Book Review: My Little Red Book

My Little Red BookEditor: Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

What it’s all about: Periods! When 18 year old editor Rachel Kauder Nalebuff started asking women she knew about their first periods, she earned the nickname “the period girl” at her East Coast high school.  In My Little Red Book, Rachel has collected the funny, sad, embarrassing, and touching stories of nearly 100 women from all walks of life.

Who contributed: The stories included in the book range from first periods in mid-century China, to modern-day Kenya, to Minnesota in the early ’90s. Some well-known authors also contributed to the book.  You’ll find the stories of Erica Jong, Meg Cabot, Tamora Pierce, Joyce Maynard, as well as an updated version of Gloria Steinem’s famous essay, “If Men Could Menstruate.”

Why you should check it out: My Little Red Book is a quick, fun read that every woman can relate to.  Sometimes you’ll find yourself in the stories but often you’ll discover an entirely different perspective than your own!  Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of stories included negative feelings like shame, embarrassment, disgust, and loneliness — but one of the few wholly positive stories was about discovering cloth menstrual pads!

Take a look: Maybe you’ll be inspired to share first period stories with your friends — or help make the first period of a young woman in your life a little more positive!  If you do read My Little Red Book, be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what your thoughts are!

My Little Red Book
by Rachel Kauder-nalebuff