Support GladRags in stores & get a free pantyliner!

Want a free color pantyliner? Just shop for any GladRags product at your local natural grocery or co-op before May 31st! You’ll be supporting GladRags, showing your favorite store that you support their commitment to sustainable options for women, and getting a sweet deal!

To get your free pantyliner, just complete and mail in this form along with your receipt showing the purchase of at least one GladRags product.  Purchases must be dated between April 20th and May 31st and be from brick-and-mortar stores; no receipts from online retailers will be accepted.

Happy shopping!

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  • Jay

    So while in the city, I went out of my way to the “nearest” store that was listed in the GladRags’ store locator (nearly 70 miles from home) only to find that – sigh! – they did not carry GladRags but rather some regional brand!
    I’d love a free liner, and as a treehugger from ‘way back, I am willing/eager to buy the product, but how disappointing!

  • Tracy @ GladRags

    Jay — I’m so sorry that the store didn’t have GladRags! Let us know which one it is, and we’ll remove it from the store locator. We always recommend that you call and check beforehand to make sure the store carries the products you want, in case they’ve changed — most times, the stores don’t even let us know if they’ve changed which products they carry.

  • Megan B.

    I’d love a store to carry GladRags nearest Nicholasville, KY 40356 — any store like CVS (normally shop), Kroger, or Walgreens, etc. I’m new to cloth pads and cups so would prefer any kits or regular pads and or cups if you could provide that type of various selection close to me I would be so grateful!!

  • Megan – we would love to have stores in KY carrying our products! Unfortunately, most stores won’t take our word for it that customers in their area want to buy our products. If you can let your local stores know that you want to see our products on their shelves, they are WAY more likely to pick them up. We actually have a sample letter on our website that you can send to the buyer at the store here:

    And if you do request GladRags in any stores, let us know! We’ll send them follow up info, too. 🙂