky With Estrogen
    Evaporate This!

  • : )

    Thanks! I’m excited to try an suggest your favorite!
    My Panties’s Cloud Party!
    Clouds on parade
    Girl, It’s Cloudy In!
    So glad it’s cloudy
    Blue Cow? Wow! No Wait…Even Better: Chubby Clouds!
    No Rain, No Pain!
    Coquette Clouds!
    Chubby Clouds!
    Forecast: Gorgeous!
    CCCC: Comfy Calming Crotch Clouds
    Not a care in the clouds
    Flowin’ above the clouds
    Period in the sky with clouds
    Mrs. Cloudy Pants
    Got more than my head in the clouds
    Cloudy Ways
    Not A Clot in Sight (Just Lots Of Clouds)
    Below me only sky
    Not a clot in the sky
    Clouding it proudly.
    A cloud a day keeps the blood at bay
    If farts went on parade
    Chubby Clouds

  • Brittany H.

    Nothing but Blue Skies

  • LaurenS

    Go with the flow.