Postpartum Advice Roundup!

In honor of Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner (seriously, it’s so close we can almost smell the brunch!), here are our favorite postpartum pearls of wisdom from the GladRags community:

kerihans After my first, I had PPD/PPA….so I dug a lot more prep work for the postpartum period when I was pregnant with my second. I cannot believe the difference good nutrition & having self care rituals ready to go can make! If you’re pregnant, load up your freezer with nourishing soups and meals. Make nursing tea ahead of time or buy mother’s milk. Make herbal baths in jars and padsicles in the freezer. And forget about cleaning for the first 15 days. You just made a human! You rock!

dashobbitses If possible, get a belly bandit or something similar. Not only is it helpful with your postpartum tummy but also your back.

thelittledrake Earth Mama nipple butter was my lifesaver for everything beyond breastfeeding. I had to breastfeed with a shield and would put it on my daughter’s upper lip because it would get chapped. It was amazing for her rosy cheeks too.

brittany_tolleson_ Hmm, one piece of postpartum advice would be to either use crib waterproof covers or chux pads for underneath your breasts at nighttime when cosleeping. It helps so much with keeping the sheets clean when you’re in the beginning of your breastfeeding relationship! Cause trust me, you’ll probably be spraying and leaking everywhere!

deux_champignons Padsicles! Freeze witch hazel soaked pads and…use them. Such a relief!

morganmfarmer Don’t forget to take the stool softener!

amvo Newborn babies are easier to take out to restaurants than older infants! Once fed, they sleep much more! If you can- go out for a treat!

jess_ica6 Take tons of pictures and videos! The first few months are so sleep deprived it can be hard to remember the little moments.

allison.mutchler Drink lots of water! Keep extra (filled) water bottles around the house, one in your bag, wherever, so that it’s easy to drink more.

thehouserobinson Wear your baby! Not only is it wonderful for you and baby, but for me, it saved my sanity! It is the only way I could get ANY housework done (or anything really, like eat!) for the first 4 months!

monicah_829 I had a c-section and tons of family and friends insisted on coming to the house to see the baby. I was in pain, tired, hungry, etc. It’s ok to say no. I felt bad initially, but really? You need time to get adjusted to your new life/schedule, saying no is perfectly fine.

kelsmcotton Lean on those around you, if you can. Your friends, family, and partner can be your biggest assets in the postpartum period. Let them help you, hold you when you cry, hear you when you need to vent, and comfort you when things get overwhelming. But remember, the difficult parts (most often) don’t last long! Enjoy that beautiful babe of yours as much as you can

meghan.gerrity Taking time for yourself is key! Even if us just a long bath, shower or cuddling up with a book. The time is reenergizing and helps you be your best self with your baby.

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