{CONTEST CLOSED} Name our new print & win!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and congrats to our winner, MAMAHYNSON, who submitted ‘Pitcher Perfect’!

We’re getting a bright and cheery new print! What should we call it? Help us name it and you could win a GladRags Day Pad in this print! To enter, comment on this blog post with your suggestions by Monday, February 5th. We’ll pick a winner and add the print to the website so you can shop!

Please note: when commenting, you must log in or enter your email address when prompted — if you leave a comment as a ‘guest’ we won’t be able to contact you if you’ve won! If multiple people suggest the same winning name, the winner will be the person who commented first.

  • Sarah Miryala


  • Progressive_Pagan


  • Mary R VanPopering

    Summer Splash

  • Lace

    Pucker Up

    • lace1

      Tried deleting but it wouldn’t let me. Logged into my account so I posted again under my disquis account.

  • Lace

    Lemonade Stand

  • lace1

    Pucker Up

  • Frida

    Strawberry lemonade, cheeky delight or fruity mix

  • Jennifer Lynn Cerveny Morrison

    Pink lemonade! Sweet tarts.


    Sweet & Sour.
    Summer Delights
    Pitcher Perfect

  • Amber LaPrelle


  • Mariah Alisaahh

    Summertime coverin’ (instead of summertime lovin’!)

  • Ashley Simpson

    Fruit Salad

  • Ashley Simpson

    Fruit Loop

  • Ashley Simpson

    Berry Nice

  • Ashley Simpson

    Orange you cute?

  • Ashley Simpson

    Cutie Pie

  • Maggie Torres

    Tutti Frutti // Tooty Fruity

  • lace1

    With a Twist

  • Larissa A

    Summer Punch

  • Courtney Harrison Popenberg

    Fruit of the womb

  • Courtney Sorrell

    Tutti Frutti!

  • Courtney Sorrell

    Smoothie sailing

  • Courtney Sorrell

    Fruits over my panty

  • Jacinta Mooney


    Fruity Fiesta

    Fruitful Endeavor

  • Courtney Sorrell

    Strawberry daiquiri

  • Kathryn Nelson

    Berry Tart

  • Kimberly

    Get Fresh
    Freshly Squeezed
    Lemonade Stand
    Berry Fresh
    Be My Sweet Tart

  • Kimberly

    Let Me Call You Sweet Tart
    Juicy Summer
    I Picked You
    Juicy Details
    Pick Me
    Fresh Pick
    Freshly Picked
    Juicy Pick
    Berry Citrusy
    Pucker For Strawberry Kisses
    Farmer’s Market
    Fruit Stand
    Summer Squeeze

  • Tara Perkins

    Berry lemony

  • Tara Perkins


  • Tara Perkins

    Juicy flow (is that too much?? LOL)

  • Katie

    Summer lovin’

  • Ashley

    Summer Splash!

  • Kristin Troska

    Vitamin C

  • Lucy D

    Citrus bliss or Fruity Patootie!!

  • Sarah L. Fribley

    Sweet Tart
    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Harv Goh

    Berry Citrulicious

  • Rita McGlynn

    Fruiteus Maximus

  • Caroline McNeil Jubelt

    Fruit Splendor

  • Saskia Lytle-Vieira

    berry medley or juicy fruit

  • Staci B.

    Flavor Surge
    Summer Days
    Sassy Pants

  • Elisabeth Berning

    Strawberry Lemonade.

  • Stephanie

    Sweet Summer Sip

  • Lauren H

    Summer Lemonade

  • Laurie

    Lazy Summer Days

  • Jackie Zuno jyzuno10@gmail.com

    – Juicy Fruit
    – Fruity Flow

  • Maggie

    Life’s a picnic.

  • Monica Sandoval


  • Debra Stein

    Spring Fruit!

