{CONTEST CLOSED} Meet Wildflower, our newest print!

Congrats to our contest winner, David / Vanessa Mitchell who were the first to suggest “Wildflower”!

GR_flowers (1)

We’re so excited about our flowery new print! Help us name it and you could win a GladRags Day Pad in this color. To enter, comment on this blog post with your suggestions (as many as you’d like!) by Monday, March 14th.

We’ll pick our favorite name on Monday AND add the print to the site so you can shop to your heart’s content!

Please note: when commenting, you must log in or enter your email address when prompted — if you leave a comment as a ‘guest’ we won’t be able to contact you if you’ve won! If multiple people suggest the same winning name, the winner will be the person who commented first.

  • Mishi Mallow


    Or perhaps

    “Nana’s Quilt” or “Aunty’s Quilt” or something along those lines. It reminds me of the blankets elderly ladies toss over the back of their furniture “in case it gets cold”

  • Kristi

    “Throw your cares away”
    “Throw away your cares”
    (looks like a cute throw pillow to me XD)

  • Spring garden
    Pretty in spring
    Pretty flowers

  • Becky Munster

    Whimsical Spring

  • Kristin Troska

    Moon Flowers
    Moon time flowers
    Love & Awareness
    Vibrant Field
    Mountain Flowers

  • Jessica Berry

    Glad Day, Spring has Sprung, Meadows, In Bloom, Blossoming, Break Time.

  • Kristin Troska

    Monthly Flower Club
    Flower Delivery
    To Bring On The Flowers
    Nutmegs and Nosegays
    Flowers & Lady Charlotte

  • Kristin Troska

    Prairie Moon Flowers
    Flowing Flower Field
    Flowers Blooming
    Flower or Weed?
    The Silent Garden
    A Flower Started to Wander

  • Kim Nguyen

    Medley Magic
    Spring time blooms
    Peonies Pleasure

  • Mom2Two

    Spring Vintage

  • shterna

    Spring medow

  • harrka


  • Ninibini


  • K. Berry-Hicks

    Spring Fling
    Flower Power

  • Christa Lopez

    Delicate Buds

  • Christa Lopez

    Peaceful Moment

  • Leigh Montano

    Secret Garden

  • Cindy Gebo

    Spring Surprise

  • Catlin K

    Earl Grey Floral

  • Valerie

    Floral Infusion

  • Britni

    Spring Cleaning
    Spring Is In The Air
    Grey Garden
    Garden of Eden
    Oopie Daisies
    Marigold Round
    All That Blooms
    Out of The Grey
    Spring Showers Bring May Flowers
    Magic Garden

  • Edna Garcia

    serendipity, spring times, flower blossom, night flower

  • Jackiefowler

    Tula Grey

  • Sweetness

    Not so Grey Gardens
    MidSeason Mama
    Seasons Change
    Winter Spring Summer and Fall
    After the Rain Falls
    Rain Flowers
    Seasonal Serenity
    Calm Comfort
    Delilah’s Comfort
    Delilah’s Day

  • Sara Matsuzaki

    Floral Radiance

  • buzzybreeze

    Taupetunia (Taupe-petunia)

  • Victoria D

    Petal Paradise
    (Paradise of Petals)

  • Shelly Jennings


  • JeeperCreeper

    Summer View

  • Christine Williamson

    In Bloom

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Gray Garden

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Delicate Petals

  • Aaron


  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Secret Blooms

  • Aimee Fisher

    Flora & Fauna, Briar Rose, Gray Posy, Spring Awakening

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Tickled Pink, Tickled Pink Posies

  • Megan Whitmer


  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Petite Posies

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Beautiful Blossoms

  • Nicole D’Amico Gardner


  • Julie Bottemiller

    Spring Awakening

  • Erika Wolford

    Tallulah (means ‘running water’ in Choctaw)

  • Nicole D’Amico Gardner

    Grey Gardens

  • Denise Landa

    Fresh frill

  • Nicole D’Amico Gardner

    Buds and Blooms
    Spring Has Sprung
    Sweet Sprigs
    Bella Blooms

  • Rachel Armitage

    April Showers

  • Jan Murray Tidwell

    spring blossums

  • thedanielsr

    Springs A’comin’

  • Holly Somers

    Petal Power

  • Brooke bakhuyzen

    Pocket full of posies

  • Tansy

    Jump into Spring!

