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Your Vagina Questions, Answered

Two badass gynecologists, Dr. Jenn and Dr. Erica from The VWord Podcast,¬†recently took over GladRags’ Instagram stories, sharing some insight from the other side of the speculum, and answering your questions about all things vagina-related. Here are some highlights! And be sure to check out the podcast for everything from masturbation to planning for birth…Read more

Postpartum Advice Roundup!

In honor of Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner¬†(seriously, it’s so close we can almost smell the brunch!), here are our favorite postpartum pearls of wisdom from the GladRags community: kerihans After my first, I had PPD/PPA….so I dug a lot more prep work for the postpartum period when I was pregnant with…Read more

3 Post Partum Facts You Need to Know!

I consider myself to have a pretty solid understanding of the human reproductive system, and especially how women’s bodies work. But! There are a few things I only came to know when I started working in reusable menstrual products (since I’ve yet to produce, grow and birth out my own tiny human). These 3 things…Read more