Make Your Own

While we stand by our statement that GladRags are economical and money-saving, we know some people like to keep their purchasing and consuming as local as they can.  One way to reduce your environmental footprint to make your own menstrual pads.  Treehugger has a great article that includes links to sewing patterns for menstrual pads along with suggestions on how to be an effective menstrual activist.  Making your own pads can be especially eco-friendly if you use old towels or other discarded fabric – in fact, the prototype for GladRags was made with one of my old towels. And it worked great – I used it for years.

But of course we think you should spend your crafty skills on some making fun clothes and hats and just buy your GladRags from us!

  • Barbara

    I think it’s wonderful that Glad Rags & others are helping needy women around the world obtain reusable menstrual supplies. I wish I had started using them earlier in my life! However, after reading a bit of Lori’s blog re: her students in Namibia, I wonder if she or anyone else has shown these women how to make their own menstrual pads? I’m sure it’s not very difficult and that they could figure out how to make them on their own. And with scrap cloth as material, it could be a great small business for them too! Keep up the great work & Happy New Year! Barbara

  • Barbara, I think Lori is planning on helping women in Namibia design and create their own pads! The donated pads will give them a good start, but hopefully they will be able to create a small business in their community.

  • GladRags was my inspiration to start making my own pads and I have changed my patterns around a few times. But now I am able to make them in a few minutes ( when I have all the materials I need, lol) . I have donated once before to the gals that GladRags donate their pads to. It makes me feel great to be able to send off the pads I made to girls who are so happy to get them.

  • Masliana

    HI, i’ve some cloth pads to be donated… how to do?

  • Hi Masliana! Send us an email at if you’d like to donate some pads! Please note: they must be new and made of all new materials. Thanks so much!!