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A Chat with Eva from The Kwek Society

Last month, you may have read about our collaboration with The Kwek Society, a nonprofit focused on supplying Native students and communities across North America with menstrual education and supplies. We spoke with the organization’s founder, Eva Marie Carney, to get a more in-depth look at the work they do and impact they have, as…Read more

Giving Back in February

Hey, remember this fun print? Well, guess what…it’s back!!! In 2019, Rainbow Connection had a special goal: we donated a portion of the sales to The Trevor Project, the leading organization for LGBTQ suicide prevention. Now that we’re bringing it back for February, Rainbow Connection will be helping out once again! This time, we’ll be…Read more

Giving Back in January

In 2020, thanks to our customers old and new, we were able to do a lot of paying it forward. Now that we’ve kicked off 2021, you best believe that ball is still rolling! This month, we’re setting aside 1% of our web sales to give to New Avenues for Youth. Being able to give…Read more

How You Helped

In June GladRags ran a Buy One, Give One campaign. For every online purchase that was made of four of our most popular products, like our Cloth Day Pad and our menstrual cup XO Flo, we promised to give the same product to an essential worker in the community. And so we did. Here’s how…Read more

Sometimes Single-Use Makes Sense

If you’ve made the switch to reusables you may find yourself with a stash of disposable pads or tampons that you’d like to never chafe with again. Here are some places that those may still come in handy, and/or graciously appreciated.

Proud to B: Our Annual B Corporation Report

When we say that GladRags is a certified Benefit Corporation, some people are duly impressed, while others (such as myself, when I first discovered GladRags) wonder what exactly a B Corp is. We’re proud to be certified – GladRags was actually one of the first businesses in Oregon to become a certified legal B Corp – so…Read more

Trouble in Sri Lanka

After helping set up the pads to Sri Lanka donation, I was thinking of donating pads to Sri Lanka in my mother’s name for Mother’s Day, but decided a card would be cheaper.  Then, yesterday a friend posted a note on facebook.  She is from Sri Lanka.  She posted an upsetting message about the recent…Read more

Pads for Sri Lanka

We were recently contacted by Srini Perera who asked us for donations of menstrual pads to help with aid efforts in Sri Lanka. Srini lives in California now, but she is from Sri Lanka. She, her husband, and family all work hard to help procure supplies to send there. Currently thousands of displaced families are…Read more

GladRags Community

When possible, the GladRags team loves to make donations. Jessica Morell contacted us because she uses our book, Passage, as part of the curriculum in her work as a sexuality educator. In this case, we were able to donate quite a few copies of Passage. We’re very pleased to hear that GladRags plays a positive…Read more