{CONTEST CLOSED} Name our new print & win!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congrats to our winner, Kathryn, who submitted ‘Limoncello’!

We’re getting a fun new print! What should we call it? Help us name it and you could win a GladRags Day Pad in this color! To enter, comment on this blog post with your suggestions by Tuesday, August 1st. We’ll pick a winner and add the print to the website so you can shop!

Please note: when commenting, you must log in or enter your email address when prompted — if you leave a comment as a ‘guest’ we won’t be able to contact you if you’ve won! If multiple people suggest the same winning name, the winner will be the person who commented first.

  • Anna C

    Lemon mermaid

  • Amber

    Lemon drop or lemon sorbet!

  • Deborah Hart

    Sunny Days
    Pineapple Delight
    Sunny Moon Time

  • Mikayla Twarog

    Easy Peasy (Lemon Squeezy)

  • Kimberly

    Mellow Yellow
    Hello Yellow
    You Are My Sunshine
    Sunshine & Happiness
    When Life Hands You Lemons
    Lemon Monthly Aid

  • Rebekah Shade

    Life’s a Daisy

  • Sharee McCrumb

    Yellow mellow
    Pineapple whip

  • kristie.roberts

    Lemon sunrise 🙂

  • Jessica Berry

    Duck race, lemon wedge, Sunshiny days, lemonheads, Lemon cookie, yellow submarine, mellow yellow!

  • Kate Cassidy Hilts

    lemon merengue!

  • Frida

    Ok, so I have a few suggestions:
    Lemmon zest
    Electric yellow
    Lemon Fire
    Lemon Lime (because it almost looks greenish)
    Golden Scallions
    School Pencil
    Daffodil/ Daffodil Yellow
    Yellow Pineapple
    Raincoat Yellow
    That’s the best I could make up! 🙂

  • Ashley Simpson

    Lemon Poppyseed

  • Ashley Simpson

    Sunshine Shells

  • Ashley Simpson

    Luscious Lemon Delight

  • Ashley Simpson

    Lady Sunshine

  • Ashley Simpson

    Walking on Sunshine

  • Ashley Simpson

    Sunny Days

  • Ashley Simpson

    Chicka Dee

  • Heather McLeod

    Lemon drop

  • Brenda

    Mellow Yellow Mermaid Days

  • Lea Putnam Rutter

    Luxury lemon

  • Nancy Sheets

    Mellow Yellow

  • Sharon Lynn Jared

    Sunshine Mermaid
    Sunshine Scales

  • Brenda

    “Go with the Flow”

  • Brandy

    I think it looks like “Sunfish,” or something even more fun like “Sunny day for a swim!”

  • Nancy Belanger-Iott


  • Brenda

    “Sally Seashell”

  • Kathryn Nelson


  • Ember Cody Conner

    Lemon koi

  • Laura Rogers

    Sun Fish

  • tamara rain

    Banana Fish

  • Jacks

    “Lemonade Tsunami”

  • Jaime Smith

    When Life Gives you Lemons!

  • Claire Ghering

    Sunshine lemonburst

  • Elissa Mahler

    Sunburst or Lemon Surprise

  • Tessie Larson

    Sunny mermaid 🙂

  • Nekesha Marshall

    Lemon rush

  • Jac Zifos

    Saffron scales, solar sea, daffodil smile, sunny days

  • Renelle LeBlanc

    Sunny Scale Days
    Sunshine Scales
    Yellow Tang (type of fish)
    or Yellow Tang Scales
    Scaly Lemon
    Sunrise Princess
    Lemony Scales

  • Noreen

    Lemon sunshine

  • Beth Clodfelter

    Chic Corn Cob

  • Molly Strauss

    Lemon cake!

  • Kristen

    Summer Days

    Lemon Pie

  • Kristen

    Summer Days

    Lemon Pie


  • Stephanie

    Mermaid Shine

  • Heather


  • Natalie Erlangsen

    Pina Colada. Because it looks like a pineapple and we could all do with one when having our period. Am I right??

  • Allison Besner-Palanzo

    Lemon Squeeze

  • Amanda Alvarado

    Shiny dragon

  • R.

    sunny ginkgo leaf
    autumn ginkgo leaf

  • Erin Litwiler

    Lemon Dragon

  • InsatiablyTaken

    Playing Koi

  • Valerie

    Fish Tail

  • Claire

    Lemon drop

  • Katie

    Goldfish scales

  • sashamariestone

    Pineapple Mermaid

  • nicole hino

    The lemon mermaid

  • Ellia Bisker

    Golden Mermaid

  • Sarah Fortner

    Sun Drop
    Lemon Scale

  • Katy Garber

    My daughter and I had 2 different thoughts. She thought it looked like lemons, I thought more like sand on a beach. So our suggestion is Lemon Splash.

  • Toni C

    Happy Horizons

  • Toni C

    Sand Dollars

  • Jenna D

    Lemon Squeezy

  • Evalynn Dolores

    Lemon Fish/Lemon Shark

  • Scarlett

    Golden Ginko or Golden Ginko Shine!
    Ginko are leaves from Japan with those exact shape.:P

  • Heather


  • Megan McNeary

    Lemon merm-aid

  • Jaymi

    I was thinking something like Lemon Umbrella, but that didn’t flow off my tongue very well. Then it popped into my head as I went to comment – Lembrella! The yellow pops so vividly off this print making it look lemony. To me, the design resembles an umbrella which is generally used for protection against the rain or sun rays, but in this case these little yellow umbrellas are protecting us against blood leaking out.

