Where have your GladRags traveled with you?

Just drying my pantyliners in the jungle, guys, no big deal.

Confession: I cropped my underwear out of this photo… OF MY MENSTRUAL PADS. đŸ˜‰

I’m writing this post in Puerto Rico (for a wedding and family festivities) and am enjoying the sunshine and the ability to dry clothes outdoors! Last week as I was drying my pantyliners on the clothesline I started thinking about all the places my cloth pads have traveled with me.

As far as I can remember, my stash of GladRags and my menstrual cup have gone with me from my home in Portland, Oregon to the following places:

  • The Bay Area & Los Angeles, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Bremen & Berlin, Germany
  • Greece & Turkey
  • All over Puerto Rico

That’s quite a list! In addition, they’ve tagged along on countless camping trips or weekends at the Oregon coast. I’d be hard pressed to find another item in my life that’s so well-traveled. Even my phone or shoes wear out and have to be replaced long before they make it on this many trips!

gladrags pantyliners hanging on a clothesline in puerto rico

Just sun-drying my pantyliners next to Paquita the parrot and the Puerto Rican jungle, no big deal.

If my GladRags have traveled this far, what  interesting places have your cloth pads visited? Comment with the interesting and unique places you’ve brought your cloth pads or menstrual cup. Bonus points for photos!

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