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Interview with BOX Naturals

We recently chatted with Irene, the founder of BOX Naturals, a small feminine towelette company. We like their ethos: there’s nothing wrong with your natural smell, but when you feel the need to freshen make sure you’re choosing something that’s gentle on your body! Here’s more about Irene and BOX Naturals. Hi Irene! Tell us a…Read more

To Pee or Not to Pee: a kGoal & GladRags giveaway!

I have a confession to make: I have sneezed with such force while in a grocery store that I peed. I PEED. Just a little bit, but enough for me to frantically whisper at my boyfriend, “look at my pants! did I just pee myself?!?” in the aisle of QFC. This incident definitely ranks in one of my…Read more

Name this print & win! {CONTEST CLOSED}

  We can’t wait for this new print to arrive to just in time for Independence Day! Help us name it and you could win a Day Pad in this patriotic print. Leave your suggestions in the comments, and we’ll pick our fave on June 29th. Not feeling creative? Make sure you follow GladRags…Read more

{CONTEST CLOSED} Name this print & win a cloth pad!

  Our newest print is arriving May 29th, and we need your help choosing a name for it! Simply comment on this blog post with your ideas, and we’ll pick our favorite–the winner will receive a GladRags Day Pad in this print as soon as it arrives. Feel free to submit as many names as you’d…Read more

Your small changes added up!

During the month of April, we challenged you to share #onesmallchange you’ve made to help create a healthier, happier planet. You blew us away with your submissions! From reusable cotton makeup removers to bike riding and composting kitchen waste to stainless steel straws, together we’re making a big impact! The contest is over (we gave away a reusable…Read more

Happy Earth Day 2015!

Happy Earth Day! Our annual Earth Day Sale starts today: pick up any of the fabulously eco-friendly items on by Monday at midnight and automatically get these discounts applied to your cart: $5 OFF orders of $40 $10 OFF orders over $75 $20 OFF orders over $150 SHOP EARTH DAY SALE ► Win a Pantyliner…Read more

One Small Change – an Earth Month Giveaway

Here at GladRags it’s pretty much Earth Day every day, but we like to take the whole month of April to celebrate the planet — and the actions we take to protect it. It’s hard to go a single day without hearing about all that’s going wrong in the world: needless waste and overconsumption of resources, smokestacks…Read more

#TRASHTALK – Let’s Start the Conversation about Trash {GIVEAWAY}

Trash. We take it out, toss things in, and usually don’t pay it much mind (until it starts to smell). With each person in the United States generating approximately 4.38 pounds of waste per day*, it’s time we started to pay attention to trash. Here in the US, most of us are lucky enough to have…Read more

Cloth for All: A GladRags & Thirsties Giveaway!

More and more moms are turning to reusable diaper options for their babies, but many women aren’t aware that reusable options exist for mamas, too! Not only is mama cloth better on the wallet, they’re so much more comfortable against our own sensitive feminine skin as well. We want mamas to know there are healthier…Read more

{CONTEST CLOSED} Name this print & enter to win!

  Coming soon to adorable strawberry print pads! Help us name it and you could win a GladRags cloth pad in this print. Comment below with your name idea by Valentine’s Day to enter! P.S. Hop on over to our Facebook for a bonus giveaway this week!