Lavender Shibori + Cornflower Shibori = Cycle-delic! {CONTEST CLOSED}

tie dye prings

Help us name these groovy new prints and you could win a GladRags Day Pad in your choice of purple or blue! Comment with your suggestions; we’ll pick our fave names on June 6th when these new pads arrive to GladRags HQ.

Please note: when commenting, you must log in or enter your email address when prompted — if you leave a comment as a ‘guest’ we won’t be able to contact you if you’ve won!

  • Sandra Horst

    Purple Haze and Indigo Dreams!

  • Kristi

    Precious snowflake or Snow flow (like flower power 😉 )

  • Rachel Marshall

    Lovely in Lilac and Forget Me Not

  • Ashley Simpson

    Kaleidoscope or Twist and Twirl.

  • Ashley Simpson

    Pop Bloom

  • Amelia

    Twirly for the purple one and Whirly for the blue, like the South Pacific song ‘Honey Buns’ lol

  • Kristin Troska

    summer of ’69

  • Kristin Troska

    summer seemed to last forever

  • Kristin Troska

    Summer Camp

  • Ashley Simpson


  • Jenn Dee

    Purple Pinwheel and Blue Snowflake

  • Ashley Simpson


  • Ashley Simpson

    Funky Flo

  • Ashley Simpson

    Private Dyes

  • Ashley Simpson

    Dippity Do Dye

  • Ashley Simpson

    Princess Di

  • Ashley Simpson

    Dye Happy

  • Kristy Wright

    Purple Passion & Far Out Blue

  • Ashley Simpson

    Powder Puff

  • Sarah L. Fribley

    Lavender/Cornflower Shibori

  • Sarah L. Fribley

    Purple Power/Mr. Blue Sky

  • Sarah L. Fribley

    Indigo Shibori

  • Amanda

    Venus (purple) and Snegorochka (Russian snow maiden – blue)

  • Stephanie

    Solar flare and moon glow

  • Ashley Simpson

    Orchid & Cornflower

  • Mom2Two

    Seasons in the Sun Spring (purple) and Seasons in the Sun Summer (blue)

  • Michelle Becker

    Throwback 90’s & Hypercolor Ts

  • Luda Fishy

    Rapunzel and Elsa

  • Carrie Hautamaki

    Borealis & Blues in the Night

  • Kizzi Collier

    Lavender Daze & Celestial Heaven

  • Erin

    Groovy Glad and Blast Off Blue

  • Alicia A Love

    Daybreak (purple) and Hazy days (blue)

  • Elizabeth Noneya

    Groovy grape and Wavy navy

  • Sarah Miryala

    Snowflake and purple flower

  • niki

    Purple (and blue) Hippie Daze

  • Jessie Gray

    Snowflake Shadow

  • Teresa McCurry Stillwell

    Purple people eater and crystal blue persuasion

  • Ciara Williams

    Summer snow (purple)

  • Cat Graff

    Cosmic Aura + Starshine Dreams

  • Hillary Ward

    Purple Rain/Blue Thunder

  • Burban

    Drippy Hippy Purple
    Drippy Hippy Indigo

  • FoggyBottomGal

    Celestial Azure & Celestial Raspberry

  • Kaitlin K.

    Kaleidoscope Sky (blue) Lilac fields (purple)

  • Maz Wendling

    Indigo and Azure Skies

  • Crystal Newey

    Purple rain & blue snow

  • Crystal

    Tye Dyed Date, Blueberry Bliss

  • Rachel Williams

    Serendipity and Neptune (blue)

  • Crow

    DIY Tie Dye & Drip Art; Low Hydrangea & High Hydrangea; Purple Pop & Blue Drop

  • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom

    Purple Haze/Misty Blue

  • Priscila


  • Sasha Kosheleva

    Lilac and Breeze

  • Priscila

    Pink , purple Rain.

  • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom

    Purple print name suggestions:

    Purple Persephone
    Family Ties

    Blue print:

    Cool Breeze
    Bermy Breeze (short name for the island of Bermuda)
    Tylicious (like delicicious)

  • Courtney Ann


    • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom

      That is amazing. Such a cool suggestion!

    • Trish Lake

      This is so perfect, my own brain went blank! *applause!*

    • Lis

      I love that!

