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Who is she: Maria Sibylla Merian

Grab your cloth pads and hold on to the edge of your seat, menstruators around the world: it’s time for a new GladRags Carry Bag Print! As some of you may know, we name our Carry Bags after our favorite inspirational menstruators throughout history, so please give a warm welcome to the gorgeous Maria, named…Read more

7 Natural PMS Remedies

For some people, that time of the month can mean cramps, headaches, and mood swings. But medications aren’t the only solutions to your shark week woes! Here are our favorite natural PMS remedies. 1. Drink herbal tea. There are even some companies that make teas specifically for that time of the month! Otherwise, just a relaxing…Read more

Meet our Models

You know what’s hard to photograph? People using our products! Any shots of our products in action are really just photos of people doing their thing. So we have to get a little creative, which inspired our most recent photoshoot of GladRags in their many natural habitats: the bathroom at home, the laundromat, in a purse at work,…Read more

What’s in the bag? A pictorial guide to using cloth pads at work!

This is our friend, Carrie. She’s at work right now– what’s that cute bag she’s carrying? Is it just her makeup bag? Nope, Carrie doesn’t need to touch up. Looks like it’s a GladRags Carry Bag! And all her pads and pantyliners can fit right inside. With her fresh GladRags in the clean pocket (the bag can…Read more

Interview with a Moon Cup Evangelist

Through our recent photoshoot at Spin Laundry Lounge we met Kayleen, a laundry maven and self-identified “Moon Cup evangelist.” We asked her a few questions about her experience with reusables, and working at Spin. First, tell us a little about yourself! 27/F/PDX When did you first start using a cup? About a year and a half…Read more

Made in PDX: Schmidt’s Deodorant

We caught up with Jaime, the woman behind the much-buzzed-about Schmidt’s Deodorant–I’m wearing some right now!–to share the story behind the fresh ‘pits. Hi Jaime! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Jaime Schmidt, owner of Schmidt’s Deodorant. Living in Southeast Portland, I’m also a happy wife and mom to the sweetest…Read more

GladRags Love Letters – Jennifer G.

We love getting feedback from our customers! Here is an email we recently received: “I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your products. I’m a new user of the GladRags cloth pads and love them. I’ll never go back to disposable pads again! I saw the cloth pads on sale…Read more

Meet Bronte, Our Summer Intern!

Eastern Washington University’s student newspaper reported that over 40% of the feminine hygiene machines were broken on their campus, and it reminded me of an experience I had with feminine hygiene machines.  It happened to me in high school. I had just started my period and wasn’t very good at keeping extra supplies in my…Read more

Taking a Closer Look

I'm really interested in women's education (or lack thereof) of their bodies. So when I came across a blog called "Beautiful Cervix Project" in which a woman studying to be a midwife documents how her cervix changes throughout her cycle, I was intrigued. There isn't too much to it really, just 33 pictures with a…Read more

Friends (are a many splendored thing)

I loved this article about a UCLA study on the friendships among women.  Apparently there's a hormone (oxycotin) released in women that help us cope with stress.  I knew something was up!  The report goes on to explain how friendships among women are the key method that relieves stress, so as soon as you're done…Read more