GladRags Video Round-up!

We love seeing videos from GladRags fans, and getting a glimpse of the diverse types of women who swear by reusables. In this post you’ll find a few of our favorite YouTube videos sharing information about GladRags products.

We hope you enjoy watching, and encourage you to leave comments for the awesome women who made them!

In this super informative video, Dalene from The Natural Fertility Shop explains how to use GladRags Day Pads and the Moon Cup. We love how professional her video is!

In this video, the Patriot Nurse explains why reusables are a necessary preparation for when “the poop hits the fan.” Whether or not you’re part of the preparationist movement, you’ll learn a lot from the Patriot Nurse!

Tarot Lady Lissa shares her review of GladRags pads in this video. Best part? Her young daughter helps out, too! Way to start promoting period positivity early!

Taylor may be young, but she knows her stuff! She’s part of The Girl Gurus channel on YouTube that provides info on important topics like how to deal with your period at school or how to tell your parents that you’ve started. In this video, Taylor reviews the Day Pad and Pantyliner and gives you a peek at our zine, Menstruation Sensation.

Have you made a video about GladRags? Send us a link!