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Zero-Waste Chat with Allie of Bring Your Own

It’s always fun to hear about the cool places that GladRags have been, but it’s more rare that we get to find out about unique places they’re sold. Harrisonburg, VA is the home of Bring Your Own, a shop for reusable, sustainable products based out of a renovated 1975 Airstream trailer! We spoke to Allie,…Read more

Why it’s NOT Impossible to Shop Ethically — it’s Just Not Easy

There’s an article making the rounds on Facebook this week about the “myth of the ethical shopper.” In it, the author tells us why consumer advocacy campaigns and “voting with your dollar” don’t work. What he ignores is one important point: like most things in life, this isn’t an all-or-nothing game. When you choose to…Read more

Let’s Go Shopping: Jack’s Choice

GladRags is lucky to be on the shelves of so many wonderful retailers, from independent grocery cooperatives to mama & baby boutiques. Here’s just one of the many amazing places you can purchase GladRags products! Jack’s Choice focuses on all-natural and eco-friendly products for the whole family. ¬†Inspired by her son, Jack, owner Staci McKinley…Read more