  • Veronica Bohan

    Lover’s lemonade

  • Veronica Bohan

    Sweet tart

  • Veronica Bohan

    Sweet he(t)art

  • Veronica Bohan

    Made with love

  • Winona Packer

    pucker up!

  • Leigh Ann Stratakos

    Fresh & Fruity
    Fruit Splash
    Summer Splash

  • Krista Leamy

    Zest for Life

  • Jackie Tracey Risk

    -Tutti Fruity
    -Summer Picnic
    -Sweet & Springy

  • Brooke bakhuyzen

    Strawberry lemonade

  • Brooke bakhuyzen

    Strawberry with a twist

  • Laura Rogers

    My suggestion is Frutti Tutti

  • lace1

    Queen of Tarts

  • Tami Lewis


  • Jaime Lee Currier

    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Ell Thomas

    Fruity n Fresh

  • Alysha Alexandra Rivera


  • Emily Heagy

    Strawberry Breeze

  • Ariel Freudenberg

    Summer time bliss

  • kathy cassinelli

    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Liz Nova

    Pink Lemonade!

  • Stacie S

    Fruit salad
    Summer fruits

  • Joanna T

    Sweet & Sour

  • Maranda Carlson

    Strawberry pucker

  • samkhoy

    Summer Strawberry
    Sweet Squeeze

  • Eleanor van der Hart

    Berry Sweet
    Fresh and Sweet
    Strawberry Squeeze

  • Debra Olson

    strawberry lemonade

  • Hannah Lake

    Summer Time Squeeze

  • Erika Wolford

    Sweet’n Light

  • Amy Winters Jackson

    Strawberry lemonade

  • Erika Wolford

    Sweet’n Sassy
    Summer Sass
    Sweet Celebration

  • Amy Firem

    Citrus Berry Bliss!

  • Katherine R

    A Slice of Spring

  • Ashlee Sang

    Fruity flow

  • Ashlee Sang

    Tutti Fruity

  • Kristen Smarzewski

    Summer squeeze
    Fresh summer
    Berry squeeze

  • Natasha Knutsen

    Strawberry love

  • Sara B

    Summer fresh

  • Megan

    Fruit Medley

  • Karen Rosaen Cairns

    Lemonberry dream

  • Katie May

    Strawberry lemonade

  • limechair

    Picnic in the park
    Summer lovin’ strawberry serenade
    Strawberry lemonade stand (5 cents)

  • Arwen ~*~

    Strawberry Bliss

  • Holly D

    Strawberry Lemon Twist

  • Toyia F


  • Marie Lenz-Varas

    Berry zest

  • Janet Raistrick

    fabulous fruit

  • NickiB

    Summer Dream
    Lemon Berry Twist
    Lemon Blush

  • Nicole White


  • Julia Durand

    Blue sky July
    Juice Me a River

    Floating Gang’o Fruits

  • tayla

    – Fruitful Flow

    -Sweet & Juicy
    – Juicy Flow

  • Jan Murray Tidwell

    Tropical Breeze
    Sweet summer breeze
    Refreshing Breeze

  • Crystal Robinson

    Citrus Fiesta

  • Joy Weiss

    Juicy Lucy

  • Kaylee McElroy

    Berry Happy

  • Izzy M

    Sweet seasons
    Fruits of your labor

  • Paula Wesson


  • Paula Wesson

    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Paula Wesson

    Pink Lemonade

  • Molotov

    Pink Lemonade

  • Paula Wesson

    Sun Kissed

  • Jessica Zeller

    Summer crush

  • Rose Mackey

    Strawberry lemonade

  • Jennifer Sines

    Summer Fresh

  • Victoria Michaels

    Summertime gladness

  • LeeAnn Leasure


  • A house cat

    Forever Young.
    Fruit Life.
    Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer.

