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Longest Flight. Heaviest Period.

When day blurs into night and you don’t know what time zone you’re in and you’re a continent away from a hot bath but your uterus doesn’t care and unleashes its lining with the force of a firehose into the small space of your vagina and you’re confident that when the plane finally lands you…Read more

How to Wash Your GladRags by Hand

When it comes to cleaning our GladRags, many of us would be a little lost without our washing machines (yes, regular hand-washers, I can hear you chuckling!). They just make it all so easy! The thing about machines, though, is that we can become a little too reliant on them. It’s always good to know…Read more

Menstruating in the Grand Canyon

What do you do about your period when you’re going to be rafting on a river for 3 weeks? Kelli explored her menstruation options as she prepared for a trip to The Grand Canyon.

Using Cloth Pads & Menstrual Cups in the Summer

Summer has arrived! Fortunately, using cloth pads and menstrual cups in the summer is simple, and even better than their disposable counterparts. Read on to find out why reusables are perfect for all the activities of summer! 1. Cloth is breathable; plastic isn’t. Chafing, heat rash, and odors can all be caused by hot moisture…Read more

Where have your GladRags traveled with you?

I’m writing this post in Puerto Rico (for a wedding and family festivities) and am enjoying the sunshine and the ability to dry clothes outdoors! Last week as I was drying my pantyliners on the clothesline I started thinking about all the places my cloth pads have traveled with me. As far as I can…Read more