A New Cycle for GladRags

As of today, March 4 (the New Moon), I will hand over the GladRags keys to Tracy Puhl, the new owner.  Yay for me!  Yay for Tracy!  And yay for all of you smart and loyal customers who have supported us over the years because Tracy and her team will be doing great things with GladRags.

GladRags came into being when I first moved to Portland and needed a way to make money so I could be home with our 2-year-old daughter while my husband worked in Los Angeles.That WAHM business turned into a bigger enterprise than I imagined and now GladRags are found in nearly every natural product store in the U.S. It was a job that allowed me to stay available to Emma, who, by the way, is now in her third year of college – that’s how long I’ve been running GladRags.  And it allowed me the flexibility to go back to school for my BFA. Even my artwork owes a debt of gratitude to the ‘rags, because a lot of my work is created from scraps from the cutting room floor!

I feel very proud of my work at GladRags. Proud for all we’ve done for the environment and for what we’ve done for women. We have reached hundreds of thousands of women with messages of empowerment and respect for their bodies and their menstrual cycles. I hope we’ve made menstruation a little less of a taboo subject. With a name like GladRags, you know you are turning stereotypes on their head!

What an adventure it has been, meeting amazing people in the natural products industry – store buyers, brokers, fellow business people. Many thanks go to the spirited, committed staff who have worked with me at GladRags – I love these women! They helped me, they taught me, and they kept me hip – and most of them are still my friends. My loving husband, Bruce, deserves a shout–out, too, for all his support over the years. And especially to the wonderful, warm, progressive-thinking customers who have made it all possible, a great big thank you!

For the last few years, however, my focus has shifted more and more to my art career. It’s hard to do both jobs well at the same time. I need more time in the studio and GladRags deserves someone to give it full attention and fresh energy. Tracy has been working at GladRags for a few years and has proven to be creative, enterprising, and downright indispensable. I can already see that she will put herself into it with a commitment that perhaps it never got from me. I know she will promote the message of healthy bodies,  strong spirits, and a healthy environment in new and creative ways.

Watch out, world! GladRags has entered a new cycle!

– Brenda

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(Sorry for the blurry photo — we’ve had a glass of champagne to celebrate!)

A note from Tracy:

Hello, GladRags Community!

I’m so excited to take this big new step in my life and to continue my journey with GladRags!  I can’t wait to make GladRags even stronger as both a company and a community, and I think we can (and will!) achieve some amazing things in the coming years.

You’ll continue to see the same quality of products and service you expect from GladRags, and I hope that together we can continue sharing the message of empowerment, sustainability, and health with even more women. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your suggestions and ideas; I want to hear from YOU and learn about how GladRags can better serve its community — and the planet!

You can leave a comment here for Brenda to wish her well in her new endeavors.  She is an amazingly talented artist, and I expect we’ll see great things from her as she devotes more of her time to her art!

And of course, thank you for your continued support of GladRags.  We wouldn’t be here without you!



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