  • Terra

    Flirty floral

  • Tatyana_eaves@yahoo.com

    Spring dance

  • Tansy

    Twiggy’s Bloom

  • Tansy

    Pretty in Period

  • The name that popped in my head was”Skylark Meadows.” Not sure what that means!

  • Kim Bergshoeff


  • LeeAnn P.


  • lisa

    Happy flower dance

  • Ashley Copley

    Stony Garden(s) or Stony Blossoms

  • Kathryn Kvasnica


  • Ines Crespo

    Beautiful Blossoms

  • Ines Crespo

    Garden Envy

  • Ashley Copley

    Pretty in the Storm

  • Wendi Cave

    Spring Frenzy

  • Wendi Cave

    Flower Blossom, Flower Frenzy,

  • Wendi Cave

    Flower Power

  • Lila Pilbro

    Secret Garden

  • Katrina Cebaños-Galvan


  • Whitney Combs

    my suggestion is: Hanakotoba. Here is the meaning from Wiki “(花言葉?) is the Japanese form of the language of flowers. In this practice plants were given codes and passwords….Meant to convey emotion and communicate directly to each other without needing the use of words.”

  • Andie Andrometta H-P

    Lady Marmalade
    Cabbage Rose
    Muted Spring
    Dusk Petals

  • Karen Becker

    Victorian Bouquet

  • Ashley Copley

    Showers of Blossoms

  • Cori Corrente

    Vintage floral.

  • May Li

    Sticky Flowers

  • Caitlin P

    Orange Blossom Special
    Spring Cotton
    Prairie Rose
    Country Girl

  • lace1

    Tussie Mussie

  • Laura Cruz

    bloody bliss.

  • Emma

    Seasonal Transition

  • Laura Cruz

    Spring blossoms.

  • Kristine Barrett

    Spring Whimsy
    May Flowers

  • Laura Cruz

    Rain showers bring may flowers

  • Laura Cruz

    Flower of the month

  • Laura Cruz

    Oops I did it again

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Floral Delivery

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Vintage Blooms

  • Nic


  • Gina S

    A Midsummer’s Delight

  • Nic


  • Nic


  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Brighten My Gray Day

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Gray Day Blooms

  • Nic


  • Nic


  • TimandDeb VerBerkmoes

    Spring Posies

  • Gina S

    Flowery Delight
    Flowery Frenzy
    Pocketful of Posies

  • Nic

    Lily (or Lily of the valley)

  • Nic


  • Ester

    Subtle spring

  • Dana Finocchiaro


  • LaurenS

    Cloudy with a chance of spring

  • Jac Zifos

    Persephone, spring has sprung, Gaia, Symphony of Orpheus, feminine mystique, blood Orchid, tapestry, Guinevere
    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  • LaurenS

    Cloudy with a chance of flowers

  • Tko

    Floral fiesta

  • Jennifer Sines


  • Megan Wells

    Botanical Bloom
    Flower Show
    Feeling all Bright

  • Jennifer Sines


  • Kari A.

    Happy Spring Time or Happiness

  • Jennifer Sines

    Periwinkle Posy, Primrose Parade, Flora Joy

  • Aysha

    Tender rose
    Blossom days

  • Kathryn Kvasnica

    Bloomin’ Beauties, Fabulously Feminine, Blooming Garden

  • Aysha

    My bloomy days

  • Kim

    Fleur de lis

  • Teresa Stillwell

    March of the flowers

  • Yvonne Negrete

    soothing shades

  • Josette Clancy

    Bountiful Buds

  • JustineLS

    Spring Bloom

  • Katie Seelinger

    Spring Fling

  • Aysha

    blossom flowerpad

  • Caitlin P

    Spring is in the Air
    Spring Blossoms
    May Blossoms
    Country Blooms
    Spring Fling

  • Katie Seelinger

    Arden, A Walk in the Meadow,

  • Caitlin P

    Country Rose
    Blossom Fields
    Calico Flowers
    Vintage Blossoms

  • Renae

    Bloom Boom

  • Katie Seelinger


  • Catherine

    Cool Spring

  • Catherine

    Sweet Spring

  • Katie Seelinger

    Floral in love

  • Katie Seelinger


  • Catherine

    Sugar Flowers

  • Catherine

    Floral Sugar

  • Renae

    Bloom Boom
    (I’d commented as a ‘guest’ earlier, didn’t read the fine print)

  • Brit

    Flower Flow Fighter, Oopsy Daisy, Bottom Bloomers

  • David / Vanessa Mitchell

    Wildflower, Baby’s-breath, Forget-Me-Not

  • Midorie

    Lovely Flora

  • Lesh


  • Cort

    Oregon Trail. Named for the hardy desert flowers and tough-as-nails women who held things together on the grueling trek west. While on their period!

