Moon Cups help Women in Ethiopia

Rebekah K., founder of The Trampled Rose recently contacted us about the struggles of women in Ethiopia suffering from obstetric fistula. We are so moved by how something as simple as a menstrual cup could completely change a woman’s life that we had to share the story with everyone. Read her story below.

I am the founder of the Trampled Rose, Inc.  We work in Ethiopia helping those women who have suffered from Obstetric Fistula learn to read and write, find a way to earn money to make them valued members of their societies, and give them hope for the future.

Obstetric Fistula most often occurs in  women who were married as young as five years old.  They then become pregnant in their early cycles.  Because of their small physical structure and the lack of medical assistance they often are in prolonged labor for many days.  Their baby dies and as the fetus presses on the bladder and/or rectum it causes a hole.  the women then leak urine and/or feces for the rest of their lives.  Some are curable with surgery but many are not.

Their societies most often reject them and believe that their condition is caused by a curse from God.  We began using your Moon Cups with our incurable women a few months ago.  It stopped the leaking!!

One woman in particular began sobbing as she rode on a public bus for the first time in ten years.  She told us that she was never allowed to ride after her Fistula because the urine leaked uncontrollably and the other passengers threw her off.

I know it is difficult for us to imagine such a thing but women all over the world are suffering.  Our dream is to take back many of the cups and bring at least some relief to the women that need our help.

Thank you for your part.

Rebekah Kiser
Trampled Rose, Inc.