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Talking ‘Bout My Menstruation

Are you enthusiastic about reusable menstrual products but don’t know how to channel that passion other than, well, using them? Do you have people in your life who you bet would benefit from making the switch, but you aren’t sure how to broach the subject? I feel ya! It can be nerve-wracking to go from…Read more

Meet the GladRags Ambassadors

We recently received a product review from a customer who just discovered reusables (and fell in love with them, of course!) She said she was a little angry that no one had ever told her about cloth pads and menstrual cups before, since they are such a life-changer. Our first thought was, “if only she’d…Read more

December Challenge: #GiftReusables

In December, we challenged our ambassadors to give reusables as gifts and help more women find a happier menstrual cycle. Once again, they totally rocked it! Krystle gifted Moon Cups & cloth pads to her friends and family, and used reusable gift wrap for all her presents Becca crafted cute reusable heating pack covers for a…Read more

November Challenge: Educate!

In November, we challenged our ambassadors to take big steps in educating others about reusables. We were blown away by their actions! Want to get in on the fun? Apply here. Teresa worked tirelessly to be a resource to her student health center Iris wrote an article about reusable menstrual products for her campus newspaper Breana…Read more

Healthy Vaginas, Healthy Planet

This post is brought to you by Iris, one of our fabulous Campus Ambassadors and former GladRags intern. She wrote the below piece for her university’s newspaper. Thanks for spreading the word about reusable menstrual products, Iris! You rock! Tampons are gross. So are maxi pads. They affect everyone living on this planet, regardless of…Read more

October Challenge: Let’s Get Physical

This month, we challenged our Campus Ambassadors to post physical reminders about reusables around their campus. The winner of our October challenge was Renae, who made her own personalized poster about cloth pads to share on campus! Other ambassadors gave presentations to their classes, plastered tampon boxes with stickers, and had productive conversations with their peers. This…Read more