  • Alona Young

    Cynthia, Camilla, Poppy

  • Katie M


  • Kate Cassidy Hilts

    A Flower in My Garden

  • Kristen H. W.

    Floral Freedom

  • Wilted Camellia

    Nature’s Call
    Promise of Primrose
    Flora Nightingale
    Spring is Nigh

  • Cindy Ebben


  • Amanda Stevenson Felton

    Spring blossoms
    Flower power
    Spring flo…spring period
    Flower flo….floral flo
    Buncha posies
    Posie petals
    Spring petals

  • Bianca Bangor

    Heather blossoms.

  • Ellie Matheny


  • Jia Hui L

    Ferns and flowers

  • Z0Bear

    Hope of Spring
    New Beginnings
    The First Chapter

  • Carissa123

    Cora flora
    Vintage beauty
    Flo’s bouquet

  • Ashley H

    New Bloom
    Spring Blossom

  • Mippsibean

    Victory garden

  • Elissa Mahler

    Summer Fling

  • Tracy Gordon

    Vintage bloom

  • Blossoms of Spring

  • Tammy McGarvey

    Posey Explosion

  • Amber

    Secret Garden!

  • FoggyBottomGal

    Posey Power

  • Lacey Phillips

    whimsical floral

  • Lauren Ann Read Koslow


  • Tami Brown

    Peony Spring
    Whimsy Daisy

  • Kristyn


  • Courtney M

    Pretty in Pink

  • Brenda L.

    Grey Garden

  • Arendse

    A flowered flow

  • Vicki Onofrei

    Vintage blooms
    Retro summer
    Fall fields

  • Arendse

    Bloody blossoms

  • Arendse

    Floras flow

  • Amy Winters Jackson

    Burst of spring

  • Amy Winters Jackson

    Spring fling

  • Arendse

    Petals in my pants

  • Arendse

    Petal petite

  • Amy Winters Jackson

    Spring blossom

  • Amy Winters Jackson

    Spring mod

  • Arendse

    Sweet pea petals

  • Arendse

    Panty pickings

  • Arendse

    Swoom Bloom blossoms

  • Alex

    Rosy Posy

  • Alex


  • Arendse

    My cherry blossoms

  • Arendse

    Private pickings

  • Samantha


  • Charlene Murphy Weaver

    Queen of the May

  • Samantha

    Kayla Blooms

  • Samantha

    Kahlo Blooms

  • Alex


  • Kelly

    Bloom Where You Are Planted

  • Alex


  • Alex

    Lily of the Valley

  • Alex

    Flowers Fallen

  • Alex

    Baby’s Breath

  • Ozzie

    Blooms Awaken

  • Susan M

    moonlight garden

  • Nik Noodle

    Marvelous Magnolia

  • Andrea Contillo

    Flowers In Bloom

  • Jea D

    Briar Rose

  • Misty

    Spring time fun!

  • Deb

    Blossoms ‘n’ Buds

  • Bree Lee


  • Bree Lee

    Floral Shades of Gray

  • Bree Lee

    Not Your Granny’s Floral

  • Bree Lee

    Stormy Bloom

  • Bree Lee

    Petal to the medal

  • Bree Lee


  • Bree Lee

    Come what May

  • Bree Lee

    Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

  • Bree Lee

    Flower Bed

  • Laura Johnson

    Floral Memories

  • Melissa Millar

    Secret Garden

  • Hannah grace

    vintage rose or whimsy

  • Janine Monfries

    Psychedelic Posies, Psychedelic Daises

  • Jole

    Flo-wer power.

  • Sara Kitty

    Petunia Party

  • Sara Kitty

    Rad Ranunculus

  • Sara Kitty

    bouquet of flowers

  • Sara Kitty

    bouquet of fun

  • Kristal C


  • Sara Kitty

    Chicory Boom!

    Chicory Bloom

  • Sara Kitty

    Rag Flowers
    Rag Roses

  • Brandi

    Raining Flowers, rain’n flowers, rainy day flowers, May flowers

  • MJ


  • MJ

    Meadow sweet

  • MJ

    Spring garden

  • Sade

    Flame of the forest

  • Hannah grace

    vintage rose
    floral gray
    are a couple I thought of
    thanks for ur biz hope to order soon!