  • Brenda


  • Dezsi

    Or Lola 🙂

  • Laurie Duyck Crop

    Citrus swags

  • Brenda

    “Soak up the Sun”

  • Kristin Troska

    Banana Fosters

  • Kristin Troska

    Autumn Ginko

  • Kristin Troska

    Lemon Cream

  • Kristin Troska

    Shortbread Cookies

  • Kristin Troska

    Vintage Woman

  • Barb Brown

    Mermaid at sunset.

  • Kristin Troska

    Dandelion Dreams

  • Kristin Troska

    Water Marigold

  • Kristin Troska

    Grandpa’s Tie

  • Melanie

    Golden Mermaid

  • Melanie

    Sunny Scales

  • May C

    Koi Pond

  • Lauren Ann Read Koslow

    Sunny Scallop

  • Tina colbert

    Daisy petal

  • Laura Keim

    Golden Scales

  • Lindsey Pinkard

    Lighthearted lemon

  • Tina colbert

    Daisy chain

  • Kalyssa Lee

    Lemon Drops

  • Kristy Wright

    Lemon waves

  • Devin

    Lemon twist or buttercup

  • Angie

    sunny daze

  • Siren Sunshine

  • Brenda

    “You mer-maid to shine!”

  • Dagny Limbertwig

    Maidenhair Gold, Maidenhair Flax, Maidenhair, Goldfinch, Ginko Gold, Golden Ginko, Maidenhair Yellow, Goldenrod, Mellow Yellow, Sunburst, or Sea Scallop

  • Kate Porter

    Lily Pond

  • Ashley H

    Yellow Tang

  • JustineLS

    Sunny Scallop

  • Laura Francis

    Golden sun, rising sun, lemonade scallop, lemoncello, scalloped sunshine.

  • Nikki McComas

    Yellow Koi

  • KPT

    Citrus Mermaid

  • Ashley

    Sunrise Moonrise

  • Lindsey Pinkard

    Vintage lime

  • Lindsey Pinkard


  • Lindsey Pinkard

    Pearl diver

  • Laura

    Good to flow

  • Lauren


  • Lauren

    Lemon meringue

  • Lauren

    Lemon Chiffon

  • Lauren


  • Lauren


  • Lauren


  • Lauren

    Buzz Buzz

  • Lauren


  • Lauren


  • Jessica

    Sunny V

    Like Sunny D, but, you know.

  • Denise Elliott

    stop being coi
    don’t be so coi
    golden coi
    coi oh coi

  • Darcy Yount

    Golden rain

  • Darcy Yount

    Lemon Zest

  • Darcy Yount


  • Darcy Yount


  • Charleigh Garcia

    Lemon SeaScale

  • Charleigh Garcia

    Lady Lemonscale

  • Charleigh Garcia

    Sunshine of the sea

  • Charleigh Garcia

    Sweet Sunshine Scallopini

  • Izzy Dasti

    Golden mermaid 🙂

  • Elena

    Lemon dream sickle

  • Chrissy Misso

    Sweeter than Honey

  • Chrissy Misso

    Golden Age

  • Savannah Banks

    Golden ticket
    Throw mer-shade
    Keep on swimming
    Fish in the sea
    Lemon drop
    Mellow yellow
    I don’t give a scale
    I washed up like this
    50% mermaid
    Lemon mermosa
    Call me on my shell phone
    Yellow brick road

  • GP

    golden seigaiha,
    morning mermaid,
    morning sunshine

  • Mandy VanLaningham

    “Svetlana” (cue This Side of Blue by Joanna Newsom)

  • sharelle Cross

    Loving Me

  • Ashley Hewlett

    Limoncello sunrise

  • Teresa Stillwell

    Lemon Lusciousness

  • Teresa Stillwell

    Yellow Submarine

  • Kandy!!


  • Sarah L

    Lemon Drop Shoppe
    Lemon Drops
    Sunny Scales
    Drops of Sunshine
    Brighten My Day
    Sunshine Surprise
    Mermaid You Look

  • butterfly


  • JJ

    Sunshining Day

  • mandyb78


  • Adri H

    sunshine scallops

  • Hannah B


  • Marcella Brazelton

    When life gives you lemons…

  • Gabriele Williams

    Golden Siren
    Golden Scales
    Pocket full of Sunshine

  • Stephanie Christine


  • Amy Winters Jackson

    Scales of Sunshine

  • Jia Hui L

    Lemon scales
    Yellow rises

  • Brandy Brouillard Lilly

    Sunny Days!

  • snugwugs

    Lemon Ginko or
    Golden Ginko

  • Beth F

    Lemon Love

  • Lorrie

    Lemon Dragon
    Citrus Dragon

  • Jennifer


  • Bianca Martinez

    Zen waves

  • Mandie

    Silver Linings

  • Linnlea00

    lemondrop, sunny hunny, sunny waves, yellow mellow (or other way around), drop of sun/gold /drop of golden sun (the do-re-mi song for “re”, a (i think) Californian expression for rain)

  • S S


  • Linnea Burr

    Gilded garden gates

  • Colleen Kayser Petro

    Lemon zest.

  • Tk James

    Lemon snake

  • Tk James

    Yellow baloons

  • Tk James


  • Tk James

    Sunny mermaid

  • Tk James

    Yellow rose

  • Tk James

    Rose bloom

  • Emma Florentine

    Tip the golden scales in your favor