Meagan’s Long Pantyliner Live Blog!

While others live tweet the Academy Awards, here at GladRags we prefer to document our first experiences with various menstrual products. Read on for Meagan’s experience trying out the Long Pantyliner for the first time! 

8:00 am: Me and my first Long Pantyliner (in the Galapagos print, for those curious), ready to take on the day! I love the protection that my Moon Cup and GladRags Pantyliners provide during the day, so I’ve finally added the Long Pantyliner to my arsenal! We’ll see if it’s right for me when I’m out and about, doing my thang.

long pantyliner vs regular pantyliner

Long Pantyliner & regular Pantyliner in Moon Over Manhattan

10:00 am: Two hours into wear and I keep forgetting my Long Pantyliner is there. I’m only lightly spotting, so I expect my pad to last the work day. So far, so dry! It works surprisingly well with my VS Flawless Hiphugger underwear which is made of super-thin, flimsy material that doesn’t play nicely with the thicker Day and Night Pads.

2:00 pm: Still going strong! The extended length of the Long Pantyliner is hardly noticeable and it feels like I’m just wearing a normal Pantyliner (which I find to be incredibly unobtrusive!).

3:30 pm: OK, I can definitely say that I am a fan of the Long Pantyliner! It’s the perfect in-between when considering the original Pantyliner and an insert-less Day Pad. On my lightest days, I can see this being a good option to make it through an 8-hour shift with even more confidence given the longer surface area. Surely this would be good for daily general discharge as well. One in every color, please!

About the author of this post:

meagan b gladragsA menstrual cup user for five years, Meagan has been converting other women to reusable menstrual products since 2009. Occasionally accompanied to the office by her two pugs, she has been known to carry over twelve tubes of lipstick in her purse at one time. Outside of the GladRags office, she can be found infusing bourbon and practicing her enviable make-up skills.