A Menstrual Hygiene Day Giveaway



Half of the global population menstruates. It’s a normal biological function that ensures the continuation of the human species. And yet …


  • Many people still lack access to affordable and hygienic menstrual products, so they resort to unhygienic materials which leads to an increase in reproductive tract infections.
  • Girls in developing countries miss up to 5 days of school a month when they menstruate. In a study from Nepal 41% girls reported missing school during their menstruation.
  • Taboos and myths related to menstruation often portray women and girls as inferior to men and boys.
    2.4 billion people lack access to improved sanitation facilities. Women and girls are particularly affected when facilities do not ensure privacy and hygiene.
  • The average North American woman will use and throw away about 13,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime.


Talk about it! It’s that easy. Taboos are broken when discussions break free from secrecy and whispers and become a normal part of human dialogue. Celebrate Menstruation Hygiene Day with us on May 28th by sharing these cool infographics on your favorite social media channel. And help spread the word about reusables! It’s incredible what can happen when we stop treating our periods like garbage (including actually making less garbage!). And finally, ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY! To celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day we’re giving away:

Enter the giveaway below and TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW! We’ll announce the winners on June 1st.

Enter the Menstruation Matters Giveaway


  • Sandra Horst

    I can’t believe it took me this long to switch. I wish I had done it sooner!

  • Amanda Nash

    This is so important! As a host mom of girls from other countries, a step mom, a god mom and bleeder myself I am so glad that I have learned about re-useable products! I have a cup, re-useable pads, and I just ordered my first pair of THINX! Thank you for encouraging a much needed conversation!

  • Cynthia Tongate

    I’m so happy that I finally decided to buy mine. I’m pregnant now and miss my cloths but excited for when baby’s here and I can use them postnatal. I’m imagining how different it will be compared to my other kids.

  • Nancy C.

    I’m always shocked that young women in some areas of the world must miss school because of their periods. Reusables should be a human right.

  • Beth F

    After using cloth exclusively, I don’t get cramps anymore. So nice!

  • Killashandra

    After experiencing almost two years of medically-induced constant menstruation (thankfully resolved) I know how much menstruation–and accessible menstrual hygiene–really matters.

  • Linda O

    Menstruation matters because it is such an awesome part of being a woman and having that creative potential.

  • Melissa Streffacio

    After using cloth pads and a menstrual cup my period is way shorter than it used to be, with less cramps.

  • FoggyBottomGal

    Menstruation matters because it signals the flower of womanhood blooming, fulfills, & blesses our lives with patience, endurance, and a fellowship with other women in our exclusive club!

  • @menstrualcupsbrasil

    I need a kit please !

  • LeeAnn P.

    Menstruation matters to me because I’m a woman and I have a young daughter who hasn’t started her period yet and I want her to be empowered and not feel menstruation is a “curse”

  • JE Underwood

    Menstruation is important to me because I’ve grown up being made to feel ashamed of this natural process, and I’m tired of it!

  • Stephanie

    Menstruation matters to me, because I have PCOS. I do not have normal cycles and not having to deal with disposable messes, is a godsend.

  • Kari Frank Barone

    Mensuration matters to me because it means that I can bear beautiful babies.

  • judi

    Menstruation matters because our cycles tell us so much about our health.

  • Steph

    Menstruation matters to me because it is a natural process and we need to talk about it

  • Beth Johnson

    menstruation matters because the male gym teacher/ health teacher should make you feel ashamed to give another girl a pad before class

  • Ángela Graña Varela

    Menstruation matters because it creates life, it is a very crucial cicle for women. It is natural, nothing to be ashamed of!

  • pinkdolphi

    Menstruation Matters because so many uteruses do it/have done it/will do it. It can be done in a way that doesn’t add mountains of garbage to landfills! People need to know this!

  • Zofia Deanna Thibeault

    Menstruation matters because it is the foundation of all life, it is an internal “systems check,” and it is HEALTHY, NORMAL as well as NATURAL! It matters because it is a fundamental part of being a woman, and thanks to gladrags pads I have been able to accept and appreciate that as well as teach others the very same!

  • Danielle

    It very important for all women to have access to proper hygienic practices during their period. Especially in third world countries where girls and women are kept isolated then.

    Also greening the period is an amazing thing. We create so much waste that’s avoidable by using disposables!

  • Padmani Kaur

    This matters to me because it affects so many and is often a taboo subject. Hopefully this will change as it causes harm to many women especially in developing countries.