  • Hayleigh

    Panties full of posies

  • Sarah Freeman

    TeaRose and Pansy

  • Stacey Joshua

    Early Spring, or Spring’s First Breath

  • Amie

    Blossom Bonanza!

  • Marvaretta Stevenson

    floral rhapsody

  • Courtney Arrowsmith

    Delora’s Daydream

  • Gretchen


  • Meg

    Spring has Sprung

    • Meg

      You can contact me on Facebook Megan Elgersma

  • Shariell Mason

    Floral daydream

  • Laura

    Fleur de Flo
    Lady Grey

  • Sabrina

    Poetic posie

  • Jaurele

    April Morning

  • Karen

    Grey Bouquet

  • Nymphadora Tonks


    • SDave21

      Nice username 😀

      • Nymphadora Tonks

        Wotcher! 😉

  • Amber

    Spring Fling

    Splendid Spring

    Awesome Blossom

  • Draginta

    Flower Jungle

  • Bri

    A Floral Frenzy

  • Rachel


  • Janette Goodman

    Flower symphony or floral symphony

  • Catherine Chan

    Flow of Flowers

  • Catherine Chan

    Flora Mystics

  • Catherine Chan

    Branching Out

  • Catherine Chan

    Leaf it Behind

  • Botanical Flow

  • Tawana


  • SDave21

    Floral Clusters
    Moon Flowers
    Silver River
    Flo-motion (play on slow-motion)
    Desert Sunrise
    Floral Road

  • Diana Johnson Huffer

    Spring Bouquet

  • Bree Lee

    Into the Garden

  • Bree Lee

    Posie Party

    Okay Bouquet

    Poppin’ Posies

    Poppin’ Poppies

    Posies, Poppies, and Petals… Oh my!

    Poppy le pew

    Flirty flowers

    Bouquet beauty

    Carnation Station

    Petal Party

    Gray May

    May Day

    Playful Petals

    Fab Floral

  • Arwen ~*~

    Stray Grey

  • Beth

    Spring Fresh

  • Sera

    Floral Flow

  • La Primavera

  • Bree Lee

    Botanical Beauty
    Perks of being a Wildflower
    Power Petals

  • Erin Ellingwood

    Aurora Grey

  • Beth F

    Floral Feminity

  • Kelley W.

    Nora’s Garden

  • Kari Frank Barone

    Cloudy Spring Floral, Grey Bouquet, Cloudy Day Spray, Spring Flowers, Cloudy Flowers

  • VocaOtome

    Floral footprints
    Shades of Spring
    Quietly festive
    Blooming shadow

  • Jacinta Mooney

    Silver Spring
    Misty Dawn
    After the Rain
    Velvet Spray

  • Claire

    Grey Bloom

  • Denise Eckert Beeman

    A tisket a tasket a posie basket

  • Denise Eckert Beeman

    Grandma’s wallpaper

  • jujubeebop

    Petal to the Mettle

  • Erika

    Spring in your step!

  • Thanh-Tran Nguyen

    Rainy Day
    Silver Fox
    Silver Lining
    (oh my goodness hahaha)

  • wenora lenney

    prickly flowers
    Flow knows Rose

  • wenora lenney

    prickly flowers
    Flow knows Rose

  • LaurenS

    “Lovely and Amazing” (this is one name)

  • LaurenS

    “April Showers Bring May Flowers”

  • Laura S

    Au Printemps
    De Printemps
    Secret Garden
    Flowery Delight
    Springtime Delight
    Blossom Bounty
    Blossom Beauty
    Fragrant Breath
    Dainty Delight
    Dainty Daisy

  • Laura S

    Flower Patch
    Flower Fancy
    Fancy Flowers
    Beautiful Buds
    Spring Buds
    Budding Spring
    Budding Beauty

  • Claudia

    Grayt Expetalations
    Lady Flora Grey
    Botanical Beauty
    Blooming Bliss
    Bountiful Bouquet
    Flowery Fancy
    Petal to the Metal
    Herbaceous Heavens!
    Faerie Flowers
    Preppy Posy
    It’s Bloody Blooming!
    Perennial Petals
    Gray-ceful Garden
    Petal Potpourri
    Harvesting Harmony
    Dendritic Dandies (the white flowers look like dendrites)
    (You guys should have a print covered in uteruses and call it Magnificent Menses)

  • Laura S

    Blooming Meadow
    Wild Blooms
    Blooming Blossoms
    Blooming Blooms
    Baby’s Breath and Blooms
    Wildflower Whimsy
    Wild Whimsy
    Fleur du Roi
    Royal Fancy
    Debut du Printemps
    Fleur Printanière
    Fleur de Printemps
    Flower Bed
    Sprouting Seedlings
    Royal Fragrance
    Royal Blooming
    Royal Blooms
    Royal Bloom
    Flowering Flow
    La Fleur

  • alyeska39

    Spring is Exciting!

