Summer Solstice Giveaway


It’s here! Once again, summer has returned with her glowing mornings, midday siestas, and a spirit of playtime. And we want you to be extra good to yourself this summer. Drink a lot of water. Protect your skin. And let the footprints that you leave be found in the sand, not in the landfill. So we’ve asked some of our waste-reducing, body-loving, and Earth-celebrating friends to join us for a Summer Solstice Giveaway!

Enter to win our Summer Solstice Grand Prize with our friends at Elemental Herbs/All Good, U-Konserve, Schmidt’s Deodorant, and prAna! Happy Summer!

Summer Solstice Giveaway

  • Krista VanSlyke

    This summer I won’t be letting my fears keep me from getting outside and doing the things I love! That’s how I will be good to myself (and my family) this summer 🙂 #nofear #outsidemybox #nobummersummer

  • Kristie Fontaine

    This summer I’m going to spend more time outdoors. I’m going to continue working on having a more sustainable lifestyle. This summer I’m going to make more of my own beauty supplies, and cut out all the chemical laden conventional products.

  • C

    This summer I’m getting help for my health problems & anxiety issues.

  • Moon In Lak’ech

    This summer I’ll go out to enjoy nature, taking good care of my mental and physical care, while helping mother earth by using only products that aren’t toxic.

  • JuliesDogs

    This summer I will relax more in the back yard and listen to the birds sing while watching my dogs play.

  • Kristy

    This summer I will walk more and use sunscreen.

    • Jody

      I would watch it on the sunscreen. Sunscreen is linked to more skin cancer

  • Hannah B

    This summer I plan to get the most out gardening and being out in nature

  • Missy

    This summer I will take more walks with my dogs & enjoy nature with them.

  • bermudaglobetrottersdotcom

    Swimming in the crystal blue waters of Bermuda. Ahhhhh, summertime! x

  • Brit

    Is this offered to overseas entrants?



  • Nora Nora

    Enjoying myself at a BBQ worry free :0)

  • Mary Karl-Gruswitz

    I’m slowing down this summer and practicing more self-care.

  • the Ambler

    This summer, I am going to stay hydrated and exercise more.

  • Kimberly Flickinger

    This summer I am celebrating my 43rd birthday on July 4th. I stay healthy by doing warm water exercises with my parents a couple of times a week.

  • Brit

    I’m so excited to be able to launch my summer edition of enviro-friendly living!!! CANT WAIT! This would give me such a head start 😀

  • Heather

    so who won?