Period Cravings: Pink Drink

I recently tried a pastel-pink, highly Instagrammable beverage from a big ol’ coffee shop chain (you know the one). It’s a caffeinated drink made with strawberry, açai, coconut milk, and of course sugar. I loved how tasty and refreshing it is, but I wasn’t about to make it a habit – no way is this going to be the summer of plastic cups! The obvious solution was to make my own version. There are many different recipes online, so I just picked the one with ingredients I already had (my signature combo of lazy + “I need it right now!”).

I used the recipe above to get an idea of the liquid ratios, but you can do whatever sounds good to you! I like to blend the green tea and coconut milk with frozen strawberries instead of adding ice, and then add water if I find it too thick (the texture is meant to be thinner than a smoothie). My preference changes for how sweet I’d like the drink to be, so sometimes I add sugar and other times I let it just be as sweet as the strawberries make it.

That’s all there is to it! Simple, satisfying, and perfect for summer.