September Monthly Friend: Cathy L.


September’s Monthly Friend is Cathy L., the author of
Greenblooded: An Introduction to Eco-Friendly Feminine Hygiene.
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Name: Cathy Leamy
Age: 32
Hometown: Boston, MA
Current location: Boston, MA
Occupation: Web developer and cartoonist

Interests: Comic books, travel, dancing
Dreams: Still under construction! Mainly I’d like to live in balance and still squeeze as much as possible out of every hour of the day.

How long have you used reusable menstrual products?
About 12 years

Reason for making the switch to reusables: I first tried cloth pads when I was on a frugal kick and found recommendations on pennypinching websites. Once I got into the swing of using them, I learned more about their health and environmental benefits – that’s when I became more committed to them and to spreading the word among friends.

Funny anecdotes, deep thoughts, or anything else you’d like to share: After using cloth pads for so long, it’s neat for me to take a step back and see the routines I’ve developed that I don’t even think about anymore – wearing just a holder as a pantyliner for the few days before my period starts, stocking up my backpack with pads for the day (“long day ahead – better grab a few squishies!”), the soaking, doing laundry, and stacking the clean holders and pads tidily in their box when that week is finished.