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Because sometimes we all want to hack our period … into pieces. And so here are a few ideas for adding some easy comfort on the harder days of your period.

5 Yoga Poses for Menstrual Health

A few weeks ago GladRags hosted a free yoga class in the park with the help of Linnea Solveig and The Bhaktishop Yoga Center. Linnea led us in a sweet alignment flow focused on improving the experience of menstruation by opening our hips and honoring our cycles. It was pretty amazing, not least because throughout our…Read more

Meet the Authors of A New Cycle: Nicole Jardim

In celebration of the launch of A New Cycle, our period-positive guide to a healthier period, we’re introducing you to the contributors! We hand-picked our favorite women’s health experts to write chapters for A New Cycle on their area of specialty. Read on to get know this week’s featured contributor, or click here get a free preview of the…Read more

Quick Tips for Reducing Your Menstrual Woes

During menstruation, you might feel a little different than the usual; you may be more tired, fatigued or in pain from menstrual cramps. This happens to all of us- I guarantee there isn’t a person with a vagina out there who’s never faced an unpleasant side effect of menstruation! With that being said, it doesn’t…Read more

Chinese Medicine & PMS: Your Questions Answered

Jessica Kolahi, LAc, of Vitalize Acupuncture explains pre-menstrual syndrome through the lens of Chinese Medicine. In this video, you’ll learn how to prevent PMS through self abdominal massage, diet, and herbs as well as how to alleviate cramps with acupressure. You’ll also find the answers to these common questions: why do we get menstrual cramps? how can…Read more