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New Videos: Notes From Flo

Cloth pads are better for your body, your wallet, and the earth. Pass it on. Never put tampons on your shopping list again! Roomies step up to show how simple it is to make the switch to comfy and budget-friendly cloth pads. Your period isn’t gross. But do you know what is? Like our latest…Read more

Meet the GladRags Ambassadors

We recently received a product review from a customer who just discovered reusables (and fell in love with them, of course!) She said she was a little angry that no one had ever told her about cloth pads and menstrual cups before, since they are such a life-changer. Our first thought was, “if only she’d…Read more

November Challenge: Educate!

In November, we challenged our ambassadors to take big steps in educating others about reusables. We were blown away by their actions! Want to get in on the fun? Apply here. Teresa worked tirelessly to be a resource to her student health center Iris wrote an article about reusable menstrual products for her campus newspaper Breana…Read more

October Challenge: Let’s Get Physical

This month, we challenged our Campus Ambassadors to post physical reminders about reusables around their campus. The winner of our October challenge was Renae, who made her own personalized poster about cloth pads to share on campus! Other ambassadors gave presentations to their classes, plastered tampon boxes with stickers, and had productive conversations with their peers. This…Read more