Sacred Womb by Monica Divane

The modern day woman has lost touch with her womb. She fills her body with toxins, has a poor diet, gets no rest, and is ashamed of her body. Growing up in a patriarchal society has taught us that we should be ashamed of our bodies, needs, and desires, but the truth is that women are strong and a dynamic force. Our womb is what makes us divinely feminine. When we re-awaken ourselves to our divine right, we empower ourselves as women. The evolved feminine walks the path of beauty. She regards herself and all life as sacred. She is sovereign unto herself and relies upon her intuition and wisdom.

As the daughter and priestess of Ix Chel, I felt that I had to include this for all the women who have forgotten the phrase “Thou art Goddess”. I know from experience what its like to suffer from a menses full of pain and my body behaving out of control.Until one day I said, “No more!” If I am a part of the Goddess, and the Goddess resides in me, then I should treat my body with love and respect. I should honor the vessel I have been given by the Goddess to walk around in this world. The womb is sacred, all powerful, and the seat of creativity to a woman.

Ix Chel is the great Mayan Goddess of the moon, water, healing, childbirth, fertility, creativity, and rebirth. She is known as the Great Mother to my people, but can be found in three aspects: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It is She that causes the blood to gather so that it may flow with the passage of each month. She gave us the gifts of creativity, knowledge of healing, and the easing of childbirth. She takes care of the women of the Earth, especially those who are on their moon (menstruating), pregnant, or nursing. She is the type of Goddess who hears the pleas of her daughters and aids them when they are in need.

Ix Chel has much wisdom to teach us, but what we’ll be focusing on is loving your womb. Our womb is ruled by the sacral chakra. It is a place of sexuality and creativity. When it becomes unbalanced, you will start to notice that your emotions can run wild, inspiration will be blocked, fertility is impaired, and relationships will begin to form problems. Our womb is a holy container. It produces the moon blood that represents both life and death. Our blood can teach us a lot about our own health and warn you of illness. When was the last time you looked at your own blood? You should not shy away from it, or from looking at your own yoni; explore it.

It is our natural cycle that mimics the moon, which is why its known as a woman’s moon cycle in many native cultures. Ix Chel teaches us that our womb is sacred. Think about the immense power and strength that it holds, the potential for life that is strictly ours, the wonders of pleasure that we receive from it, and the fact that we can bleed for days and not die. Our body naturally cleanses itself and starts anew. You can use this period to cleanse yourself and your womb of any negativity.

Before I became pregnant, I would partake in a woman’s moon cycle ritual every month on the first night of my menses. On those nights, I would call on the Goddess and thank her for my fertility. I would ask that she ease my pain and restore me in her healing waters, and in return I offered her the blood I shed. During this ritual, I would focus healing energy onto my womb and I would chant and meditate on the twenty-five womb chants. They are:

1. My womb is sacred, and so is my life.
2. My womb is precious, and so is my life.
3. My womb is divine, and so is my life.
4. My womb is love, and so is my life.
5. My womb is whole and so is my life.
6. My womb is free, and so is my life.
7. My womb is radiant, and so is my life.
8. My womb is light, and so is my life.
9. My womb is great, and so is my life.
10. My womb is celestial, and so is my life.
11. My womb is peace, and so is my life.
12. My womb is bliss, and so is my life.
13. My womb is bright, and so is my life.
14. My womb is natural, and so is my life.
15. My womb is liberated, and so is my life.
16. My womb is full of energy, and so is my life.
17. My womb is pure, and so is my life.
18. My womb is in tune, and so is my life.
19. My womb is all powerful, and so is my life.
20. My womb is the seat of my creativity, and so is my life.
21. My womb is full, and so is my life.
22. My womb is filled with prayer, and so is my life.
23. My womb is a dynamic force, and so is my life.
24. My womb is holy, and so is my life.
25. My womb is the gateway to heaven here on earth, and so is my life.

I would hold my hands over my womb and envision each line of the chant as if it was manifesting right before me. I honored my womb and all of its radiant energy. I would notice at once that any pains I had would subside and I would be filled with a sense of peace. My moontime was never a struggle when I did the ritual and took time to honor my womb and its natural ebb and flow. Sometimes we can become so busy with life and we don’t pay attention when our body says to slow down; then out of nowhere, we will crash, both emotionally and physically. The great thing is that our body naturally cleanses itself each month, giving us a chance to regenerate.

If you haven’t already done so, you should set up a sacred womb altar. It should contain images, symbols, and items that are spiritual to you and represents the womb and the divine feminine. It doesn’t have to be large or contain anything fancy. It can be as simple as a small statue and a few shells or crystals. It’s what holds the most importance to what you hope to achieve. Allow yourself to let go when you’re bleeding. Honor your emotions and express them. Create your own moon temple and put up a flag or wear a blessed piece of jewelry to let others know that you are on your moon and to respect it.

Next we must reconnect with our womb through meditation. We must listen closely to the voice of the womb. Your womb will tell you how she wants to be healed. She misses nothing, and knows all. Take a relaxing bath, eat chocolate, and do things that bring you sensual pleasure. When your womb is happy, you will be happy.
Another thing to consider is the use of sustainable menstrual products. While healing your womb, one important thing to change is your feminine products and the way you care for your yoni. First thing’s first: You do NOT need to wash out your vulva or vagina with anything other than some natural glycerin-free soap and water. Never douche because it will only end up killing off all the good bacteria and all you will have left is a killer yeast infection.

Secondly, you should really switch to cotton underwear, if you haven’t already. Sure lacey undies and thongs can make you feel sexy and all, but your vagina NEEDS to breath. So do it a favor and go commando when you can, like at home or in bed, and every other time use cotton.

Third, menstrual products play a big role in a woman’s life. There are tampons, pads, sponges, cups, and cloth pads. It’s all so confusing and overwhelming- what do you do? Well, you stop using tampons and disposable pads for one. They contain bleach and other chemicals that are shown to contribute to cervical cancer and other abnormalities. Bleach is made from chlorine and chlorine is super toxic! Not only that, tampons are known for causing Toxic Shock Syndrome. They also produce massive amounts of waste that takes hundreds of years to decompose. No good for you or the environment.

Now cloth pads and cups are where it’s at! Cloth pads are re-usable (no more running out to the store because you ran out), made in fun patterns, and easy to use and clean up. I find that I enjoy my moon a lot more when I use these body & earth friendly options.

The more you honor your womb, the easier your menses will be. The release of blood brings forth the opportunity to make a powerful offering to the divine feminine. Our womb will teach us many things, if we let it. We must promise to honor it and its wondrous and magical mystery. We cannot allow outside influences to stop the flow of divine femininity. The Great Goddess Ix Chel can and will help you heal your womb and if you choose to listen closely, she will help empower you.

Monica Divane currently lives in NYC and is happily married and expecting her first child. She is of Mayan descent and works as a Pagan Priestess.