  • Abbe McDonald

    Strawberry Sangria
    Summer Sangria
    Lemon Berry

  • Emma Beezknees

    Sweet Tart
    Sweet & Sour
    Berry Splashy
    Lemon life
    I’m just lemon life
    So berry fresh
    Easy lemon squeezy
    It’s a strawberry life

  • Karolyn

    Tuity Fruity Fun
    Sensational Strawberry Lemonade

  • Greenbuddhi

    Strawberry lemonade
    Strawberry Love
    Cool lemon breeze
    Lemon days of summer

  • Hateful Doughnut

    Summer Cooler

  • Enid Boeding


  • yo gabba gabba

    Summertime fruit
    Fruit salad

  • Jessie Gray

    Summer Fruit Salad

  • Noreen

    Strawberry lemon
    Lemon berry spritz
    Summer harvest

  • Holly Harper Reinhart

    SummerBerry Punch

  • Pam McCammon

    She Wolf: It will make sense if you have seen Beerfest.

  • Michelle Gibson

    fruit splash

  • Samantha

    Strawberry Refresher!

  • Lisa Williams

    fruit paisley

    fruit dreams
    berry dreams and strawberry wishes

  • Liz Flynn

    So Fruitful

  • M3d3a

    Sweet N’ Juicy
    How ’bout these lemons?
    Berry Breeze
    Tea, Shade, & Tarty Lemonade
    Tarte N’ Berries
    Summer Blitz Spritz

  • Vanessa Mitchell

    Strawberry Lemon Drop
    Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail
    Strawberry Lemonade Slushy
    Moscato Strawberry Lemonade
    Blue Strawberry Lemonade
    Blue Hawaiian Cocktail
    Berry Lemon Colada
    Tropical Depression
    Electric Lemonade
    Berry Lemon Bomb
    Aqua Squeeze
    Ocean Fruit Tonic
    Ocean of Delights
    Aqua Smoothie
    Aqua Lemon Berry Bomb

  • Katie

    Summer cocktails

  • Springberry Lemonade

    Springberry Lemonade!

  • Ashley Parks

    Summer Lovin’, Refresh, Refreshing, Just a sip, Fresh squeeze, Slice of Life, Berry Lemon, Fruitarama, Fruitalicious, Fruity Tooty

  • Sarah Anderson

    Strawberry lemonade
    Sweet tarte
    Fruity fresh
    Strawberry fresco

  • Rachel Wilson

    Lemon Love

  • Alissa

    When life gives you lemons….

  • Alison Y

    tart hearts!

  • Janneal Gifford

    Juicy Fruit!

  • Sara Jones

    Tooty-Fruity 🙂

  • R J


  • Tami Bates

    Mood; fruity

  • sharaylah o

    quintessential summertime!

  • voiceofanangel725

    Fruity splash

  • Victoria Pierce

    Juicy Girl

  • Thomasina Archer

    Summer vibes!

  • Cris Henry

    Fruit Salad

  • Cris Henry

    Citrus Swirl

  • Zii

    Fruit of the Womb

    • Krissy

      God damn that’s a good one :’)

    • Gigi O.Kaf

      Agh, you beat me to it! 🙂

  • Cris Henry

    Lemon Berry Breeze

  • Karina

    Berry juicy

  • Savannah Banks

    Fruitful Lady
    Sweet Body

  • NickiB

    Very Berry Citrus
    Deconstructed Lemonade

  • Taylor Godin

    When life gives you fruits.

  • NickiB

    Lemon Berry Parade

  • April Elizabeth Winter

    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Crystal Blomgren

    Picnic parade

  • Marie Lenz-Varas

    Berry twist

  • Lydia H

    Sweet spot
    Sweet tarts

  • Chriss

    Sweet & Sour Happy Hour

  • Viola Malone

    Summer Breeze
    Summer Splash
    Citrus Berry Summer

  • Miya


  • Elissa Mahler

    Pink Lemonade, Summer Fun, Sweet Treat

  • Delaney Holden

    Tutti Frutti!