  • Jia Hui L

    Menstruation matters because it is a natural occurrence and there should be a better, Eco friendly way to deal! 🙂

  • Lacy B

    Menstruation matters because it gives life AND is experienced by SO MANY people!

  • Jan N

    Menstruation matters because we all have to deal with it in the best way possible.

  • Hannah grace

    my mom helped me a lot learning how everything works proper edu. is essential
    and cloth pads are the best hands down!

  • Sariswati

    I love cloth pads, so much more comfortable!

  • Kelbyraye

    Menstruation matters because it is natural, inevitable, undesirable, yet part of the reproduction cycle.

  • I’m past menopause, but highly recommend to anyone still needing such things, that they use only natural, washable products! I still use panty liners, partly because I like the feel of them, partly because they are occasionally needed. 🙂

  • Brenda L.

    I finally bought some cloth pads in the spotted owl print. They’re so cute and I can’t wait to use them!

  • Brenda L.

    Menstruation matters because it’s a huge part of being a healthy woman!

  • Rachel L.

    Menstruation matters because it is a normal healthy process. Thank God for Glad Rags provides a natural, healthy solution. Plus, they’re super-cute!

  • Rachel Strauss

    Clothe pads make my life easier in many ways. I have very irregular periods and I had problems with disposable pads giving me rashes in delicate areas. Since I discovered clothe liners in combination with a cup I can barely express how much better my menstural hygiene had become. If I could fully switch over to clothe pads it would be even better.

  • aleshamom4

    It matters to me because I have two teen twin daughters

  • Mandi

    Menstruation matters because it’s a part of who we are as women. It’s a natural occurrence in life, and is feared only because of a social stigma placed on it by those who don’t care to understand it or who are disgusted at even the thought of blood. Menstruation matters because it lives in these shadows and gives girls yet another thing to feel insecure about, when really we should love our bodies and all of the wonderful things it can do. Finally, menstruation matters because without it, we would cease to exist, except perhaps in test tubes. Without women who menstruate, life as we know it would end. It’s not dirty or shameful, but should be celebrated for the vital role it plays in our life cycles.

  • Kristy Wright

    Menstruation matters to me because the majority of women menstruate and
    we shouldn’t be ashamed of it, I love cloth pads but no matter what a
    woman uses she shouldn’t feel like she has to hide the fact she’s having
    her cycle or feel like a lesser person. Nearly all women have periods during their lives
    and we should be proud to be women, not ashamed.

  • Ariana

    Menstruation matters because it is a normal and healthy aspect of the woman’s body.

  • Amy Hegwood

    It matters because it just is, without it we couldn’t have babies!!

  • Veronica Bohan

    Menstruation allows for fertility

  • Maya Bermuda

    Menstruation is a reminder that I am CREATOR, I am MOTHER, I am SOLDIER, and the pride of the land. Shalom…

  • Shelly Verstuyft

    Cloth rules in the humid South!! No turning back baby!

  • Kaylena

    Menstruation matters to me because it is an indicator that I am healthy and my reproductive organs are functioning properly. It also gives each one of us the opportunity to procreate which is something I want to do in the near future. “Without menstruation, there is no human race.”

  • Shannon Pinder

    Menstruation matters to me because it means 1. That me and my husband aren’t pregnant (we aren’t ready for kids yet) 2. That my body is functioning properly 3. Reminds me that I have the ability to create life. No matter how messy it is or how much it hurts, I’m thankful for it. I’m so happy that I had Gladrags to help me along my journey of menstruation!

  • Stephanie Wilson

    Menstruation matters because it’s what life and being a woman is all about. Getting the knowledge of healthy eco friendly products out to young girls needs to be made more mainstream. I wish I was presented with cloth pads and menstrual cups back when I started. I went through so much pain and skin irritation do to the high amounts of chemicals that are in conventional pads and tampons. Do to this, it made me hate periods and the fact that I was a woman. I am now able to embrace my visit from Aunt Flow and enjoy life all month long.

  • DEVI K

    Menstruation is a God sent by product of cleaning up women regularly from the inside, without which the cycle of life will stop. It matters to me because it marked the start of processes that made me feel like a woman!

  • Tracie brown

    It matters because there’s no way around menstruation so we need to be as healthy about it as possible!

  • Meghan Carriere

    Love love love my cloth pads!

  • Mary Hill

    Menstruation is a natural part of life and no part of it should be taboo!

