GladRags' Green Goal: Find a Farmer's Market

prod_11702_12240_l.jpgNow that it’s finally summer in most parts of the country, fresh produce is in abundant supply.  If you’re not able to grow your own, why not check out the farmer’s markets in your area.  Farmer’s markets are an easy, fun way to stock up on local fruits and veggies while supporting small farms in your area.  An added bonus is that many farmer’s markets focus on organically and sustainably grown crops, and the price is generally comparable — or better than — prices at the grocery store.  And many markets have vendors selling more than just produce; you may even be able to find locally made cider, honey, and cheese!

For your Green Goal this week, visit the Local Harvest website to find a farmer’s market in your area.  Bonus points for buying an item you’ve never tried before!