  • Shannon Alexander

    Strawberry lemonade, summer picnic, make lemonade, when life gives you lemons

  • Sonjj Peace

    Agua Fresca

  • Brenda L.

    Summer Days

  • Crysta

    Strawberry Squeeze

  • Diana Winigrad


  • Katie D in LBK

    Strawberry sunshine.

  • RH

    Strawberry lemonade
    Summer fruit salad
    Juicy Fruit
    Pink Lemonade

  • Carly Haffner

    Fruitypalooza, fruitipalooza, fruitiepalooza
    Pop tart
    Fruit loops

  • Ece Yildirim, LAc

    Summer Blend
    Summer Citrus
    Taste of Summer

  • noodleeldoon

    Tangy and Tender

  • Janine Johnson

    Fresh ‘n Fruity
    Liquid Sunshine

  • Shawna Lee Melby

    Berry Citrus Love

  • Michal Williams

    Summertime Gladness

  • Julia Van Etten

    Fruity patootie
    Fruity cutie
    Berry absorbant

  • Jni Cain

    Fruit of It All

  • Shaina Diaz

    Cure for the summertime bluze
    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Carly Haffner

    Juice Box
    Fruit burst

  • Carly Haffner


  • Kim Credle


  • Carly Haffner

    Fruit punch

  • Jennifer Williams

    Strawberry lemonade!!

  • Nic

    Fruit Tart

  • Sydney Kelly

    Summer spritzer

  • Michelle Chennault

    Summer Juice

  • Jenny Feeney

    Berry citrus love

  • Joy Leafgreen

    Strawberry Lemonade or Sippin’ Summertime

  • Burban

    Aunt Flo’s Lemonade

  • Sandi

    Strawberry Lemonade
    Strawberry Blonde

  • Michelle

    Tutti fruity!

  • Macaria Santana


  • Annie Applegate Vandehey


  • Kate

    A little slice of summer

  • Mikayla Twarog

    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Nora Brown

    Sweet Tart!

  • Heather Taryn Spurgeon Fairchi


  • Cecilia Castillo

    Fruity rainbow

  • Bethany Roulston

    Springtime kisses

  • Maria Dela Paz

    Summer Bright

  • Ahuvi’Yah Shields

    Berry Berry Lemony

  • Mellisa

    Fruits sensations

  • Cassandra Smith

    Let me call you Sweet Tart.

  • Victoria Hanley

    Fruit of the Womb

  • Staci Morton

    Summer refresher

  • Lynie Gulatz

    Strawberry Solstice!

  • Moncai Vegan

    Citrus berry sky
    Sweet bits

  • Ann Caires

    “Fruitilicious & Fabulous”

  • Leander Vice

    Strawberry lemonade
    Pink lemonade
    Summer refreshment
    Summer livin
    Fresh summer

  • Amanda Ross

    Fruity Twist

  • Kailey Nicole McGrath

    Zesty Summer
    Summer Zest
    Zesty Lady

  • Jasmine Carlson

    Tart ‘N Tangy

  • Neena Cicirello

    Love this print. And love what you all bring to the earth.
    I want to win this print! I think it should be called
    lemon dingle berry

  • Jesus Child

    Sweet and Sour.

  • TW

    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Rachel M.

    Berry Burst Citron

    Berry Me in Sunshine

    Berry me on the Beach

    Berry Me in Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort Lovin

    Berry Romantic

    Pretty in Pink Shoes and Sunshine

  • judi

    lemon berry slush

  • Claudia

    Sweet-tart (Sweetheart)
    Lemonberry Love

  • Claudia

    Sweet-tart (Sweetheart)
    Lemonberry Love
    Just Juicy
    Pucker Up, Sweetheart
    Summer Sangria
    Red Lemonade
    The More the Berrier

  • Sydney Chhiv

    Spring fruits

  • Crista

    Strawberry Sunrise

  • Jes

    Berry citrus explosion

  • Jes

    Juicy fruit

  • Anna Morrison

    Tutti Frutti
    Luscious Summer
    Juicy Fruit

  • Cristiana


  • Kerri McMurray

    Summer Daze

  • cakester

    Bloomin’ Lemon Berry
    Berry Lemon Blast

  • PersonalGenius

    Fruit Smoothie

  • Katy Culpepper

    Strawberry lemon cake!

