GladRags Love Letters – Jennifer G.

We love getting feedback from our customers! Here is an email we recently received:

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your products. I’m a new user of the GladRags cloth pads and love them. I’ll never go back to disposable pads again! I saw the cloth pads on sale at my local Whole Foods and, being more earth-conscious, decided to give it a shot.

customer quote 1

I admit, at first I was rather squeamish at the idea of a reusable pad, but I think that was more because our society has conditioned women to think that their menstrual cycle is disgusting and should be disposed of without any evidence, thus the disposable products advertised and sold to women.

My period is more pleasant (which I hadn’t thought possible) and more comfortable using the cloth pads. The oilcloth travel bag is great, and the waterproof wet bag works like a charm when I’m away from my home. The cloth pads clean very well with minimal, if any, staining, and with proper care I can see them lasting for many, many years. The up-front cost is a little overwhelming, but each cycle I use them, I’m happily reminded that I will never have to purchase disposable products ever again.

I only wish I had known about GladRags years ago! I had no idea such products were available. Thank you for such a fantastic quality product. I love that it’s sustainable and made in America. Please extend my appreciation to all your staff.” – Jennifer G.