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Period Cravings: Urban Moonshine’s Spring Chai

There is nothing quite like experiencing springtime through what we eat and drink. Seasonal plants bring a freshness and brightness that is perfect for shaking off winter and savoring the hints of summer to come. Urban Moonshine was kind enough to share this recipe for a spring tea that is rich in fresh plants, essential…Read more

V-Steaming: We Tried It!

With all the hullabaloo about celebrity vaginal steaming lately, we decided that as (self-proclaimed) vagina experts we’d better give it a try. By the way, you can read our interview with an actual vagina expert here. Our two guinea pigs were myself (Tracy) and Kelli. We steamed separately at our own homes. Read on for our experiences!…Read more

10 Ways to Soothe Menstrual Cramps

We polled our Facebook followers to find out their favorite tricks for beating the PMS blues. Here are our top ten picks from their suggestions to keep your period from cramping your style. 1. A naturopath told me to take extra magnesium (a large amount is in very dark chocolate!) 2. Rub lavender essential oil on…Read more