  • Megan Hunter

    Lemonade Love

  • Melissa

    Fruity tooty

  • Melissa

    Sour strawberry

  • Melissa

    Citrus Daze

  • Hannah

    Succulent & Juicy

  • Hannah Pardee

    Succulent & Juicy

  • Nia

    Sweeter than LOVE

  • lav3nder

    Young & Foolish

  • Brandi Ellison

    Sweet Strawberry & Lemon Squeeze!

  • Niki G.

    Tutti Frutti Cutie

  • Ninja Turtle 365


  • Ninja Turtle 365

    Strawberry hearts and lemon tarts

  • Adrian Blackstock

    Cutie Fruity

  • Valerie Hermanstorfer


  • vickie james

    fruit sensation

  • Maddy Kay

    Strawberry Lemonade
    When Life Gives you Lemons…

  • Marlena DiPalo

    Summer Lovin
    Strawberry Lemonade
    Summer Daze
    Sunny Strawberries
    Lemonade Love
    Summer Strawberry
    Fresh Fresas
    Berry sunshine

  • Morgaine

    Juicy fruit

  • Z0Bear

    Strawberry Lemonade
    Sweet and Sour
    Springtime Spritzer

  • Krissy

    Fruit harvest
    Summer harvest
    In the Orchard
    Yonic Fruit
    Berry picking
    Sweet & Sour
    Strawberry lemonade
    Fruit punch
    Berry interesting
    The berry best lemonade
    Sweet & Sour
    Fruit Sherbert
    Fruit Sorbet
    Summer Sherbert
    Summer Sorbet

  • Marlene Mcglothlin


  • Lara Pep

    Easy Peasy

  • Chrissy Misso

    Strawberry lemonade
    Strawberry Squeeze
    Strawberry squirt
    Citrus Berry
    Tutti Fruity
    Picnic Punch
    Turquoise Fruit Twist
    Fruit Tease
    Sweetly Sliced

  • Amy Dolgov

    Bring on Spring!
    Sweet and Sour
    Lemon Squeezie
    Fruit Cocktail
    Fresh n’ Fruity

  • Jacinta Mooney

    Berry Glad

    Orange you Glad


    Berry Blast


  • Mallory Kent

    Tootie Fruitie

  • Taylor Lascko

    Summer splash

  • Alexandra Dent

    Summer Picnic

  • Alexandra Dent

    Summer picnic!

  • Jennifer

    Fruit of the Womb

  • Martha L

    Fruitalicious or just simply Frukt.

  • Martha L

    Citron Jordbær

  • Kelly

    Main Squeeze
    Lemonberry Blast
    Squeeze into Summer
    Merry Berry Zest
    Berry Zest

  • Corine van Huissteden

    Juicy Summer or Summer Juice.
    Or Summer Day Refreshment.

  • Abigail M

    Main Squeeze

  • Abigail M

    Lemonade stand

  • Marcya

    Taste of summer
    Strawberry Lemondrop

  • Holly McVay

    Berry sangria

  • Stephanie

    Strawberry Fields & Lemon Dreams

  • KittyKat

    ‘Swim and Chill’
    ‘Flavor Burst’
    ‘Very Berry Blast’

  • Olli Davis

    Strawberry Lemonade

  • Kari Frank Barone

    Aqua Fruit Floral.

  • Kari Frank Barone

    Tutti Frutti

  • Donna Foster


  • julie lutz

    Citrus and Snozberries

  • Rachel K Milligan


  • Sam Amato

    Strawberry Sunshine