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Postpartum Advice Roundup!

We recently participated in an awesome giveaway with Moby Wrap, Biokleen, and Earth Mama. One way to enter was to offer up a piece of postpartum advice. As predicted, we got a whole treasure trove of tips! In honor of Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner (seriously, it’s so close I can almost smell the…Read more

10 Ways to Soothe Menstrual Cramps

We polled our Facebook followers to find out their favorite tricks for beating the PMS blues. Here are our top ten picks from their suggestions to keep your period from cramping your style. 1. A naturopath told me to take extra magnesium (a large amount is in very dark chocolate!) 2. Rub lavender essential oil on…Read more

Our Moontime: Reflection + Ritual to Honor our Cycles

Every moon cycle I experience a kind of miracle. My body, which has ached and prepared and grown flush with expectancy, initiates a deep process of renewal. The days I spend bleeding are a vital part of my natural rhythm of rest and rejuvenation, and can be some of the most creative and illuminating days…Read more

Glorious Reminder

Wonder why people assume That blood always means pain? Sometimes, it’s a celebration: I don’t cringe at the sight of red, Nor crawl into a ball and weep When I get my periods… I break into a merry, Merry song, Drink to my very own good health, And dance my way to the bed; It’s…Read more