Trouble in Sri Lanka

After helping set up the pads to Sri Lanka donation, I was thinking of donating pads to Sri Lanka in my mother’s name for Mother’s Day, but decided a card would be cheaper.  Then, yesterday a friend posted a note on facebook.  She is from Sri Lanka.  She posted an upsetting message about the recent bloody strife in Sri Lanka and feeling like there was nothing she could do.  Her brother is living there as an activist and blogger.  He wrote an equally heartbreaking post about the recent tragedy that you can read here.  My friend’s pain inspired me to actually do something about it and donate.  There are many ways you can protest, but the best way to help the people suffering now is to donate money.  Menstrual products are an often forgotten form of aid, but once you put yourself in the shoes of a woman who has been displaced from her home it is hard to imagine living without them.

If you would like to donate pads please visit our site here.  We have only until the 20th of May to get all our donations in, because ECS World is sending a shipment out on the 23rd.  So please order soon.

Visit ECS World or Sarvodaya if you would like to donate money.