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7 Natural PMS Remedies

For some people, that time of the month can mean cramps, headaches, and mood swings. But medications aren’t the only solutions to your shark week woes! Here are our favorite natural PMS remedies. 1. Drink herbal tea. There are even some companies that make teas specifically for that time of the month! Otherwise, just a relaxing…Read more

8 Tips for Period Positivity

It’s sometimes hard to feel good about your period in a world where people– especially women– are made to feel ashamed of their bodies and what they do. But at GladRags, we’re all about period positivity! So we’re sharing our best tips for positive thinking when it’s that time of the month. 1. Don’t be…Read more

Menstruation Matters

I took a poll on reusable cloth pads on my Facebook page. The comments I got were rather interesting. Some of my friends knew little or nothing about them. Some (especially men) sent me messages telling me this is a private issue and if I want to talk about it, I should call a meeting…Read more

Made in PDX: Schmidt’s Deodorant

We caught up with Jaime, the woman behind the much-buzzed-about Schmidt’s Deodorant–I’m wearing some right now!–to share the story behind the fresh ‘pits. Hi Jaime! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Jaime Schmidt, owner of Schmidt’s Deodorant. Living in Southeast Portland, I’m also a happy wife and mom to the sweetest…Read more

Celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day! #MenstruationMatters

  May 28th is the first annual Menstrual Hygiene Day and we’re celebrating by talking about why menstruation matters! In Portland we’ll be screening the award-winning short film “Monthlies” and having an in-person discussion. If you’re in the neighborhood, we’d love to have you join us! So what is Menstrual Hygiene Day? It’s a day to…Read more

Materials Matter

I normally talk about the negative side effects of mystery and unregulated/unresearched materials in terms of sex toys and accessories. I’m a firm believer that what you put in, near, or next to your body should be safe — whether we’re talking about vibrators, menstrual products, deodorant, or your favorite snack. Many products, especially in…Read more

Estrogen Dominance: What You Need to Know

We’re back with Jessica Kolahi, LAc, of Vitalize Acupuncture! In this video, Jessica explains estrogen dominance, a condition that many Western women suffer from without even knowing it. She’ll also tell you how to naturally balance your hormones for optimal health. Questions for Jessica? Comment on this post for answers! About the author of this post:…Read more

What’s Your Period Story? by Nicole Jardim

Nicole has generously offered a discount on her Fix Your Period program for fans of GladRags. Just use coupon code GLADRAGS20 to save $20! Do you know what day of the month it is? More importantly, do you know what day of your menstrual cycle you’re on? If you’re like many women, you are probably…Read more