  • Mom2Two

    Blueberry Sorbet

  • Mona

    Lucid Reverie (Blue) & Bed of Heliotrope (Purple) … or just Heliotrope

    Pajama Pants (Blue), Dream Skies (Blue) & Purple P.J.s (Purple), Plumbin’ Pjs (Purple)

    Dirty Dreams 🙂 … Clean Dreams, or Clean Dirty Dreams

  • Meli Lugo

    Purple Rays and Blue Skys

  • DEVI K

    Purple: Lavender wheel,
    Blue:Sunny day clouds

  • Caitlin

    Ruby and Sapphire =]

  • Smita Kishore

    Hippie Flow

  • Juliet Meredith

    Spring Snow (could work for both of them)

  • Nicole Santiago

    Disco berry
    Coolest sea

  • Erin Ellingwood

    Woodstock Haze (purple)
    Woodstock Daze (blue)

  • Traci Walters

    Ocean bliss for the blue and fuchsia fury for the purple

  • Melanie Adams

    Summer Sunburst in Lazy Days lilac and Beachy blue

  • Becky B.

    Summerdaze. I always tie dye shirts in the summer, so this print reminds me of a warm June afternoon.

  • Jan Murray Tidwell

    Purple rays & Blue rays

  • Kerrin McLaughlin

    Into You Blue and Goin’ Steady Violet

  • Claudia

    Violet Days (Daze)
    Make Blood Not War (I regret this one)

  • Rachel Seibel


  • Diana Morales

    Lilac dreams and forget-me-nots

  • Bree Lee

    Foxy Flower and Dreaming of Blue
    Or Dream Catcher in purple or blue

  • pandaface

    Purple- Kaleidoscope Eyes. Blue- Lucy in the Sky

  • Rebecca Gardella

    Radial Burst

  • Lea Rutter

    Flowerburst Blue and Flowerburst Indigo

  • Shaila Blackerby

    Happy Hippie. 🙂

  • June Ebinger


  • Britta B

    Go with the Flow (magenta & cornflower) or Peace, Love, & Clean Panties

  • Cindy Gebo

    Berry Groovy & Peaceful Skies

  • Tiffani A Bettencourt

    Little cupcakes

  • Chloe

    Purple berry blast and blue berry blast

  • Brenda L.

    For the purple print: groovy, indigo dreams, fabric formerly known as purple, Prince, dream on
    For the blue print: winter, frozen, snowflake, serenity, dream on, chillin’, chillaxin

  • Bethany Fitzpatrick

    Starburst blue and purple

  • Brin Cobb

    Due-berry and Curse Fairy.

  • Ana

    tie-dye fuschia flower and tie-dye periwinkle flower

  • Allison Edler

    purple peace & groovy blue

  • J. Lynn

    Trippin’ of Tie Dye- Lucy (Purple), Trippin’ on Tie Dye- Jude (Blue)

  • Jac Zifos

    Dandelion, Indigo, Violet, Love is All You Need, Sunburst

  • Morgan McDowell

    Hippie juice and Aacid rain

  • Lonika Utterback

    Purple Daisy Field and Stain Glass Snowflakes

  • Ashley Simpson

    Fire Burst and Passion Flower

  • RJ CowgirlAmerica

    Purple/Blue Dandelion fuzz

  • anon

    Purple passion, and tropical sea blue

    Tammy Judd

  • Julia Durand

    Tie and bloodye!

  • Andie Andrometta H-P

    Fractal Flow

  • Jessica Brunelle

    Blueberry BAM! and purple burn out

  • Brenda C.

    Violet Blossoms and Icicle Stars

  • Alison

    Purple sun and summer skies

  • Reba Corral

    Summer VIbes

  • Alli Lewis

    Starfall and Moonfire

  • Meghan Carriere

    Blueberry passion and pixie dust!

  • loura

    Purple rain and blue tye-dye

  • Jennie Lynn Peters

    Flow Flakes

  • GP

    tie high purple and tie high blue

  • Lilah

    Purple Spazz and Blue Spazz

  • adaenn

    Supernova (violet) and Frost (blue)

  • KAlea

    “Royal Rags”

  • JuliesDogs

    Razzel Dazzel & Retro Groove

  • Pamela Roser King

    Purple Haze and Don’t Be Blue

    • Selina Evans

      lol I like that “Don’t Be Blue”

  • Elissa Mahler

    Sanctuary and Sea foam dream

  • Katie O’Reilly


  • Michelle DC

    Midnight/crimson sky

  • Kate Cassidy Hilts

    Free spirit!