  • Jazmyn

    This website is so inspiring and provides a lot of useful information when it comes to taking the leap of the switch. I recently made the switch myself and I love my products they are all so cute and compact. Also very well made. I look forward to future purchases!

  • Crystal Abel

    Menstruation Matters because it is a creator of life, a natural process, and part of every healthy woman’s life. My cloth pads got lost in one of my moves 🙁 I wish I had some more cloth pads! websurfergirl19 AT hotmail DOT com

  • Amber McCurdy

    Menstruation is a healthy and normal process for women. Women need to be empowered by what their body can do and not ashamed.

  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    Menstruation matters because it is a normal, healthy process for women! I have a few cloth pads, but I really need more! I love reusable products like cloth pads because they are safe for me and great for the environment!

  • Amy Kelley

    I have three daughters and the oldest one is getting close. I would love to win this for her.

  • Sarah L

    Periods are a normal part of life for the majority of people in the world. Cloth pads reduce waste 🙂

  • Sienna

    #menstruationmatters because it allows our bodies to expel what they no longer need and renew for the weeks to come. It’s a powerful process and it’s also kind of badass that we can bleed for 2-7 days and not die.

  • Wendy Darling

    It matter because… well… I don’t really have much choice in the matter! It’s something we all have to deal with, so we have to make the best choices about it that we can!

  • Kristie Fontaine

    We need to break taboos about menstruation. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the natural things our bodies do. Women shouldn’t feel shame discussing a natural part of life.

  • Katie


  • Christina Genet

    I’m always that person on fb sharing GladRags posts #sorrynotsorry

  • janflora

    I hope to end the stigma around periods in my daughter’s life. She is about to enter this era of womanhood and I plan to have us all prepared 🙂

  • April Annette

    I hate that menstruation is a taboo subject, because it is such a normal and vital part of life. Menstruation matters because without it, our bodies wouldn’t be able to do the most wonderful thing inn the world: grow babies!

  • Jessie Gray

    I would love to win this for my niece, so she gets started on the right path to menstrual health.

  • sarah

    I would love this! I’ve been dying to switch the for the past year but don’t have the money to do so.

  • Alyssa Kelley

    This would be awesome! It’s so important to use materials that are better for your body, and better for the planet!

  • Rachel M

    So happy to be part of helping cloth pads become a normalcy. Being stocked for my first period since the postpartum period would be a lifesaver! We are all about producing less waste and helping our planet little by little!

  • Laura

    My daughter and I switched over to Gladrags a couple years ago. We both love them. Would love to win a few extras. It is terrible that menstruation is such a taboo subject. I tell everyone I can about Gladrags and the Diva cup and how great they are. I have been reading many news stories about girls in some African countries and other places who stop going to school when they can’t afford menstrual sanitary products, sometimes missing a week of school every month. I think the Diva cup especially would be so helpful to these girls.

  • Naomi

    Its amazing the way the triune God designed our bodies to work in such a complex way and for our good! He is awesome and He gave us everything we need to take care of ourselves, in nature…even during our menstruation!

  • Elisa M

    Glad Rags rocks, I love how this company has become my bff in helping me with my period. guys rock!

  • Elizabeth H

    I love washable pads. Disposable pads were always sticking to my skin and so uncomfortable! Plus, the fabric prints are so pretty! 😉

  • Amanda Alvarado

    I am loving cloth pads and my menstrual cup! My cramps aren’t as bad and I’m reducing the waste I leave behind!

  • Kristen Purdum

    I love gladrags. I have an IUD and never know whe I’ll start spotting. I’m super Eco conscious and these are perfect for me. Easy to throw in my purse & work bag!

  • QK

    After switching to a department where women were the dominant gender, talking about periods is as easy as breathing. They would just throw comments about their body and period while working and since I was so used being surrounded by men and not being able to talk about these problems, I was shocked but so relieved. I could finally say Im in too much pain or that i need to sit down because of my period and not think some bs excuse. And none of the guys that work there make a comment to stop the women on talking about it, like ew or i dont want to hear about that. Yeah they make a facial reaction but its more of a sorry than disgust or idk what to say.

  • Wei

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. It means a lot to have organic options like this because what you put in and on that sensitive area of the body can absorb the chemicals and pesticides in products. I use liners daily, and I’m thinking of switching to organic reusable because of the testimonies of many who have said their periods have become less painful and shorter after switching from disposable (often treated with chlorine, unbreathable etc) to cloth. I hope to try one day soon. 🙂

  • Emily

    Over time, I have discovered that I’m sensitive to the most common brands of disposable menstrual products. By switching to reusables I hope not only yo save money but be way more comfortable and not deal with irritation!

