GladRags Love Letters

“After the birth of my second child, I bled very heavily. The extra thick, extra long disposable pads kept the bleeding contained but they were very uncomfortable and caused major chafing. I started using folded hand towels in my underwear at night and around the house because the material felt better and I noticed that when I used the cotton towels, there was no funky odor.

One day while shopping at Whole Foods I happened by the women’s section and saw GladRags. I bought a 3-pack of regular pads and a night pad. I was instantly pleased! I had the same results as using the towels – but without the extra bulk and with even more comfort – and I could wear GladRags out and about. My cycles have always been heavy and I have always needed the extra length of overnight style disposables. The daytime pads weren’t long enough for my cycle needs, so now that I’m a GladRags user, I only use the night time pads because I need the extra coverage. I am so very pleased with this product!!” — Keely

“I have had trouble for 19 years and just was told I was allergic to sanitary napkins and tampons and was told to order the organic sanitary napkins from GladRags. I ended up ordering the napkins and the DIVA! My life has completely changed! I have to say I was pretty angry that I was unaware of any other option to manage my cycle. I want to shout from the rooftops to everyone about how wonderful these products are. I have now used them for 3 months and will never turn back. Even if you are hesitant to try a menstruation cup – TRY IT! Keep in mind it took time to get used to a tampon. The DIVA took some time and figuring out but it was all worth it.” — Laura

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