    • Kate Cassidy Hilts

      Free spirit – Purple potion
      Free spirit – True blue

  • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom

    Grace (purple & Frankie (blue)

  • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom

    Stella (purple); Sky (blue)

  • Nina Simone Ryan

    sugar plum and tropic bay!

  • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom

    sugar plum; bay breeze

  • Jenny Feeney

    Fireworks for purple and 4th if July for blue.

  • Hannah B

    Cycle dye

  • Lis

    Lilac Haze and Blue Daze (purple haze is better of course but wasn’t sure that was allowed)

  • Catherine Chan

    Swirls n’ shine

  • Zaria Watson

    Lilac love and bombastic blue

  • Barbara Garcia

    Hall & Oates or Simon & Garfunkel

  • Mindy Smith

    Lilacular, Pool Cool

  • Nicole

    Retro radiance

  • Nicole Lum

    Retro Radiance

  • Angela Bernstein


  • Sarah L. Fribley

    Fit to be dyed

  • Nic

    The Color Purple/ Purple Rain / Deep Purple / Viola / Aubergine / Mulberry
    Blue Lagoon / Indigo Girl / Into the Blue / True Blue / Robin’s Egg

    • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom

      love the idea BLUE LAGOON!! xo

  • Alexandria

    Purple haze & Blue dream

  • Regina

    Rad Rags!

  • Mi Webber

    Psychedelic burst

  • L. R.

    Grape Stomp and High Tied/ High Tide

  • Jami

    twilight sparkle (purple) and blissful dream (blue)

  • tayyaba nazir

    Purple floral,blue snowy

  • Lisa W

    Purple Dream & Snow Burst

  • Stephanie McDowell

    Deja blue and grape escape

  • Natasha baranik

    Violette, Shantaram, sanskrit, dharma

  • Natasha baranik

    gemini, luna

  • Cyd

    Lady dye, blossom, pretty in pink, ocean mist,whispers

  • Joanna Zylinski

    Purple Hazy days and blue moon lagoon

  • Raeven

    Cloud 9

  • Hannah Witsman


  • Baileynoelle

    For the blue -ethereal, purple — epiphany

  • Sarah L

    Lilac Burst & Azure Burst
    Purple Haze & Totally Blue-bular

  • lace1

    Kaleidoscope and Glacial

  • Vanessa Mitchell

    Saturn Crystal (purple one) & Mercury Crystal (blue one)

  • shay

    Hummingbirds or jewels

  • embitteredfemaleveteran

    Twilight and oceanside

  • Paula Eden

    Lilac dreams (purple) and indigo bursts

  • Laura Francis

    Happy Hippie Blue and Happy Hippie Purple

  • Emma Leport

    Violet tides & Aqua flow

  • Megan Phelps

    Left: Blooming starburst
    Right: Midnight moonbeam

  • Shariell mason

    Blue: Cycle-delic moon
    Purple: radiant flower

  • nicole hino

    purple: lilac in bloom
    blue : let it flow

  • Leslie

    Plum Crazy and Wild Blue Yonder

  • Sariswati

    Femme Festival in Violet Femme and Indigo Girls

  • Kimberly

    Bohohemian Blue and Royal Rhapsody

  • Kimberly

    Beatnik Blue and Peacenik Purple

  • Megan


  • Brook

    Tie die blue or eligant purple

  • VanAnh Nguyen

    Forget Me Not ( Purple) and Noon Dream (Blue) . My email address:

  • Heather!

    Feelin’ Groovy.

  • Heather!

    Purple Prose, and Singin’ the Blues?

  • CJH

    Summer Snow-dye & Winter Snow-dye!

  • CJH

    Serviceberry Flare & Concord Grape Flare

  • Amy VanSpeybroeck

    Blue – dandelion fluff adrift, Sky gazer, meadow breeze, indigo awash

    Purple – Aubergine kaleidoscope, just plum fun, purple pinwheels