  • Kristine Lee

    Clover butterfly

  • Kristine Lee

    MagnificentRag Marvel

  • Kristine Lee

    Petal works

  • Kristine Lee

    Petal Magnet

  • Kristine Lee

    Flow wear

  • Kristine Lee

    Cat drew this

  • Kristine Lee

    Courteous Clover. Courteous Pink Clover. Napkin Party. Flushed Pink. Harmonious Floral. Familial Flower. Thoughtful Stems

  • Kristine Lee

    O Dat Flower. Cover Me Flower

  • Ashley Copley

    Blustering Blossoms

  • Cynthia


  • Cynthia


  • Julia Résil

    1. Little House (on the prairie)
    2. The floral era
    3. Moms Garden
    4. Floral Fantasy
    5. Once upon a time

    Email: prairiegirl-211@hotmail.com
    Julia Résil
    (Couldn’t figure out how to log in!)

  • Amy Kehoe

    Herdy Gerdy

  • Lili

    Autumn Lilies

  • Lori Just-Breathe

    Camp flow-ers
    Camp flowers

  • Lori Just-Breathe

    Camp Flower Power
    Leave no trace camp pad
    80s flashback

  • Lori Just-Breathe


  • Karen Ml

    Graceful Creation
    Bloomin’ lovely
    Delightful distraction
    Blissful Blooms
    Fortunate flow
    Flourishing flows
    Period Posy
    Bewitching blossoms
    Flawless flows
    Grey creation
    First Blush
    Dainty dawn
    Graceful Greys
    Darling buds
    Vintage days
    Vintage Dawn

  • Jaclyn Maatman

    Blooming Gorgeous, Posy Flow… Go With the Flow-er, Queen Anne’s Lacies…

  • Aimee Place

    bloom of fertility or garden of fertility

  • Tansy

    Indoor Flow-ra (flora)

  • Victoria Hanley


  • Kristine Lee

    the whole field. flower field. Social Group. Orchid Lemon Flower. Decorate Me.

  • Kristine Lee

    Escape Flower

  • Kristine Lee

    Tempting Arrangement. Tempting flower.

  • Amanda

    Smoky Blossom

  • Katherine Reed

    Autumn’s Spring

  • Sarah L. Fribley

    Pink Peony
    Grey Gardens
    Lady Grey
    Peony Gardens
    Pink Dove
    Flint Garden
    Pink Pewter
    Peony Pewter
    Pewter Pansy

  • Alisha Winter

    Floral and Fierce

  • Janet

    Winter’s End

  • LaurenS

    Shaded Bloom

  • LaurenS

    Shade Garden

  • Katie

    Nature’s Caress. Or Nature’s Gentle Caress/ Nature’s Soft Caress.

  • Sara Kitty

    Gray Day

  • Sara Kitty

    Chicory Boom Bloom

  • Lisa

    Cheer me up

  • Sara Kitty

    Empower Flower(s)
    Empowering Flowers

  • Sara Kitty

    Empower my Flow(er)

  • Dee

    I want to bump the suggestion made by “Laura” earlier. I think her “Lady Grey” suits this so well I barely want to enter my own suggestions now!

    Direct literal reference to the print, but instead of a glum association, “grey” becomes instantly classy and feminine as “Lady Grey.” Bright, gentle, comforting association with the tea too. Good luck Laura!

    My ideas:

  • Lori Just-Breathe

    Flower Fairies
    In the Fairy Wood

  • Sara Kitty

    love potion #9

  • Sara Kitty

    Love Potion

  • Tansy


  • Sara Kitty

    Parker Poseys

  • Sara Kitty

    Rebel Girl

  • Sara Kitty

    Ashes to ashes

    Pocketful of posies

  • Sariswati

    Flores de Ixchel

  • Samantha Hilaria Martinez

    Floral Freenzy