  • giarose

    Menstruation Matters. Period. 🙂 Life simply wouldn’t be the same without it!

  • litylphoenix

    Menstruation keeps me in touch with my body and enables my body to make a new human being!

  • aheartsetabove

    I love being a woman and the awesome things that my body can do!

  • yardwolf

    Menstruation is valuable to me as a measure of my health. When I eat poorly, sleep inconsistently, fail to manage my stress, and don’t exercise, the Almighty Uterus shows its displeasure. There were still unpleasant symptoms when I managed a balanced lifestyle, though. I actually had abnormal, crippling periods for half my life until I learned about the toxins in disposable pads which are responsible for such illness. GladRags had already been around for years at that point, so it was easy to get what I needed. Many of my worst symptoms, from PMS onward, disappeared within the first month. I haven’t used disposables in five years. Now that I think of it, the topic of menstruation is a point of commonality that lets me help equip people with the knowledge to live more healthfully. Companies like GladRags are doing such good work. Thank you.

  • Jacqueline Romo

    I love glad rags products because since I’ve made the switch I am always ready for my period and never have to run to the store EVER for pads or toons. Plus I do my part by also reducing the amount of waste I produce!!
    My only regret is that I didn’t know about reuseables sooner!!!

  • Denise Elliott

    menstartiin matter to me because it is what make me a woman it is what makes me diffrent it is what made my mother and my children it matters because my daughter we need to teach all kids that it is nothing to be ashamed of

  • Mary Karl-Gruswitz

    I’ve been using glad rags for over twenty years and have a daughter *just* about ready to start using them, too!

  • Sarah Fortner

    Menstruation matters to me because all women go through it. And we should be looking for ways to go through it more enjoyably!

  • Quantmlife

    It’s important to me that women know there are options and not just “options” but healthier options.

  • Grace

    What our bodies do is normal and should be treated normal by society!

  • Burokkorikami

    Blood isn’t gross!


  • Kristin Troska

    Because it is a sign of healthy being!

  • Christine

    It means my thyroid is under control and my body is functioning.

  • Kristin Parkin

    Matters to me being a female knowing my body is functioning properly.

  • Charlie

    Menstruation is normal and healthy, and should be celebrated since without it, we could not have children!

  • Chrystal Swenson

    Menstruation matters to me because it takes up nearly a third of my month. I need to feel clean and confident!

  • Sarah Sobocinski

    Menstruation matters to me because it shows my body is healthy and that I can be a mother.

  • Mini_Win

    because it happens and it’s natural!

  • Theresa Finney

    Menstration matters to me because it has allowed me to become pregnant once again.

  • Michelle Harreld

    Menstruation matters to me because it gives me a natural “reset” reminder each month.

  • k

    Menstruation is the cycle of life, it tells us our body is healthy!

  • Paris Deptula

    Menstruation matters to me because once I started educating myself about my period I felt so empowered by how connected my body is to the universe and how my period is a monthly reminder of that.

  • Miriam Matheny

    Menstruation matters to me because I deal with endometriosis and Adenomyosis which cause me severe pain and heavy periods. Since being diagnosed with these diseases I have taken the natural approach to my health/beauty routine which includes mama cloth

  • Ashley Love

    Menstruation matters to me because I didn’t start getting comfortable with my period until I got to college after doing a lot of research about cramps and periods. I am now much happier and more comfortable with my period.

  • Angie

    Menstruation matters because it reminds me how strong I am.

  • Alora Brackett

    Menstruation matters because it is a natural part of life. Making it an enjoyable experience should be every woman’s goal.

  • Jennifer Williams

    It matters because it is the beauty that makes us women.

  • Michela

    Menstruation Matters because it reminds me that everything flows in cycles, building up and then letting go.

  • Liz

    Menstration matters because it helps to bond women together.

  • Su Lemon

    Menstruation matters because all people with uteruses should be proud of a natural process.

  • Amy Pulsipher

    Menstruation matters because it’s a symbol of femininity and the possibility of life.

  • Laura Cruz

    It matters to me because it should be a natural thing but its surrounded by shame

  • Yehieli Ocasio

    It matters to me because if blood from a paper cut isn’t gross, neither should menstrual flow be.

