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Lessons Learned! Equipped to Lead!

As part of the Mandela Washington fellowship I was posted for an internship at GladRags in Portland to apply skills I learned during the six weeks of learning at UC Berkeley  as well as learn how to set up my own factory as we have a similar vision. It’s been two months of learning, work and fun. Well, some of…Read more

Made in PDX: Schmidt’s Deodorant

We caught up with Jaime, the woman behind the much-buzzed-about Schmidt’s Deodorant–I’m wearing some right now!–to share the story behind the fresh ‘pits. Hi Jaime! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Jaime Schmidt, owner of Schmidt’s Deodorant. Living in Southeast Portland, I’m also a happy wife and mom to the sweetest…Read more

Dream, Girl: A film redefining what it means to be a boss

Women in business is a topic near and dear to my heart, for obvious reasons, so you can imagine my excitement about Dream, Girl: a film all about showing what female leadership looks like. I caught up with Dream, Girl creator Erin to chat about her film, why lady bosses matter, and more. Read on…Read more

She Flies With Her Own Wings – #BtheChange

The Oregon state motto is she flies with her own wings. Lovely, isn’t it? I learned it during the ceremony on January 2nd, in which GladRags became an inaugural Benefit Company in Oregon (that’s me with Secretary of State Kate Brown). Oregon follows in the footsteps of the 19 other states that have enacted laws recognizing Benefit…Read more

Proud to be a Benefit Corporation for People & Planet

As the Oregon legislature considers establishing a legal framework for Benefit Corporations within our home state, we thought we’d share with you the top two reasons we chose to become a certified by the non-profit B Lab as a Benefit Corporation. 1. People Last week almost 400 workers were killed and hundreds more injured in a…Read more