Who's Writing and What They're all About!

The GladRags Crew is ready to really start bloggin’ (I mean we’ve been posting here and there, but now we’re gettin’ serious!).  Here’s the lowdown on who is writing on what days.  Get to know us.  We can’t wait to hear what you are all about!

diana-photo-1.jpgMonday –  I (Diana) have been a GladRags worker bee for almost two years now.  You’ve probably emailed me or spoken with me on the phone (I hope I answered your question).  A woman last Wednesday said to me that it must be nice to work for such a great company and, let me tell you, it sure is.  Exciting women, sustainable products, healthy living and morning stretch sessions by our computers – perfect!  I’ll be contributing on Mondays in all manner of subject matter from environmental living tips to my new favorite band or book.  I hope you’ll let me know what you think by leaving a comment

brenda-bio-photo-new.jpgWednesday – Brenda, our fearless leader, will be taking the reins on Wednesdays.  She’s the reason we are lucky enough to have GladRags to turn to every month, having started the company back in 1993.  A woman of many talents and interests, Brenda might touch on a current social conflict, an art installation she caught that weekend or maybe we’ll all be lucky enough to hear one of her great stories (this woman’s got a whole stockpile of ‘em! – I particularly like the ones about her daughter’s antics as a child.  Sorry Emma!).  Give her feedback – she’s very receptive!

Friday – I can’t tell you how entertaining it is to have a true Jersey girl on staff.  Oh, the boldness and the bluntness – it’s irreplaceable.  Jodi’s our new General Manager and she’ll be sharing a piece of her mind on Fridays.  Another multi-dimensional gal, Jodi might be writing about anything from boxing to drag king shows to how much her head hurts.  Share your own opinions with Jodi every Friday.

Tuesday and Thursday – We’re leaving Tuesdays and Thursdays open for guest bloggers.  We have some great contributors in mind, but we’d love YOU to speak your mind also.  If you are interested in writing a Tuesday or Thursday blog entry, drop a line to bimallory@gladrags.com