TSA Searches, Menstruation, and GladRags (an update)

Our recent post of a customer’s letter about her TSA pat down has gone completely viral. Most of the comments and repostings have been positive and brought further insights or experience to the issue. Our always eloquent buddies over at LunaPads had a great post and you can read it here.

However, a few commenters and blogs have taken issue because we didn’t post the airport and the identify of the letter writer. The thinking is that perhaps it is just a marketing ploy on our part. While that might be clever, it would be devious, and not really our style. Sure, we hope to spread the word about our products – that is why we have a blog.

We checked with our customer to get her permission before we posted her letter and we trust that she had the experience she related. She has witnesses in her fellow travelers and she did tell us the airport and her destination city. She has nothing to gain from sharing her experience except knowing she might prevent the same experience for other women. Only after I called her today did she learn that her story had gone viral.

So it was not a marketing ploy, but yes, we do want something  – we want women (and men) to be able to travel without their personal privacy being invaded because they are menstruating, or think they might start their period on the plane, or because they are incontinent and like the security of a pantyliner.

Anyone wanting further information about the validity of our post can contact us at info@gladrags.com.  We always welcome your comments and feedback.