  • Waywren Truesong

    It matters because it happens to half of everyone and can be especially problematic when you’re PCOS. Y’all make my life a lot easier.

  • Kris N MF

    Well it matters because it’s a natural process and you shouldn’t feel grossed out about something half the population goes through

  • You guys are amazing, thanks for bringing awareness to this issue!

  • Alona Young

    Is there a link to another page with the form? It’s cut off and I can’t use it, tried to shrink the page but it didn’t work…. !

  • Rise

    Just amazing

  • Katie M

    It matters because it is something that is a part of our life and should be something we’re comfortable about discussing openly.

  • Sarah Hayes

    It matters to me bc its something thats natural and healthy to do but yet its seen as totally different

  • jmccoy777

    Menstruation matters to me because I will spend approximately 6 years of my life menstruating and I don’t think it is something I should have to feel ashamed about. it is something most biologically born females experience and the culture around menstruation needs to change. Just yesterday, I bled through ky jeans while at a restaurant and I felt totally embarrassed and had to borrow my friends purse as I was walking out. It shouldn’t be like that. I shouldn’t feel shame and It is my hope that my daughters won’t have to feel ashamed of their period. Thank you, GladRags for doing your part to normalize the period!!!

  • Renae

    I like that–it’s incredible what can happen when we stop treating our periods like garbage. I look at my period much differently now that I’ve switched to reusable products.

  • Erin

    Glad rags are wonderful! I was surprised by how easy they are.

  • Amber Delorme

    I recall being younger and Not knowing who to turn to when I first got my period (even when I had it for a year or more)..There was No one for me to talk to or to answer my Many Many Q’s about my period..I was raised by my Dad soley, and although he did his very best with me, there as thing’s that I just didn’t feel cofortable with talking to him about..I always told myself that if i were to have any daughter’s that they would Not have that Ever worry about not having anyone to talk with about their period, or to answer their many Q’s 🙂 Today I have 3 re-teen girls and I have already chatted with them about getting their first period..And about the Many benfits of using cloth-pads versus a Plastic pad..They know that it’s Best to Stay Away from Tampons, but they also know if they are not into cloth-pads, their are other option’s like the Sponge, or a Menstrual Cup 🙂 I for one am over the moon (no pun intended) that the “Period Taboo” is no longer a huge hush, hush situation..It’s no longer a left alone topic, for them I am glad to know that 🙂

  • Tansy

    Because women do!

  • Damayra

    Except for the months when I was pregnant and then nursing my baby, my menstruation has been part of my life for twenty-two years. every month, at least for a week, I have to adjust my life for my period.

  • Laura

    Glad Rags have been apart of my monthly menstrual cycle for the past 20 years, at least! I was so excited when I got my first set and it took me about 20 years to get a new set. So easy and less smelly than using disposables. Seriously, I’ve never had to use anything but my Glad Rags and a handful of organic tampons for my cycle for the last 20 years. I love Glad Rags!

  • Sydnee

    I’ve been a happy cloth pad convert for two years now. I’ve never tried GladRags before but would love to get the chance to. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • pamudder

    I’m glad to see the the truth about the many who are lacking basic feminine hygiene products. Thank you!

  • Deborah Freeman

    Menstruation is life blood!

  • Kaitlin K.

    Its a natural part of being a beautiful woman and doing it the most natural way makes it better!

  • Mel

    I haven’t tried reusable products, but I’m curious.

  • Beth Newcomb

    Because periods are natural & I was tired of spending money on toxic products to put near & INSIDE my body. I wouldn’t eat GMO food, so why would I shove a toxic tampon in my vagina? Plus, so much waste from nonresuable products.

  • Nadia in the Sky

    menstruation matters because it’s something natural that’s part of our lives, it’s important to make it matter because still nowadays there are women who cannot afford menstrual products, even in western “civilized” countries; women who are forced to hide when on their periods, young girls who cannot attend school because haven’t got any product to deal with the period and/or because they are considered impure. Menstruation are still a tabu and a big deal in a negative way and this is unacceptable. And I won’t even start on how Eco-UNfriendly disposable menstrual products are… You know that very well, cloth pads and menstrual cups are a godsend!
    Thank you for the opportunity! xx

  • Chelsea H

    It matters to me because I want to raise my two daughters to not be ashamed of what their bodies can do.

  • It matters because it’s a natural beautiful thing!

  • Becky Birdsall

    I don’t remember commenting on this, but menstruation matters because it’s natural and beautiful!