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Meet the Authors of a New Cycle: Jessica Kolahi

In celebration of the launch of A New Cycle, our period-positive guide to a healthier period, we’re introducing you to the contributors! We hand-picked our favorite women’s health experts to write chapters for A New Cycle on their area of specialty. Read on to get know this week’s featured contributor, or click here get a free preview of the…Read more

Why I’m Totally OK With Showing Off My 5-Year Old Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are revolutionary and a wonderful way to balance your carbon footprint in the right direction, but after a few years they can start to look more lump of coal rather than diamond. Due to the pH environment of the vagina, many women experience staining of their menstrual cups, no matter how clean it…Read more

Best of the West: Our favorite finds from Natural Products Expo West

We’re back from another great year at Expo! Each year we’re amazed by the sheer number of people and companies who attend. We had a great time meeting people from all over the world and taking their photos with Cuterus (see image)! You can find all of our Cuterus pics on Facebook. One of the…Read more