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Q&A With Qeanu from Rawganique

Excited to know more about Rawganique, a small business that carries GladRags, we reached out for a chat! Settle in with a cup of hemp coffee and read all about their mission, extensive line of organic products, and passion for sustainability. Can you talk a bit about what makes Rawganique unique? We are off-grid island…Read more

There’s WHAT in my tampon?!

Here at GladRags HQ, we stumble across a lot of “fun” facts about disposable pads and tampons. Such as: “In California, it is now illegal to feed the leaves, stems, and short fibers of cotton known as ‘gin trash’ to livestock, because of the concentrated levels of pesticide residue. Instead, this gin trash is used…Read more

Behind the Scenes at GladRags: Our Gaia Couture Photoshoot!

What would you say if an organic, ethical fashion boutique asked you to help model their new selection for spring? Um, YES PLEASE. Our little team was lucky enough to show off woman-owned and Portland-based Gaia Couture’s elegant and comfy spring selection. We thought we’d share some of our favorite shots with you, and give you…Read more

Best of the West: Our favorite finds at Natural Products Expo 2014

Each March, we head down to sunny Anaheim to the biggest natural products event in the USA to tell people how GladRags can change their lives… and to do some research of our own! Here’s our roundup of the most exciting stuff we discovered at the Natural Products Expo this year. PACT Organic Undergarments This…Read more

Do you have the sniffles?

We’re heading into cold season, why not spare your nose and the local landfill the pain of scratchy tissue? GladRags carries super soft reusable hankies made out of organic undyed cotton, and right now they are on special for 15% off their regular price. Yet another simple way to reduce your impact on the planet.…Read more